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    UE4 Horrible Colors

    I'm not really experienced with the engine, but the colors are pissing me off, beyond monkeying around with the Tone Mapper, is there no real way to fix this? I'm willing to recompile the whole engine if I have to, as I'm running off the source. If no one has a solution, I guess I'll have to torture myself to figure this out. I don't want just some console commands, I want an actual in engine fix. So anything which changes the source code, I'm 100% fine with. My result looks pretty horrible, everything is too dark, but at least the colors are far more accurate. It's also way too blinding. Anyway, if no one has any ideas, I guess I'll have to spend some days breaking down the Tone Mapper, it's the only thing I can think off to do so far. I wonder if generally the lighting is simply too flat \ not bright enough. But I wonder if the image is generaly grey \ has a blue-ish hue. Otherwise, the colors are almost correct, but they are slightly off. I'll have to experiment a lot first, as I've never really worked with a modern engine before. This looks nicer, but the colors are all wrong. It's 100% innacurate. Everything is also overly dark. Setting the Sky Light to 0 Intensity also seems to get rid of some blue hues, but I'm not sure if that's really needed? I'll have to do a ton of research on this, there's no information on the internet. I GUESS MOST PEOPLE ARE FINE WITH THESE HORRIBLY INNACURATE COLORS, BLAAH. Here's what the final result should look like. It shouldn't be orange, that's the wrong color. I screwed around with the exposure, and I reset the map, I also removed the vignette and some other crap. Something looks off to me though... ShowFlag.ToneMapper 1 ShowFlag.ToneMapper 0 (grey filter goes away, scene is suddenly more vivid, brighter, so i wasn't imagining it at least, it looks much more pleasant) Oops, I crashed the editor somehow, anyway after compiling the lighting, this horrid grey filter is even more visible. LOOK AT THIS MESS, THAT BACKGROUND COLOR IS PURE WHITE, WHY DID IT TURN GREY??? wtf *sob* my quest to unfuckup the colors continues?? do i really have to turn off the whole tone mapper??? Also wow, I just noticed how much noise these shadows actually have, is this why everything was horribly darkened by default?
  2. RaTcHeT302

    Ross's Game Dungeon: TrackMania² Canyon

  3. RaTcHeT302

    noclip.website - 3D Game Maps in your Browser

    Yes, that tends to happen, with a lot of games with interconnected maps. I can't think of any examples right now though. Each map is it's own individual file, and you pretty much need to update each map by hand. I mean you probably knew that, but I don't know, I thought I had more to add but I guess not. The only thing which comes to mind are the canyons in Need For Speed Carbon, where off in the distance, you can see cut off content or something similar. I forgot what it was about. It might've been bullshit actually, I really don't remember. Maybe Half Life 2 had something like that? I can't remember, which ones were real, and which ones were just jokes. I swear, I do remember something about the canyons in Carbon though. I'm 100% remembering it wrong, maybe I'm just crazy.
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    noclip.website - 3D Game Maps in your Browser

    From what I've seen, very often just plain incompetence, and not planning ahead does have an impact. As long as there's no backup release, on a more future proof website, designed for long term, future storage, then I'll always have that worry. To me an untested backup might as well not exist. I mean if it literally doesn't exist, then I don't really have much else to say then. I think that, the easier the backups are to access, the better. I would really like to have a zip file with all the maps, and some kind of custom model viewer, so that you can view the maps at any time. I mean the maps in Kingdom Hearts are neat to look at, but I feel like there's so much more content which we are missing out on overall, by just focusing on the big games alone. Which is an honest shame to me, I think it kinda limits the potential of the project, I really hope to see more variety in the future. That Sonic Mania stuff is just really random though, why would we waste server space on a bunch of 3D numbers? It just seems odd. Anyway, I'm the type of person who's generally not a fan of the, "it'll be fine" excuse. I've seen too many promising projects which just burn out into nowhere because of that. I don't think planning ahead and being ready for the worst case scenario can really hurt that much. I would rather be paranoid and wrong, instead of being paranoid and right. I hope my post doesn't sound too harsh either way, that wasn't my intention.
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    Is there a Civil Protection OST?

