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  1. RaTcHeT302

    Feel the Snow

    It looked neat from the screenshots, I was expecting something very atmospheric, but once I got to play it, I just wasn't able to get into it. I've mostly forgotten everything about the game, so I don't have much to say.
  2. RaTcHeT302

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    It's never too early for winter. Anyway, Overlord 2. I mean it does have some major flaws, but I have no idea if it'll ever be on an episode, that game might be a bit too mainstream, but the game is part of a genre which i don't see explored too often, and it's actually a game I really want to see more of.
  3. RaTcHeT302

    Delisted Games

    game companies r dumb, game licenses r stopid IT'S ALMOST LIKE THEY DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY ANYMORE, LA LA LA LA i feel like i'm in crazy land, i'm the only person on this planet, who thinks this is fucking bullshit, i hate this licensing crap, it needs to stop already
  4. RaTcHeT302


    I honestly found the game to be really tedious. The constant pull in, pull out just got really old quickly for me, I ended up beating Portal 1 again instead.
  5. RaTcHeT302

    What do you like about the user above you?

    i feel like ross in the puzzle agent episode :(
  6. RaTcHeT302

    What do you like about the user above you?

    i need a dictionary edit: it didn't help wait you are just saying, that I like, the name "Ratchet"? the character? or that i like scary black holes
  7. RaTcHeT302

    What do you like about the user above you?

  8. RaTcHeT302

    The Void

    i'll play it i'll play it i'll play it
  9. RaTcHeT302


    It looked really cool but the car physics and the driving as a whole didn't feel very good to me. I think I had a better time with Driver San Francisco.
  10. RaTcHeT302

    Graveyard Keeper

    There was a story? I just found the gameplay to be really generic, the concept sounds cool, but playing the actual game just wasn't doing it for me.
  11. RaTcHeT302

    Random thread

    hey it's me your money spend me on essays
  12. RaTcHeT302

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    Oh I played Star Control 2, and it was god awful, music was okay though. I don't think it has enough material for a full blown video, and if it somehow did, I think it would be very stretched.
  13. RaTcHeT302

    Best Pixel Art

    yeah it really makes final fantasy looks super lame, but i'm ok with that, to me the pixel art was pretty weak, on the not very fancy side
  14. RaTcHeT302

    Random thread

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