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    Random thread

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    List of Revived Online Games

    is there a list for games which are decoupled, and can truly be played forever? both offline and online? if any of the projects rely on someone else, in order to keep the games alive, i technically consider the games to still be dead i would say that the true requirements for a 100% revival are: - playable online - playable offline - can self host if needed - doesn't rely on any external services, forums or communities in order to run the game - is open source (extremely important for long term survival, pretty much required as hardware changes, as operating systems evolve)
  3. RaTcHeT302

    daylight savings suck

    it does feel like we are at war with someone, with the planet mostly DIE YOU BIG GIANT ROCK, YAGHH
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    i think that should be the rule with most in development games, no matter how big or promising they are the bigger they are, the more painful it is once they fail
  5. RaTcHeT302

    Post your setup!

    yeh, it wasn't a mistake
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    Random thread

  7. RaTcHeT302

    Random thread

    no i saw it, i just had nothing interesting to comment about it
  8. RaTcHeT302

    Random thread

    no notepad, unrealistic 9.42/10 cease your existence
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    Videochat November 2019

    i think it's fine, the thread itself is too broad \ general, and if anyone else can push the topic into another direction, we can always shift to the new stuff anyway i don't have anything else to add otherwise
  10. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat November 2019

    is this a horror game or is this some kind of weird simulation, are we in the wrong time line? oh no OH NO
  11. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat November 2019

    help i'm stuck my dog is starving i can't turn it off please someone i can't exit GET ME OUT OF HERE it's ok
  12. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat November 2019

    dammit grandma, ruining forum arguments since 1998
  13. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat November 2019

    i mean i kinda got confused when you brought up grandma again, and i wasn't sure where my point was going anymore, i just left like that and i tried to start over again
  14. RaTcHeT302

    Random thread

    HE SHOULDA ROLLED DA DICE *dice roll (DEXTERITY CHECK)* dammit natural 1
  15. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat November 2019

    i think the biggest issue is just the fact that, normally you have have to deal with the sheer amount of choices as far linux goes, and grandma will likely ask her kids to install something for her, so in the worst case scenario, the kids pick something really obtuse, and if not, sure it's okay for really basic stuff but once grandma starts to wish she could use windows only apps, that's when everything goes downhill i immagine you can present wine or emulation as a solution, or alternative software, but that's still an extra barrier windows doesn't have to deal with more often than not - setting up such tools might be an overly daunting task for most users, and in some cases, the user itself might just be too used to the original windows tool, and he might just not be willing to adapt (photoshop and gimp) you pretty much have another reason which kills linux adoption for a lot of users, the alternatives are often just, not what they want really, so why bother with linux they think, if it's more of a hassle, and away they go, back to windows to me the biggest problem is that, there isn't just one linux os, which makes me go, "yes, everyone should be using this, this is the windows killer \ replacement", it's the wild west as far i can tell, and the fact that the user base is all spread around, makes it a bit more difficult to gather that critical mass, which would allow linux to truly explode as far as the usage goes with linux it takes some trial and error, in order to find the system you might enjoy the most, and i think in the long term if any support is dropped for your current OS, it can be a huge problem, as it could happen at any time - also most people are not going to be experienced with linux terms, so it's hard for them to even know what XFCE or KDE even mean, without first actually getting their hands on it i don't know, there are options, i'm not denying that - but you have to know of the options if you are grandma though, odds are that you know nothing at all, or hell, even the smartest person on the planet, would struggle at first if they just got started out with windows, you get ripped off out of 200$, but you do get the OS on a CD i love the fact that linux is free, but if you don't have any PC, you can't really make your own iso - also you need to figure out which tools allows you to save isos to USB, where to get isos's, how to download them in the first place, what is a torrent? what is an archive? compared to buying a windows cd (which is a total rip off), linux is far more involved to your average joe i mean you cannot skip the iso to usb step, you can't not just do that, and there's a ton of pieces of knowledge which are required to have beforehand ask your average joe, or your average school kid, most of them are not gonna be able to do this, they'll just say that it's too complicated, but odds are that most people will have an okay time installing windows, all the difficult steps have been completed beforehand for them anyway these tiny things do have a large impact, as far as the usage goes, if you don't cover all your fields, then you can only expect the 1.0% to use your OS, that's what linux users are for the most part, we don't have a large parte of the population who can even do any of this i've seen pre-built laptops with linux on it though, so who knows, maybe the landscape will change in the future, but so far windows is pretty entrenched, linux i think needs something more, it needs that one thing which allows it to stand out, in order to grab the public as a whole anyway, skipping all this installation stuff, my overall argument was that, it's always a good thing, to ensure that even the power users can have an easy time doing complicated tasks, and it really seems like linux users almost despise, or have some kind of deep hatred for anything with a UI attached to it, and to me that's a huge problem there's also this odd view that, new users should have to torture themselves, and that nothing should be handed to them, even when it would actually benefit all users as a whole i should be able to accomplish most tasks by simply clicking a few buttons, i shouldn't have to go through 50 steps, when, linux could handle the first 45, and let me to the last 5 by myself i shouldn't have to scan a huge list of obscure commands, and just hope to god that i can google the right things, in order to hopefully find what i need - and if i can't find the info which i need, because i don't have an ui, that means that i can't just go by trial and error anymore, i'm pretty much stuck with a problem which i cannot solve at least with windows, you can just click on a bunch of random buttons, and you might get a result eventually, and linux does have UI based software, but anything more advanced, usually demands you to use the command line it took me a while to figure out my points again, so i kinda rambled on for a while

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