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  1. Just finished Spec Ops the Line and all I can say is o_O, I might never play another CoD game again.

    Is that a good or bad thing?


    I'd say it's a good thing. The whole game is about how modern military shooters are completely washing away the true horrors of war. I won't post spoilers but suffice to say one moment in particular was a massive middle finger to the AC-130 missions in practically every CoD game since Modern Warfare 1.

  2. Ha, nice ending. Also finally! Veronica my love has entered the picture! (Especially when I'm doing an energy weapons build. Having a companion who can recycle and convert energy weapon ammo is incredibly useful).


    Anyway, how're you planning to handle companions from here on? I'm guessing you have a mod or something to allow you to have as many as you want, but even if you can have unlimited companions wouldn't this all get really crowded if you had a bunch of people with you? The arbitrary headcount limit in NV might be, well, arbitrary, but it'd bog you down pretty quickly if you had a bunch of people around wouldn't it?


    Yeah I realised that a while back but I have a few ideas. Just because I CAN have as many companions with me as I want doesn't mean I will: there are some quests out there where having the whole crew around is not really necessary, therefore I can just say they're all taking a break somewhere or sorting out their own problems etc. Hell, I can even use them to skip some uneventful quests e.g. collecting debts (why only have the Courier do all the work when everyone else can pitch in some effort?).

  3. "I'm just here to shoot people and bitch about things."


    Bahaha, that sums up every mind series ever.


    Oh, and "I wasn't actually thinking about looting this place, but thanks for reminding me."


    *Angry Beeping*


    Troll Courier? I'd love to see more of that.


    Anyway I've enjoyed Season 4 so far, although I admit I really hate that intro song you picked. It's a total ear worm and it won't get out of my head. Out of curiosity, how long are you gonna stick with Boone?


    Well I always pick songs that have the same name as a particular quest in the season, but for some reason the devs didn't do that for the Forlorn Hope one. So yeah, I'm not a big fan of that particular song either (I Fought the Law is still my favourite). As for Boone, spoiler alert, wait for episode 10.

  4. I honestly don't know lol, I just found those lines when I use Fallout Mod Manager to Browse BSA files. I think the 'is that a joke' line was from the other guy and the 'you sick bastard' line comes from if you did something he doesn't approve i.e. joining the Legion or finishing his first quest without finding the evidence.

  5. Well, without meaning to spoil anything but after Forlorn Hope, the next major NCR base would be McCarran. The Courier as he stands now is someone who respects results more than how you got those results. While that might make him sound like someone who would support the Legion, he fundamentally doesn't agree with the kind of results they want to make. Now think of what he's going to find in McCarran: An officer who WILL hire mercenaries to kill fiends, 1st Reacon, another officer who's doesn't shy away from physical interrogations etc. Up until now this is the sort of thing he believes the NCR sorely lacks...

  6. "Yeah this is the part where you give me a job with no pay."




    So which faction are you going to be siding with in the series? Seems fairly obvious that it's not gonna be NCR or Legion, so that leaves Mr. House or Yes Man. Have you decided already, or would you rather not say?


    I'd rather not say :P, but here's a thought: would his opinions stay constant throughout the series? For example, at this moment in time he hasn't really seen the better side of the NCR yet.

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