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  1. In that case, all you need to do is sacrifice your first born child to the forgotten god Milu, and then physically e-mail a grilled cheese sandwich to Freddie Williams. Then you will be put on a list of applicants, and further instructions will follow.


    I need money, but I have none!

  2. Is it just me, or this place a lot less active than it used to be?

    What's going on? Did Discord replace the Forum? Finally I decide to come back like a zombie rising from his grave to infect other people, only to find out that the city has already been evacuated. I remember the days where I refreshed the "unread posts" page every half hour. Now I'm getting worried it could turn into a ghost town. Come on people, revive the forum! #dontletforumdie!

  3. How about "Bishop_FezDog_"? :D

    If you really want one that fits you perfectly, you'll probaly have to think it up by yourself or maybe ask someone close to you who knows you well. What I did for mine was just to look around in my room and combine the two first things I saw into one name, and then gave myself a cool title because I'm vain like that. And what's wrong with "Fric" anyway? "Fricles"? "Fricleman"? I like it.

    Or you could just call yourslef "Dick Rockard", that's a good one too.

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