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  1. RaTcHeT302

    Machinima Is Dead?

    Not hosted, but if you could have a button, which links to an external service, which can download the videos for you automatically. I wouldn't really want to have that on an official website, but, that's the idea anyway, more or less. Pretty much embedding something like YouTube DL into the website itself. So that it can run the commands it needs to, in order to get the YouTube videos themselves. I don't really know how to word this, sorry if it's not too clear.
  2. RaTcHeT302

    Machinima Is Dead?

    Is there a way to download videos from Gorilla Gong? Or do I still have to use YouTube DL?
  3. RaTcHeT302


    heh, oopsie i find the ignorance line really funny for some reason though
  4. RaTcHeT302

    Emails Working Again

    oh okay, it's not too much of a loss to me anyway
  5. RaTcHeT302

    Emails Working Again

    you sure got those emails working again, wait are we sure the emails are working again, just to be sure i'm not sure yet ok an actual serious question, do you think we'll ever get, Steam authentication? for people who don't want to sign up for a forum account
  6. RaTcHeT302


    wait did breen actually say anything important, i was paying attention to the dialogue so i didn't hear much
  7. RaTcHeT302


    oh i forgot freeman's mind existed for a while
  8. RaTcHeT302

    What are you listening to?

    This one? I just found it in a Reddit thread. I looked it up seeing as, I'm always trying to find new music which stands out. I sadly lost my music from the old piracy scene (limeware era stuff, early songs I found on YouTube randomly), but a couple of months ago, I actually stumbled on this song. It's called Goosebumps for anyone who wants the name.
  9. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat June 2019

    I didn't watch the video, but I saw someone saying that Ross didn't like DOOM 4. I don't know what he didn't like about it, but most of the time I felt like I was shooting at moving concrete blocks. The shotgun just doesn't blast anything away, it's so weak sounding, and it barely does any damage, even on the easiest difficult, the lack of oneshots made the combat so unsatisfying to me, and there's no body damage, or much damage or anything, enemies just sorta flop over and die. This game has the worst shotgun I have ever seen in my life, I just want the enemies to ragdoll into space when I'm shooting them, and I really wish they could actually explode, or take some visual damage. Honestly the Payday 2 locomotive was more fun to use, than the DOOM 4 shotgun. You can crouch and headshot the cops, and they just go flying straight into mars, it's hilarious and it brings endless satifaction. What does DOOM 4 have? Concrete demons. The lack of feedback is so dissapointing, the shotgun is useless, it barely does anything, I hate this modern game design philosophy, of making all the early guns completelly unsatisfying and completelly useless. And why is the game so stingy with the ammo? Let me blast the demons, I don't want to carefully aim my shots, I would rather have unlimited ammo at this point. I personally didn't enjoy the game at all, I had more fun with Binary Domain, and nobody talks about that game most of the time, but the shooting in that game is SO GOOD. It was made to be reactive. Shotguns also suck ass in that game though, but the rifle feels great whenever I had to blast people, err ROBOTS away. DOOM 4 meanwhile has nothing more than an extravagant selection of peashooters. The game's not worth playing all the way through, if the shotgun is not fun to use. Doesn't help that it's literally the first real weapon which you do get in the game, and it's so boring to use. Man I just wanted to blast some demons away, but instead all I got, were a bunch of angry concrete walls chasing me around. I really cannot describe how bad the shotgun felt to me, it really felt like I was shooting at a wall, zero satisfaction, no real feedback, this game just doesn't have meaty combat, it's all for show, I don't really get why people love this game, I've seen FPS games with far meatier combat than what DOOM 4 has to offer. Uh, anyway I immagine that my opinion is pretty contronversial, but yeah I didn't like the game much, the enemies are too bullet spongy, I would rather fight through a carnage of 20 demons which can be one shot with just one or two rounds, instead of whatever DOOM 4 does. Honestly I had more fun with DOOM 2, I stopped playing once the levels got more maze like though. DOOM 1 sucks though, I just don't have fun with it. The early DOOM 2 maps were really fun, I really like the more straightfoward maps, but once they open up I just drop the game. Anyway maybe there's something wrong with me, but the DOOM 2 shotgun was way more fun than the DOOM 4 shotgun. Blasting five enemies at once, just to see all of them fall down, was SOOO SATISFYING. There's none of that in DOOM 4 (beyond the zombies, or a few specific set pieces), it's mostly 1 v 1, nobody really bunches up, it's kinda lame, I actually wanted the AI to be a bit dumber to be honest.
  10. RaTcHeT302

    Forums issues and improvements.

