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  1. So with the Gorilla Gong update will they finally fix their registration issue with the birth years? I know it's probably silly but after years of putting an earlier year when signing up for accounts after I turned 18 a while ago I really really don't wanna do it again because I should be damn well old enough for a site that doesn't sell anything.
  2. Grats to everyone! @ Dimfire : I got 99 problems and a hybrid ain't 1. It's an enigma. It stares into my very soul. I cannot sleep. It knows all that I cannot.
  3. Awesome, been looking at some of the videos for games I recognize for the past couple of days. Saw a really good one and wanted to sign up to rate, but I couldn't because somehow I'm too young. xD Already sent a message using the contact form though, since this isn't exactly the most appropriate place for feedback of that sort.
  4. Yeesh, that is some serious page stretching. Can a mod go in and edit everyone's submissions into spoilers? Is that something that's allowed on this forum? Well, anyway, here are my contributions.
  5. Awesome! Thanks! And good luck with the metric shit tonne of e-mails in your inbox. (I always forget, is it more grammatically correct to say e-mail or email?)
  6. My first Valve game was probably Half Life 2. Though I'm pretty sure I watched my brother play Portal before that... He bought The Orange Box (Xbox 360 ver) when he was still in high school and I played that pretty much every chance I got. That was after I first started watching Freeman's Mind, but very very close. I've played a little bit of TF2, but never with anyone. I've played a lot of Portal (I pre-ordered Portal 2 I loved it so much) and some Left 4 Dead (1 & 2). Oh, I watched my brother play a lot of Counterstrike and Left 4 Dead on the PC when I was bored long before Freeman's Mind.
  7. I'm realAniram, same as everywhere (except for in game characters, then I'm Odyssus or IleneAcutely). I don't really play any popular games. xD I won't add anyone, but I will accept requests. If we don't like each other I'll just delete you.
  8. Wait, so you kept it after five years without cannibalizing it? And tried to turn it on either for the first time since the incident or after five years of knowing it didn't turn on when you tried?
  9. Honestly, I don't get what you all are saying about her not looking at good things (did you watch the video all the way through? The next one is about role reversal of Damsel in Distress; a positive thing), because she's focusing her video on one topic: negative portrayal of women in video games. You're asking her to talk about something that's the exact opposite of what her stated intention is. As for shallow points, I suspect she was maybe being brief. Of course, the history of misogyny in video games is pretty damned long considering how old the medium is, so doing all the research to get all the little quirks would take some time. Not saying you shouldn't bother, just saying that when I only need half a cup right now and I'm on a deadline taking the time to get all five gallons isn't something I'd do. I will agree with the point on Zelda though. Even if she was stupid in Wind Waker (after Tetra became Zelda and lost her tan and awesomeness I kind of lost the will to play that one), she's pretty cool in most games of the series.
  10. The place my dad always got his computer parts was from other people through secondhand computers. We've always had lots of unused computer towers laying around the house. The college in the town I grew up had sales every so often where they would get rid of their old (but still very good) computers for cheap. Then you could also try a secondhand store. I don't know about normal ones, but here in Utah the closest thing is the D.I. and they have computers and computer parts sometimes, depending on the location. ...Though, I'm not sure how well that translates to newer systems. It was a different time ten years ago, and you could find computer parts pretty easily it seemed. One trick we've always used for electronic parts to help make sure they dry out is putting them in a bag of rice for a couple of days or so. Soaks up all water. Had an old MP3 player that went through the washer and was good as new (albeit with a little screen damage but the screen was pretty basic anyway lol) after being left on the counter for a couple of days.
  11. Awesome! I just shouted out in joy (over the news talking about Oklahoma, no less) and had to explain to my parents about everything so they could get just how happy I am.
  12. That Guy is pretty funny, and I'm glad you were able to find a way to resolve this without losing your brainchild. Hopefully you'll be able to support yourself doing your videos soon, and until that day comes I hope you can get a job that doesn't leave you burned out but still supports you. (@ : HLPrincess : I'm a girl too, in case you wanted more kinship. xD)
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