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  1. I'm more annoyed about the fact that, people are only taking this problem seriously now, even though crap like this has happened before, with thousands of other games, but better late than never I guess.
  2. How was your day? I hope you all had a good day.
  3. I don't know, I just played Phoenix Point, and the game has this really great limb system, but the melee enemies kept moving like four times in one turn, and it just frustrated me to no end, to see my tired dudes, just stand around and get absolutely destroyed, just because they couldn't be bothered to just shoot them. I feel like turn based games just feel really artificial, and all the waiting around, makes them really tedious for me to play. I would've loved Phoenix Point, if it was a run and gun, action, XCOM styled game, but instead it's just XCOM but a thousand times more tedious. To me the game is pretty much ruined. It could've been really fun as hell, if they didn't slap turn based combat on it. The way the game is balanced, screams for it to be in real time, honestly. Honest to god a shame, I really wish it was a normal RTS styled game, it would've blown XCOM out of the water, and instead of the mild reviews it's getting now, I think it would've found it's niche. For me, that's a huge missed opportunity.
  4. probably, but i've always been prone to motion sickness, i don't think i'd have a good time, and i don't have 600 bucks to find out what i heard about vr overall was... not good, and i don't like the idea of having to "get used to it", this would be too much of a gamble for me, i really would rather not pay for something so expensive, unless i knew for sure that it was 100% perfect from the get go maybe i'm weird, but if i had to pay that much money for one product, i'd have some pretty damn high expectations, i mean jeez, this is not an easy expense for most people at all, it's just not worth it right now, the risk is too high, and there's no way for me to tell, if the product is any good, beyond what i see on the internet i'm not going out of my way, to pay so much for such a niche product, when people are still puking their hearts out i might have some misconceptions about it, but i sure as hell don't have 600 bucks to clear them up, i'd rather be wrong... and have food to eat
  5. oh god, a walking simulator in vr sounds like fever dream material to me
  6. I honestly couldn't get into it, it's too abstract for me and I had no patience at all in order to figure out how the game works.
  7. Ace Combat 7? I got nothing else otherwise. Everything else was pretty meh for me.
  8. i was going to make a piracy joke but i'm afraid of the cops
  9. what? lol the forums died again, are the forums a live service? maybe EA owns the server... wait i HAVE the TERRIBELLEST iDEA PAY 0.99$ PER POST, PAY 9.99$ MONTHLY FOR INFINITE POSTS, PAY UP FUCKEEROS heh hold on, i just realized something boy you are gonna be bankrupt THAT'S A LOTTA MONEY
  10. I learned something new today, what did you learn today? I learned something new today, what did you learn today? I learned something new today, what did you learn today? I learned something new today, what did you learn today? I learned something new today, what did you learn today? I learned something new today, what did you learn today? I learned something new today, what did you learn today? (HELP ME I'M TRAPPED IN A LOOP OF KNOWLEDGE)
  11. I also wasn't expecting the UNGODLY AMOUNT OF CRINGE. This episode is killing me inside. This has to be the cringiest game in the whole galaxy. Good job, you. Now excuse me while I go puke. I feel like my brain went sideways while watching this. The movement was just, bleh. IT'S JUST LIKE VR! IT'S JUST LIKE THE SIMULATIONS SAID IT WOULD BE. I like how the score, is the stock market value lol. it's a shame the stock market is dead rip if anyone is in the mood for more chicken games, i stumbled on this one https://store.steampowered.com/app/340120/Moorhuhn_Crazy_Chicken/
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