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  1. i don't understand, people can talk about whatever they want to, as long as everyone is civil, plus, you don't own the forums, and you act like you get to dicatate, how and what people should say - i don't see what's the problem with making multiple posts either, i don't want to edit old posts, as i'd be afraid of deleting the whole thing, plus i'm just casual about such things, i don't really care about post count, and sometimes i've just got more things to say, there's really nothing more beyond that i'm the type of person, who easily gets excited about pretty much anything, so i end up making more posts, because i actually enjoy making them, but i don't understand why you have to go out of your way to make me feel bad about it, i don't understand why you'd belittle me for it either you act like i insulted you personally or something, and i don't really get it i was really not expecting this type of atmosphere from a forum to be honest, i thought you guys were all fairly relaxed, seeing as, at the end of the day, that's what forums are for anyway - i understand criticism, but outright telling me that i bother you, just hurts me a little bit, and it just makes me feel like you are being mean for no reason at all this post just comes off as really mean spirited to me, and it just makes feel really bad as a whole, and the whole idea was to spark more discussion, plus personally this is a topic which i've got a lot of attachment to, and to be shutdown like this just seems really odd i really never thought i'd have to justify myself, but i never really expected anyone to pick on me like this for no reason, you act like i've done something horrible to you or something, when my only crime is that, i talk too much and that i get too long winded? really? okay fine, let's not talk about anything, let's all live in our own bubbles, and not say anything, about anything ever, because that's the point of forums, to just, do nothing at all, talk about nothing at all, and to just, never complain about anything look i can't take you seriously at all man, i'm just making some internet posts about videogames, you are taking this way too seriously for something fairly innocous and inconsequential - honestly if what i said bothers you so much, then i don't know what to tell you, but in the end i'm just some random internet user, you can't have such high expectations from me, in the end i'm mostly doing this for fun i'm straight up dissapointed in your behaviour, i wasn't expecting you to say something as cruel as that, and i'd like to ask you one question, how's that post supposed to make me feel? honestly, just block me if you hate me so much, and be done with it, or just write a script to hide my posts automatically if they have my name on it, i don't really care, i'd rather have everyone ignore me, and to just, not talk to me, than to have to deal with such petty attacks anyway to me this kills any respect i would've otherwise had for you, and i don't think i'll ever respond back to anything you ever say, because if i bother you so much, then i don't see the point in even trying to talk to you again, you don't care? fine, just ignore my posts then, problem solved again i'm just dissapointed, and i don't get the point, that's all, but this is my personality, and it's who i am, i'm just having some casual fun, honestly i find it entertaining to write these posts, but jeez man, don't act like i shot your dog or something, it's just some text in the end
  2. i'm sorry but i just had to post this umh, this game is free - temporarily sure, but it's free it's already 25 freakin euros, and umh... oh then, this must be, a pretty old game then, it has to be, at least, two, three years old by now? wait what the fuck, what do you mean it came out THREE MONTHS AGO holy shit, this market is fucked oh boy i sure wish i could play me some destiny, but consoles sure are expensive ... what the fuck do you mean the sequel is free, THEY WOULDN'T JUST GIVE AWAY A WHOLE GAME FOR FREE WHAT KINDA DUMBASS WOULD DO TH- oh I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE ECONOMY, I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING VIDEOGAMES ARE TOO EXPENSIVE TO MAKE GUYS, SO THAT'S WHY WE JUST GIVE THEM AWAY ????????????????????????????????????????????????? can we do the same for food, rent and bills please lol, anyway, uh, gaming is fucked, that's the lesson for today
  3. that's basically worthless when you slap a blue \ grey filter over everything it just makes me think of those over filtered photos, people often post on the internet, which always have purple or pink plastered on it, plus a vignette style filter, and to me it looks downright hideous it's supposed to be "vintage" or some bullshit like that, i don't remember exactly, but i just think it looks like complete ass, a lot of people mostly do it to be pretentious though i just think you are ruining the photo, honestly, plus it's insulting to the person who took it in the first place, i don't know i've seen older photos less filtered, than some of the bullshit put up on the internet, it's ridiculous what the hell is this, did the photographer kill himself? mafia 3 literally looks like this, almost (not this exagerated, but come on, it's damn close) you know i would understand if it was a stylistic choice, like in the saboteur THIS IS A GOOD USE OF A COLOR FILTER, THIS IS REALLY COOL, I WANT MORE OF THIS this is the artist calling it a day off - come on, you can do better than this, what the hell this is just fucking lazy at this point, this isn't art, it's bullshit, this is not a good use for it i'm just going to skip the color blind comment, i don't even know how to respond to that i guess this will remain, ONE OF NATURE'S MISTERIES