    If you still don't get an answer, hit him up with an email. https://www.accursedfarms.com/contact.html/ You'll probably have better luck there.
  6. RaTcHeT302

    Post what you're doing right now

  7. RaTcHeT302

    noclip.website - 3D Game Maps in your Browser

    I honestly would rather have the maps locally. Once the website shuts down, that's a lot of content that's just plain gone. Also a lot of these games are pretty mainstream, and some of my favourite levels come from far less known games. Anything that's made by Nintendo, I tend not to care too much about, seeing as I've never been into their games that much. I think it would be cooler if we had the whole Dungeon Siege map, or similar stuff.
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    Last post made wins

    I gotta be honest, that doesn't look very exciting to me. It just looks really janky. Also that camera placement sucks ass. I feel like puking. It's making me really nauseous, I don't understand why it has to be so close to the ground, at such a ridiculous angle, I can't even see the environments that well. The character dude guy just takes up too much real estate of the screen for me. Maybe it's not that bad in game, but man I put that video in fullscreen and it just made me feel sick. Sorry, maybe it's just me otherwise. I almost wish we had a skating game made by the guys who made SSX. Those games have such a pleasant control scheme for me.
  9. RaTcHeT302

    Forged Battalion

    I'm fine with cheats, and the game is dead? What? But you can play it still. Personally I just didn't get into it, I don't know why.
  10. RaTcHeT302

    We're finally getting integer-ratio scaling!

    Raytracing is just math. It's often used for AI too. There's no technical reason as to why it should only work on a specific graphics card. It's literally 1980s math. This is just NVIDIA marketing bullshit at it's finest mostly. Pathtracing is just a different algorithm mostly. Really there's no actual real point to real time ray tracing, when we could be using a faster, simpler algorithm in the first place instead. It's all there just to get the cash out of suckers who are willing to throw money at what is essentially VERY FANCY MATH. It's neat but... we've been able to fake it for decades anyway. I think NVIDIA tech demos tend to looks overly exagerated for the most part anyway. Everything is not so god damn reflective in real life. Good god, when was the last time, when a BRICK was REFLECTIVE. OUR WORLD IS NOT MADE OUT OF CHROME DAMMIT. I'm willing to say that, TrackMania 2 looks more real life like than... well anything raytracing could ever do. I mean I'm just joking but, man if anything, I often think to myself that, "hey this game looks BETTER than real life does". It just goes into the uncanny territory too often for me, and it's very easy for me to tell what's a computer generated image, and what's real. Nothing about this say "real life" to me. Is real life grey, and it has a constant bloom to everything? Sometimes, yes. Why is everything so damn consistent? It just looks like a videogame. I'm not sold. Something in my brain tells me that, there's something strange going on here. I don't know, these images make me feel sick for some reason. Something about them feels horribly wrong to me. Besides, real life graphics are ugly, they suck. Why do people aim for photorealism so badly? I don't even like how daytime looks in real life once in a while. If it was up to me, it would be sunsets all around, all the time. Do we really need to simulate, a drab, depressing, boring ass looking grey foggy ass day? Ehhh.. no. We can do BETTER, we can NOT copy the ugly stuff from real life. I like videogame graphics more. It might be fake but... it looks way more pleasant, far prettier than pure raytracing will ever look to me. I mean what, is every game which has raytracing as the main focus, going to be a mostly grey, bland looking, overly reflective mess? I'll pass, NVIDIA can keep their graphics cards, I don't care. I wish they could focus on achieving better draw distances instead. NOW THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, YEAH.
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    Games you like that others don't

    Nah it was just a joke. But I'm sure a lot of people appreciate the remaster. Don't get me wrong, EA still sucks, that hasn't changed.
  12. RaTcHeT302


    MUSIC WHICH MAKES YOU BOB YOUR HEAD, HELL YEAH MUSIC WHICH MAKES YOU WANT TO KICK ALL THE ASS, IN THE GALAXY, YEAH! HELL TO THE HECK YEAH, WE ARE GONNA KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS - GONNA DEPLOY SOME OF THAT DEMOCRACY (YEAH) uhhh.. post music which gets you in the mood to kick ass, all of it, all the ass this thread has been approved by president camacho
  13. RaTcHeT302

    Last Game You Played

    That's okay. It's not that I can't get used to the controls, but flicking the left and right sticks destroys the durability of my controller. So that's a bummer. Really this was mostly about, just making my controller last for a couple more lifespans, having to constantly flick the levers very quickly, is not a very good idea in the long term, and I really like the PlayStation 3 controller. It would be a shame if it broke permanently on me. Sorry, I understand if this comes off as unreasonable, but it's a concern I have, as the controller is extremely useful to me, and I just really, really like it a lot, so I want to take good care of it. I just really appreciate having it. It's just a controller but I really like it.
  14. RaTcHeT302