    I think this is the unnofficial forum one? Here's the unnofficial reddit server. I'm pretty sure it's not official. It's official in the sense that, it's the subreddit's official channel. You can ignore this part, it's completelly irrelevant to your post, I just wanted to rant about Discord, that's all. I put it in a spoiler tag so that people can just ignore it, but hey if you want to read my ramblings, that's cool. I'm not a fan of Discord personally, but I posted the links of the servers I'm aware of.
  11. RaTcHeT302

    No longer following Ross

    I mean I sorta get the dude (RocketWerks), we don't need to attack him, I thought he was pretty reasonable about it, the thread didn't actually bother me in any way, it's just entertainment at the end of the day, I was mostly trying to show more empathy more than anything else, there's a lot of negativity on the internet, and these topics can be difficult to approach, but I don't think insulting people will lead to anything good. People can critize the creator if they want to, it's their own right to be honest, as long as they are respectful about it, but I do also try to bring in a different view point, it doesn't necessarly have to be the right one, but it does help to get multiple perspectives out. It's not like I'm defending Ross, but I'm just looking at it from a more neutral point of view. Like yeah we all screw up at one point, and I'm sure Ross is pretty self concious about not getting too much content out already, that's what I was trying to get at mainly, but maybe my post was way too agressive? I apologize about that if that was the case. Hey it's free entertainment, we get more videos either way, but I really don't want people to split up and to start fighting with each other, over something as minor as some YouTube videos, it's just a bit too much in my mind. Yeah I get that, we cool. I can't quote the other post, it's broken for some reason, but it's cool I get it.
  12. RaTcHeT302

    Random thread

    that sounds fantastic
  13. RaTcHeT302

    Linux gaming technical discussion

    @cgalves I don't really know, sorry. There are probably some DirectX specific tools which you can use, I know Microsoft released some but I forgot the name (for driver related stuff). But I don't know how that would help you find out what engine the game is running on. I guess Wikipedia, or build data, or metadata in the compiled binaries might have some information. Beyond trial and error, and some random guessing, I don't know. You can probably go for the easy guesses, like if the game uses .upk files, it's probably an Unreal Engine game, and Unity games always have an Assembly-CSharp.dll file in the Managed folder. You can drag and drop random .dlls into DotNetSpy (DNSpy), if they decompile, there's most likely some data you can find in there. Anything made in C#, should be easy to tell. For C++ \ x86 stuff, x64 Debugger. Anything else, I got no clue. Maybe that NSA reverse engineering tool could be useful, buuut I'm staying away from that, for now. Ghidra? Maybe the CFF Explorer can help, but I don't know where to download that anymore. Or just right click on random .dlls in the game folders, and check the properties for information. Maybe there are some console commands which you can run in Unreal Engine games, to show you the build \ engine version. Most Unreal Engine 3 games, have the @ key binded to the console. You can just look at the console, and you can probably tell, what engine it's on, by what the console looks like. Games like Rocket League most likely use heavily modified versions of the engine though, knowing what engine we are dealing with is not very helpful on its own I think. Knowing how each game renders stuff, is probably more useful. I really don't know, I'm really ignorant on this topic, I wish someone more knowlegeable could help you guys out though. I think these are things which the Vulkan DirectX people probably know more of. I think you should ask them for more help. I'm probably talking out of my ass, so please dismiss everything I said if everything is wrong. Edit: Oh, it's DirectX 12 only? I guess I was remembering it wrong. Not very useful I suppose. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/pix/ There are some methods which can be used to translate DX9 calls to DX12, it might make the tool less useless in that case. Unreal Tournament 2004, has a DX8 to DX9 or DX11 conversion, the framerate was great, but I was no longer able to force AA, after changing the DX level. Was it this one? I lost the link sadly. https://github.com/crosire/d3d8to9 I randomly stumbled on this too. First time I ever heard of it. https://github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper Neat. https://github.com/UCyborg/LegacyD3DResolutionHack I don't know why going from a different version of DirectX, broke forced AA, (I don't realy know how any of this works, on a technical level), so that's a little thing you should probably write down. You can translate DX calls, to more modern versions of DX, but the existing AA techniques will probably stop working (probably some driver level shenanigans? maybe the conversion was incomplete? I really don't know). https://github.com/megai2/d912pxy I think this is mostly Windows based though, not very Linux friendly probably.
  14. RaTcHeT302

    Linux gaming technical discussion

    I don't think that'll work, having both MSAA and SSAA, on a deferred shading engine, is probably not going to happen, and most games have AA techinques, implemented depending on the rendering engine. It's all very engine dependent, so one unique AA solution might not be possible, it'll have to be a mix of techniques for now. Sadly. Even if we had MSAA, it's probably going to be faked. Most post process AA techniques are not actually anti-aliasing, they act more like filters \ blur, or something like that. It's more like, fake anti-aliasing. It tries to mimic AA, but it's not close to the real deal yet, but my information could be outdated, or wrong, feel free to correct me. Some games don't even bother with normal anti-aliasing, they do some fancy processing in engine, and it sorta looks good enough for them. It gets to the point where, the terminology loses all meaning, the MSAA you know of, might not actually be the MSAA which is being used in a proper game.
  15. RaTcHeT302

    No longer following Ross

    I don't know, delays never bothered me, I'm the type of person who's still waiting for Project Zomboid to be fully released, before doing a proper playthrough, I understand why things might take longer than they should, life is complicated, maybe people are tired or bored, or maybe they need a break, and some people just work at a slower pace, but as long as the work gets done, who cares? Also I feel like you should be watching the older content because you want to, not out of some immaginary obbligation. I feel like threads like these put unnecessary pressure on creators, he's probably already cutting corners to get the content out, I don't see the point in stressing people out, with petty threats. I get that people want to get their money's worth out of donations, but there's enough pressure as is with such a system, I don't think adding more stress on top is going to help anyone.

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