  4. i just think it looks too depressing, and the fact that DICE went ahead to actually ban people just because they wanted to turn it off, seems a bit ridiculous - when you take away a fairly reasonable choice, and you go scorched earth on everyone, it's really hard to not at least be a bit annoyed to that it just seems odd, how they'd go this far, and the response is way too extreme, for something pretty minor as far as battlefield goes, i once played on a map where it was pitch black night time, and the color filter was just pure green, plus the soldiers were green, and the grass was green that map was basically unplayable for me, so it's not just about asthetics, sometimes it just straight up makes the game unplayable, and i think it's pretty horrendous seeing as it actively hinders your visibility and that's pretty horrible in say, a racing game, where you might rely on landmarks to learn the track, but if the whole thing looks exactly the same, it can be really hard to tell overall, and if there are any hazards you might need to avoid, it's not too unsual for me to just crash into shit, because everything is just blended togheter plus to me the maps stop being recognizable, and they lack an identity, and to me that just kills the familiarity i might've otherwise built up with the map itself, meaning that i just, don't have as much fun in the first place, i just can't get into it at all, plus i like to appreciate a map's details, but if everything is one color, what's the point? i wouldn't be complaining if it was just an optional thing, but the fact that it actually affects my gameplay also, doesn't jel well with me even then, i still think it looks pretty atrocious would this map be, as recognizable, if it went from this to this? this is what most modern games look like to me half the time i still think this looks horrible, there's no mood here, it's just lazy plus this is just some generic boring island, it can't be that hard to make it look good this is all billions of dollars get you? that's it? i'm just not impressed, like at all
  5. i mean either way, i don't really understand what that means anyway to me color filters just seem like an insult to all those artists, who slaved themselves for thousands of hours, just to have some dude say, "hey, you know what would be great? A BRIGHT YELLOW COLOR FILTER" "on everything?!?" "EVEEEERYYYYYTHIIIIING" personally this looks atrocious, i honestly started calling these "piss filters", it looks horrendous (i'm pretty sure the textures... are actually painted yellow too just to add to the effect, jesus christ) plus i find that blue color filters look way too fucking depressing half the time, and it's really odd whenever i see a very upbeat racing game, with one slapped on it, plus, for some odd reason, free to play games tend to have a blue one, and grey filters are just... yuck, why?? WHO WANTS A BUCKET OF GREY, WHY WOULD YOU EVER WANT GRAY TO BE YOUR MAIN COLOR, WHAT IS GRIS EVEN SUPPOSED TO CONVEY. wow it looks like COMPLETE SHIT - GOOD LORD GET SOME CONTRAST IN THERE, SOME VIVIDNESS ANYTHING ugh HEY I HOPE YOU LIKE BROWN this looks fucking horrible, did this game sit in a smoker's lounge or something? did the developers play one too many games of poker or something? did they gamble away their eyesight for more money? what the fuck, are we back in 2005? what the hell is this, GET A COLORING BOOK OR SOMETHING i don't care if color filters are more "realistic", REAL LIFE IS UGLY - yeah that's right, i think OUR GRAPHICS SUCK DICK, i mean, good god, we can make games look FAR more gorgeous, than anything else we'll ever get in real life, i never understood people's obsession with photorealism honestly if anything, i can't get immersed into the game, because, the more it tries to be real, the more fake it is, and my brain just refuses to accept it, it just takes me out of the game, and it always reminds me of those tacky ass texture mods, which over sharpen every single surface in the game, and i'm just not a fan of that at all i fucking love purple ass sunsets, they look amazing, FOR ALL I CARE, EVERY GAME SHOULD BE SUNSENTS, ONLY something about that really nice combination of cozy orange, and light purple, really works with me mhh THIS IS A WAR AGAINST THE COLOR GRAY, BWAAAAAAAAH