    Games you like that others don't

    I'm pretty sure most people LOVE the original Command & Conquer games. I personally don't care too much about them. I'll play Red Alert 2 eventually though, but I'll only play the rest if they do the re-releases for them, the first game just looks so ugly to me. It's just, puke green and puke yellow. That's not an art style. I mean, at least Red Alert 2 is trying to look decent. Sure I can force myself through these graphics. This on the other hand... ehhh, I'll pass. I don't know, something about the art style in this game, just looks bad to me. Borderlands. I think it's because of the dialogue, or because of Claptrap. I think that line is generally why people have a bad opinion on the game. Anyway, I honestly find the Borderlands games to be really forgettable, I mostly played them to just shoot people in the face. Everything else about these games is just a blur to me. I have absolutely no memories from them. I like Shooty Mc Face though. I think I found the oxygen mechanic to be a bit tedious, otherwise, I don't know, it's Borderlands, in space. Wha??? Uhhh... I think it's the opposite if anything, people love EA more now. He's probably talking about Command & Conquer 4. I played that game. I thought... "maybe it wasn't that bad". IT WAS THAT BAD, IT SUCKS SO MUCH ASS, STAY AWAY FROM IT Which is an honest shame, every year or so, I reinstall this game, and I give it another shot. Brain says NO. I feel like I should love this game, I mean look at your giant robot mech, look at the giant robots. Why can I not get into this game?? I can never quite remember WHY I hate it, but, I install it, something about it just makes me feel awful, and I just delete the game almost instantly. I don't remember why though... and I always feel bad for not liking this game... it's like this feel of shame I have. But then I play it. And then I don't. God, I'm probably crazy or something. I'll reinstall it and I'll force myself through it, just to be done with this, it's driving me insane. Otherwise, something about this game just doesn't feel right to me, but I never remember why.
  15. RaTcHeT302

    Ross's Game Dungeon: TrackMania² Canyon

    Yo I made a post for my Exploration Map. It's a big TrackMania 2 Valley map which you can explore at your leisure. No racing. I don't want to spoil it, as it's fairly small. I mean, all the space is filled up. I did design some parts of the map, in order to slow down your car, whenever I was able to, in order to make the map feel bigger than it actually is. It's a trick I tend to use as much as I can, but I put some fast stretches too.
  16. RaTcHeT302

    Last Game You Played

    It's ok I'll torture myself past the tutorial, but I'll check the game out. Thanks. Does the charge move also have a button for it? I was tired of destroying my sticks. *flick flick flick*
  17. I finished my TrackMania 2 Valley map. This was made on Mania Planet 3. There's a Sunset and a Night variant. Turn off your HUD, push the * key, above the Numbed Pad. I don't want to spoil the map, I think it's probably more fun to just experience it by yourself, but here's a screenshot of the spawn area. Download Link (Made on Mania Planet 3) I've decided to make another exploration style map, like I used to do in the other TrackMania games. I never really had a place where I could release the tracks though. Anyway the map has two variants called, Sunset Valley and Night Valley. I ran out of space, so things are a bit tight or kinda weird. I tried to have as much variety as possible, but with such limited space that's kinda tough. I don't know what the performance is going to be like, as it took me five minutes or more on average to even compile the shadows. I tried to have a little storytelling going on in some parts of the map. Your brain will probably fill the gaps for you. I think the upper highways look pretty ridiculous, but that's how the map started off, and to be honest, I don't really want to remove them at this point, I tried to break up the floatiness by using talls trees, and by using the mountains. Otherwise I can't say that I'm a fan of how visually busy the sky can get. Ideally if I had more space, I would have a whole section dedicated to mountain style highways, as currently it might feel a bit visually overwhelming. It should have a little bit of everything, hopefully it's immersive enough to the point where you can just kinda get lost around. I suggest to not just blow through the map at a million kilometers per hour, I think it's best to just drive around like you normally would in real life. Otherwise the map is just, too small for such high speeds, and you'll be running out of roads fairly quickly. I used all the space I managed to, but it can get annoying to squeeze a giant driveable map like this one, into such a tight square, I had to cheat a little bit for some of the roads. If I had more space I'm sure I would've added more roads. Maybe that's a good thing, as level design is a bit like a drug addiction to me. Once I get going I can't really stop. I wish the game had more blocks though, but I tried to make it so that each part of the map had a "feel" to it. Hopefully you won't notice the repetition because of that. There are no checkpoints, and most parts of the map are driveable in both ways. So you can hopefully backtrack if you need to. There's room for improvement but the lack of space, and just how tight things are generally made it a bit difficult to add something more to it. Part of me wonders, what a game like The Crew would be like, if they just used the TrackMania 2 assets and engine instead. It would... probably be kinda awesome... and that's just depressing, because I know that realistically we'll never, ever get a game like that from Ubisoft. Fun Facts This map took four days to make. I've always made map like these for the older TrackMania games, but sadly I lost them. Sunsets melt my eyes, in a good way. This map showcases just how good this game often looks. There's a hidden storyline, you can see how parts of the highway, lead into a bunch of houses, and into the forest. Use your immagination for everything else. This map has a general sense of decay. If you find the hidden areas, you'll understand why.
  18. RaTcHeT302

    Offworld Trading Company

    I thought the gameplay looked neat, but then I played it and it made me want to fall asleep. It was just, math, numbers, economies. Blah, boring. If you enjoy seeing numbers go up... then, that's the whole game really. I mean if you want to play a simulated version of our BORING EARTH LIKE economic system, in COOL AWESOME, SPACE, then, go ahead.
  19. RaTcHeT302

