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  1. Timmix

    Your phobias!

    Open water. Something about being surrounded by nothing but blue, blue, blue. I guess its because, as a human, I am used to having SOMETHING close by; walls, the ground, ceiling. Sad thing is I really like the ocean but become paranoid when in it, like cthulu is watching me. Thats why I have a love-hate relationship with Subnautica
  2. Timmix

    New Year's Resolutions 2016

    Strip the flesh and salt the wound
  3. Timmix

    Introduce Yourself!

    What Mothman said. Suppose it was the year before last now though, oh well. Howdy all!
  4. Timmix

    Half-life 3 (possibly) confirmed?

    The Know received information from a source within Valve that a small group of Valve employees (10ish) were working on HL3, albeit at a slow pace. This makes sense as, and correct me if I'm wrong, Newell once stated that there was no real incentive for Valve to develop HL3 unless there was internal interest in doing so. They simply make a lot of money doing what they do.
  5. Yet another reason to hate Machinima. EA must be feeling the heat of competition.
  6. Timmix

    So, I found this while surfing

    Why would they use that haha
  7. Timmix

    Questions on Freeman's Durability

    If the HECU Marines were trained for fighting in small, tight areas like corridors and unconventional areas wouldn't it make sense that they'd have body armour on? Granted the Marines aren't the brightest bunch (Firing rocket launchers in tunnels, throwing a ridiculous amount of grenades in small areas, firing wildly left and right, bombing each other, shooting each other, throwing grenades at each other). Seems like their strategy is to throw so many men at Freeman so he drowns in their blood.

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