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  1. I still think it ranges from anarchy to developing nations at best. All the power in the Fallout world feels fragile and has many exceptions beyond its influence. This isn't really the sign of a developed society. I say anarchy because in real anarchy, you DO have pockets of organization with different idealogies, because anarchy in itself is a temporary state. Like in Fallout 1. The ghouls are a giant cult, there are large groups of wandering bandits, you have small farming villages, you have small closed-knit communities like Junktown, you have a small theocracy with the brotherhood of steel, you have merchants doing whatever in the hub. Everybody is doing their own thing, that's anarchy. In later games, some larger groups emerging, but they're warring and their hold isn't secure at all, nobody has obvious overall control, that may not be anarchy, but it's not really society either. It's more like warring tribes with more technology. As for the water thing, in addition to no almost no area in any of the games looking like it has remotely enough food and water to last for more than a few weeks, in Fallout 3 they say the water is radioactive and plant life basically can't grow, yet somehow this has lasted hundreds of years without everyone dead. To me that's just lazy writing. Anyway, I don't really want to go further into a Fallout debate, but I'll say that Fallout feels squarely post apocalyptic, rather than dystopian. Strife to me feels dystopian. Post apocalyptic to me is Fallout, The Road, Road Warrior, Book of Eli, Walking Dead. Civilization has collapsed and hasn't really rebuilt yet. Dystopian is 1984, Brave New World, Soylent Green, Equilibrium, Hunger Games. Established society exists, but has clear oppression and / or very hollow or twisted values along with it. Are you saying that because no one has obvious control over everything? The NCR has basically renovated the entire west coast, and has a very strong grasp on their territory, to the point where they're basically a modern nation, having their own industry, professional army, government, and even currency. Other clearly established societies exist, even if they tend to be small scale, like Vault City in Fallout 2 (seems pretty dystopian and is very high tech, well established, sell sufficient, and can swallow up surrounding territory) and the Legion (though, they may fall in to the "very weak grasp on power" category given that they basically disband after their leader's death). I just don't agree with the idea that Fallout is really post-apocalyptic, at least not as of Fallout: New Vegas, due to organizations like the NCR, and the overall feeling of the world. Civilization HAS rebuilt, and the Mojave region doesn't seem any less civilized than the old west of the 1800s. The southwest and east haven't been seen for a while, but were well on the path to reconstruction last time we did see them. The west coast is entirely rebuilt to nearly modern levels. The Arizona/New Mexico/etc. area has been unified under a brutal, militaristic empire that, for the most part, is extremely low tech, but has random bits of modern technology dispersed throughout. The Mojave is the new frontier, and while there's no main government to it at the time, there will by the end of the game. The Utah region seems to be the only place we know of that still seems somewhat anarchic, being dotted with civilized city-states, such as New Canaan, but mostly inhabited my independent stone-age societies that just so happen to have found modern weapons. Well, Fallout 3 is... Fallout 3. Kinda the black sheep of the series, and by far the least logical. I don't think you should count Fallout 3 and onwards as the old Fallout series, it was built on the foundation of Fargo's Fallout but it had Bethesda's and Zenimax's dirty paw prints all over them. They are similar things but not the same game series continuing.
  2. Well considering their studio got shut down and who knows what happened to the computer the source code was on. It's safe to assume the person who was responsible for it simply forgot it when he was moving out.
  3. Damn the game is practically what I asked for when I was a kid. I always found it odd that everyone was attacking me in FPS games. It wasn't until Deus Ex that I found what I was looking for. Sane NPC's you can talk and reason with, no obligation to gun down every single living thing you see. If only I had internet access back in the late 90's. All I had for gaming was Duke 3D, Doom 2, Warcraft 2 and Tie Fighter.
  4. So kinda like Machinima then... I doubt Machimina killed a 14 year old boy.
  5. You need to use things like VPN's or Tor as they have also banned DNS's as well. As for the goverment, imagine people with primary school children intelligence running the country only much more evil. They have access to unlimited tear gas supplies and a ruthless uneducated police force that beats the crap out of people who don't vote for them. There is literally Hitler levels of being evil going on.
  6. Just my luck, first twitter was banned, now youtube is banned country wide. Maybe if I beg enough they'll let me in Europe.
  7. Hmm, maybe I should move to Poland. Is there an easy way to become a Polish citizen?
  8. I consider this as a Valentine's Day special for the Forever Alone types like I am Great stuff Ross
  9. You know what I noticed, all this time playing Half Life I always projected myself into Gordon Freeman, thinking as myself and inevitably with my own native culture. However Gordon Freeman how much I would argue against it, is pretty much American or British at best. So your version of Freeman Ross, is the more correct one.
  10. Just a heads up, I'm not dead or anything I've sent you episode 20 of the Turkish subtitles.
  11. EA shut down Westwood studios, then proceeded to make horrible C&C sequels. Ubisoft bought Massive Entertainment, my favorite RTS developer, proceeded to have them make a weird mmo-rpg-action game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_j9uKBmUEk I don't know which is worse. We'll see when Division comes out I suppose.
  12. Nice! You can always slow down with Freeman's Mind, I'm stuck translating episode 20 for a month or two because of school stuff. I can use down time to catch up to you
  13. Yes I got motion sickness from the sudden mouse movements It's fine when you're playing yourself, but if you are watching it can become a nightmare. It's like driving a car, you don't get driving sickness while driving but passangers can.
  14. By my calculations, unless Ross does 12 minute videos or rushes through the game, It'll take around 8 more videos to reach Xen. Since Freeman's Mind Episode release dates obey Quantum Physics and are unpredictable the only thing I can do is give an expectation date of October 2014 as reaching Xen.
  15. Just e-mail every Valve employee ever, someone is bound to answer you.
  16. Oh good one. I'm suprised with the stuff you come out with NPC responses. They keep saying the same thing over and over
  17. 7.50 is quite good for finishing an arcade cabin game. Me and friends used around 20 to finish House Of The Dead
  18. So I hear you don't like Christmas stuff in Halloween Ross. Well sucks to be you I guess
  19. There was a monster truck game that I played when I was little. I would just venture off course and try to drive into the 2D skybox, but the game would teleport you back 200 meters or so every time you passed a certain line and you'd drive infinitely to those mountains
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xpztDSqQ28
  21. Good video you have there Ross. I'm going to selfishly request that you make a review of MDK as well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MDK_%28video_game%29 Kurt Hectic, janitor employed by a mad scientist, sealed in an experimental coil suit, battling aliens, Earth's last hope
  22. Probably a problem with "Freeman", but it is stupid. You cannot really own the name Freeman, many people are named Freeman.
  23. Well that's weird, it's not illegal to own weapons that are designed to penetrate body armour. And I'm pretty sure it is legal to own a Desert Eagle in America, which I believe shoots armour piercing bullets anyway.
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