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  1. i just thought this was boring
  2. no... i'm pretty sure microsoft shares source code with its developers, and from what i understood this has been shared around before, it's an old leak, we just didn't see it i'm not sure what you are implying with it being intentionally leaked, it's kinda vague as to, who or what? i'll just ask you to clarify, i don't want to make assumptions
  3. i mean, the odds are that, it was leaked years ago already, i feel like pandora's box was already open ages ago, we just never saw it happen publicly it's not easy for people to just give on windows though, most people have their computers setup the way they want them to, i mean tell someone to delete 10 years worth of windows stuff just to switch to linux, where half his programs are either gone or broken, and now he has to go through the hassle to setup every single little thing again and it's like, man, as far as media work goes, linux is just kinda pathetic, i'd have to waste months just to remember how to setup everything, it's not like i have it all memorized, i just change things up as i go along, linux is not something i'm willing to commit to just yet, having to start all over again is such a pain linux is just, not that good for me to, be willing to waste my time to do a whole lot of nothing, just to, do the same things i do on windows anyway, but worse and more painfully? i have mixed feelings and this is what the linux community doesn't truly understand about long term windows users, they don't even try to minimize the amount of pain you gotta go through
  4. i understand, sorry, but this whole post made me reconsider my life choices as a whole, plus i'm just getting a weird vibe from some of the users who post here and i think i'm just going to avoid them from now on, i don't think i'm mentally that strong to talk to some of them, it just feels... wrong i don't think i had such a strange reaction though, i mean, i wouldn't feel comfortable being told that, we should trap people away, and it's not like i don't have family members who have to deal with mental illnesses, i'm not affected personally by one thankfully, somehow... but i don't like how people dehumanize them, to me that just feels wrong on so many levels, i just think it's kinda fucked up, beyond what's reasonable i mean i honestly feel kinda silly for spending any time on the forums now, it just doesn't seem like a good use of my time anymore, even as far as the entertainment value goes, i'd rather just be more productive, or i'd rather just turn my computer off i'm not really sure if it's worth subjecting myself to people like these, my brain just starts to yell at me, that this stuff is not okay, and i just get really stressed out, to the point where it actually affects me really badly, and i don't want to let the fear control me, but i gotta listen to my mind and to my body, it often warns me about such things, and i'm always on guard, as i need to read whatever signals i'm given you guys can take my posts for what you will, but i have some genuine concern here i think this dude is quite honestly messed up, i don't think this is what a nice person should be thinking like... you don't just marginalize an entire group, just because you can't stand them, especially people who have a reason to NOT be ignored, people who NEED help normal people can't help the ill, only professionals can, but that doesn't mean that, we can just lock them up like animals that's just cruel man, why would you say these things, i'm not even sure what to say anymore, i've lost my train of thought i mean yeah i get if people are annoying sometimes, but... ehh, this is going a bit too far, beyond what's ethical, jesus
  5. no it was a joke about how the source engine is really buggy, to the point where, even duct tape would be better than nothing also i beat detroit become human, it was less crappier than i expected and i actually enjoyed it and i'm sad to say this but i kinda wish i had more games like it, it's probably the only david cage game which i honestly enjoyed, even if it wasted my time once in a while (i mean the whole game is a glorified movie but, you DO have some choices you can make and you CAN royaly fuck up, so they tried at least) the pc port sucks donkey kong though, the chapter menu just straight up crashes for me and i had to play with vsync off just to make the game playable or it crashed every 5 minutes, i know it was vsync cuz, i re-enabled it and it was fine for a while, and then i got to some part where it just crashed consistently, i turned it off, got past the crash, turned it on, never had problems again (for a while at least) plus i'm not gonna lie the lighting looks really nice sometimes, but the depth of field really ruins it all, and it just boggles my mind, what were the artists even thinking, i mean, some scenes look perfectly clear, others are laggy blurfests, it's so inconsistent
  6. i'm not trying to make myself look like a good guy, i mean don't get me wrong, i'm not a nice person at all, and i hate to dog pile on people but, i had this random thought where, i sorta wonder if some of the forum users who post here are actually insane or just a bit coo-coo i mean i straight up saw people advocating for actual violence or just, really messed up shit and i feel like i'm the crazy one for not speaking up about it, nobody seems to be pointing it out, but man some users here are really extreme, to the point where, they quite honestly scare me, i mean i am legit afraid of some users, and of some of the posts they made, it keeps me on guard this is not the type of audience which i was expecting when i visited a videogame forum seriously am insane or, are some people just straight up deranged? maybe there's something wrong with me, i don't know, but some posts make me kinda uncomfortable, they just go past the point of no return and i'm never really sure how to respond so i mostly ignore the more extreme content and i just let people be, as i don't feel like wasting my time either plus the weird hatred some users have between each other is... really odd, like... "psychopath" odd... it's petty but, it goes beyond what's reasonable in my own mind i mean you know what? i'm gonna be brutally honest this thread is just beyond fucked up and i don't understand how any normal human being believes that this is something