  6. like i wouldn't mind if valve or gog went ahead and if they setup a "do whatever you want" type storefront for games, but as long as money actually exists, that'll never happen, i think we would need to have a major change in society, as far as copyright law goes with how trigger happy nintendo is sometimes, i have very low hopes, and even then, the waybackmachine is in a fairly gray area, but i've seen entire ROM collections actually uploaded on it, usually they go by "redump" i'm annoyed when any storefront delists perfectly fine games for bullshit reasons, i really fucking hate this lack of permanence, i don't understand why anyone sane of mind would ever want to go 100% digital you have to be downright stupid to not want to have, some sort of guarantee in my mind, so i'm on board to have something like this, but with our current dumbass laws, and because of general corporate greediness, this is going to be difficult to accomplish if copyright law was far more lenient, then sure, but when any company can just sue you, whenever they want to, it's not a project anyone can really get involved to i've honestly started to wonder if copyright is quite honestly dead, it's really getting to the point, where there's so much stuff that's being created, to the point where, the lines between attribution and inspiration start to blur for me can you immagine if greek mythology, was copyrighted? how bullshit would that be honestly i stopped caring, i think it's pretty natural to build on top of the work of others, and on top of the previous knowledge of your ancestors, and i don't see why it shouldn't apply today also to me copyright law goes against basic human knowledge, we couldn't had gotten better at anything, if we just ignored, what everyone else previously accomplished, just because someone else made it
  7. if this is a unity engine game, you can use dnspy to edit the game (the whole thing i mean, it's like having actual readable source code) what this means is that, you could theoretically do anything as far as modding goes it's what i used to remove the chromatic aberration from life is strange before the storm https://ratchet302.gitlab.io/content/games/l/life-is-strange-before-the-storm/modding/index.html#manual
  8. people still use forums in 2020???
  9. it says i got quoted but i don't see anything GUESS IT MUSTA BEEN THE WIND
  10. I know that this thread is really old, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the Nyet 3 video was of this.
  11. man that sounds so annoying, it just sounds like someone who's screwing around with his new synth even as far as classical music goes, i think this sounds pretty terrible, and if someone played this to me, i would probably beg them to just turn it off i'm really confused by the YouTube comments, this is either clearly a joke, or this has to be straight up incomplete - the people in the comments just come off as really pretentious, and they use some big words to justify this whole thing i don't think there's anything clever in making something terrible on purpose, but... people do watch The Room for some reason... and people actually like that movie, for, some reason - i don't understand the internet all i'm hearing is this really humans are weird man
  12. i think i played the early beta, and i don't know, i personally didn't find the gunplay to be fun at all, it felt like i was shooting at people made out of concrete most of the time, plus i always found half life 1 to be pretty boring as game, honestly i wish lambda wars could've gotten this level of support instead, at least that's an original project, black mesa never really quite grabbed me, but i guess i never really understood the half life craze in the first place, as i always thought that half life 2, was pretty mediocre compared to some of the fps games i got to play on the playstation 2 even
  13. i'm not a fan of these factorio styled games, i played factorio once, and i just felt like i could be doing something far more productive instead, it felt too much like actual work to me, and less like an actual videogame, so i'll probably skip satisfactory i'm not a fan of the colors of this game either, factorio i think, looks way better than this, i'm just not a fan of color filtering at all, and factorio has a nicer mood to it if i had to choose between the two, factorio would win because of the graphics alone i think the gameplay is a giant waste of time, it's all very artificial, but i think factorio has a cooler setting also, and even though it might be a 2D game, i think the concept makes more sense in 2D, i feel like making a giant sprawling base in 3D, will probably get clusterfucky real quick, and factorio is a game, where you'll need to redesign everything at one point redoing stuff in a 3D setting sounds like it'll get tedious real quick graphics wise, i think this looks pretty horrendous compared to this i would much rather destroy the 2D planet, over the 3D one, factorio just has the perfect mood for this type of game even if i hate the game itself, it feels like it has some soul put into it, the other game, just feels like a quick cash grab \ copy cat, you'll never get the intended experience, and this is coming from someone who didn't like Factorio much at all again, it feels like a job, like actual work, as you need to sit down and figure out the game's logic and how things work, and personally, i'd rather be blasting robots in the face instead, i find that to be more straightforward
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