which would ever be ok, threads like these just kill the mood for me and they just make me want to just dissapear off the face of the internet edit: my actual survival instinct is REALLY kicking in all of sudden and my brain is screaming at me to just run away and to never look back, and i'm honestly considering it, posting was fun for a while but right now i'm actually feeling a bit distressed, and my instinct is just, telling me to leg it maybe you guys think this is stupid but, i dunno, i trust my gut feelings more than anything else, and i shouldn't be feeling this way, but i feel like like i realized something about the forum as a whole, and some of its users in general, and i'm not sure if i either want to take a break or if i just want to stop completely, i'm really considering just fading away from the internet to focus on my own stuff instead, this forum, youtube, everything really, i dunno, i just don't have the patience anymore i'm repeating myself a lot but i don't really care right now, something is bugging me to the point where, it's affecting me negatively
  7. i'm sorry for not adding much but i actually have no idea what he said, so i was mostly talking to myself in my post, i have no idea what he's trying to say with that, it just sounded like gibberish to me i mean i had a really hard time replying to much of anything since i really don't understand what he's trying to say in his post as a whole
  9. how would you like it if i locked you up, mh? i mean beyond the fact that this is ethically and morally wrong, i really have nothing else to add, we shouldn't trap people in their own homes, they are already trapped in their own minds, mentally ill people need the help of medical professionals, that's all, random internet idiots can't do anything about it, but we can't just deny a whole environment to people who suffer in silence, just because people talk shit about a game, jeez i mean going by your mindset, let's isolate already isolated people, who suffer for no reason at all, let's isolate the people who already struggle to get help, let's marginalize a group of people, who already have a very difficult time, getting the help they need in the first place, by telling society that, no, being mentally ill is a burden, and that your rights don't matter at all, because that's what humanity is all about, locking the ugly away right? uh, i'm just going to say that i disagree, and i'll leave it at that
  10. i don't check any news at all though, i feel like life is too short for me to burden my mind with any kind of news, plus i don't need to waste my time in order to figure out which news sources are the good ones, i'd rather focus on myself instead, i feel like my well being matters more than the world, but i'm an extremely selfish person, i always look out for myself and for my family first, anybody else is on their own i want to help other people, but the world has generally thaught me that it's not worth it, i always come out worse off when i do aid someone, i either get yelled at, or i deal with stress which i could've avoided, or i have to solve problems which were never mine in the first place generosity is a burden, i've always been punished for it, i'm better off looking like a giant douchebag but at least i won't suffer i find it so odd just how many "friendships" i have to break up, simply because people often throw all their personal issues at me not even one week in, and then they get mad at me when they expect me to fix it all, for them life is hard enough for me already, why would i want to waste my time "fixing" some nobody on the internet? a lot of girls also do this thing where, they share too much information, and it always grosses me out when random people who i play with, share their medical conditions with me, beyond the fact that, it's really innapropiate, i really feel like most people nowdays don't seem to want to respect what little personal space i have, i mean i can't even go along 5 minutes without being asked, where i live, how old am i, who am i, and so on some people legitimetally get angry at the fact that i refuse to share basic info about myself, that's just against my own principles, i hate the fact that people have this expectation by default, that i should tell everything i know when asked, people really hate the fact that i defy them, by not doing what they ask me, and i hate being ordered around like some kinda lap dog i don't understand what "war" you are talking about, but i guess you could call it an "information war" i do feel like the internet has thaught people to overshare, and i sorta have to give myself a wake up call once in a while, i hate how often i need to remind myself, that no, me telling random idiots personal things is NOT a good thing, and it's something i actively need to be self aware of, and i'm just trying to be more careful about what i leave behind on the internet, i never realized just how badly people care about, archiving literally anything, privacy on the internet is dead, some things are better left unsaid i think people are too lax to share any kind of information on the internet, so i sorta wonder if the news as a whole, had that sorta impact on the general behaviour of most people, i mean news websites often have comment sections which encourage you to leave your thoughts out, meaning that any random idiot suddenly thinks that what he says has any kind of value, and it gives credibility to people who really would be better off left behind in some cases and then it's all downhill from there i think it's pretty scary how something as simple as the news, has the opportunity to alter human behaviour as a whole, it's kinda sad just how easily people let themselves be manipulated, it really feels like nobody wants to think on their own, people want to be told WHAT and HOW to think, and it just bothers me a lot
  12. you are a door to door toilet salesman and aliens are pouring out of the toilet and you gotta give them a good old cleaning this is a random thought i had but, i sorta wonder, statistically, how many people DO NOT use social media stuff? i really feel like an outcast for not having a facebook account LUL, and this feels scary uncommon from what i've experienced actually i didn't even notice this, i was going for the joke response anyway xD do you mean mexicans? (i'm going to hell lol)
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