    Last Game You Played

    I only played We Love Katamari and I wish there was an Easy Mode for the controls. Where you just, use the right stick to look around, and the left stick could just move you in a direction. I'm just not a fan of the clumsy control scheme, I kinda got tired of playing the game, as it was getting really tedious for me. I understand that it's a design choice, but.. I still hate it.
  20. RaTcHeT302

    Ross's Game Dungeon: TrackMania² Canyon

    I think the original shine tends to be exagerated though, to me that looks like a stylistic choice, and the shadows being fucked up are probably from the map compile settings. Anyway Team Fortress 2 is a special case, a lot of problems are 99% due to the Source Engine being a buggy piece of shit, and Team Fortress 2 is also a giant mess. A lot of the problems in the video are mostly bugs, I don't know what's up with some of the textures though. Also I can't say that I ever cared about that giant knife, it looked silly. A lot of these are just nitpicked bugs though, not really much of a graphical downgrade here. I mean most of the game still looks the same either way, it's not as drastic as TrackMania 2 was. Where the whole atmopshere of the game changed, the lighting in Team Fortress 2 is still fairly warm. I feel like that video is mostly almost exagerated. Some changes are actually reasonable, the water ripples do look too realistic, and why waste performance on something you'd barely see anyway? I mean performance wise, it's probably the same, so that was probably a useless change in that case, but it looked like a stock Half Life 2 effect to me anyway. And the guns don't have physics seeing as you can pick them up. So why even bother having that in? Also the sappers being gone, I immagine that, they likely did that for either performance reasons, or because it just looked too cluttered. What destroys the performance in Team Fortress 2 are the hats, with particle effects, that's mostly it from what I've seen. I don't know, the vibe which I'm getting from the video, is that I'm supposed to be outraged or something by these changes. I feel like a lot of these ARE just bugs though. Personally I was never a fan of YouTube channels like these anyway, they tend to twist information in weird ways. Some of these changes are so minor otherwise, it's like, what's the point? Like whatever, I didn't even notice. It's not like TrackMania where I feel phisically ill from the new graphics. I'm sad that the sappers don't make a giant mess anymore, but I honestly remember things getting a bit clusterfucky when you sapped six buildings at once. I've always been of the opinion that, I'd rather have things look more empty, and readable in a multiplayer game, instead of ending up with the clusterfuck that is Overwatch, where, 90% of the time you are mostly blind, from all the shit that's happening on screen. I think Overwatch is the only game, where with every update, the gameplay has honestly gotten worse somehow though. I used to play it out of boredom, but man, they keep adding all these dudes with shields, and it honestly kills my enjoyment of the game. Every match is mostly my team turtling against the enemy team, and I'm frankly not getting any enjoyment out of it anymore. Like I thought the game was bad, but there's this hero who I really enjoyed playing as, all the time, but it just got so tedious to play. Anyway I don't know, Team Fortress 2 is, not what I would call a downgrade at all. It's nowhere near as bad as TrackMania. Like some weapon animations broke, yeah well big fucking deal, we don't have the SUNSET anymore in TrackMania 2. THE SUN GUYS THE PURPLE, THE PURPLE IS GONE, THE COLORS ARE ALL GONE, THEY KILLED MY BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS, AAAAAA
  21. I generally don't post in these threads but, the one where he high fives death or something. Also SUCKEEER and HEYYYY... wait I don't know you, don't confuse me. Oh and the ladder one. In the tutorial chamber. And the YOU ARE NOT BEING PARANOID FREEMAN.
  22. RaTcHeT302

    Post Your Game Findings

    I had this idea after Ross asked me if I'd personally like to add more games to the list. Problem is that, I haven't gotten a response from him yet, so I've decided to take the initiative, and in the meantime, I've decided to setup a thread, with any games which look interesting to me from the screenshots alone at a first glance. I just keep finding more games I want to try out, that's all this is here for mostly. But instead of this just being my list, feel free to post your own pickings too. I don't think all these games will fit with Ross's PC only requisite though, seeing as, I'm more open to emulation, and I'm more open to other platforms. He did feature an emulated Android game on PC, so, maybe I just misunderstood? I don't know, I can't remember, I'll post console games I'm looking into also, because why not. Bear in mind that, I'm a thousand times more picky than Ross, so while the screenshots might look interesting to me, I might just, get my hands on the game, and I might just end up hating it in the first five minutes. I'm surely not picky about trying new games out though, but I've been spoiled by all the good games to be honest. I'm not into older games as much though, and I'm more into actiony stuff, but I'll try to have some variety. Anyway, feel free to post any games which you randomly stumbled across on the internet. This is just for, any game you'd like to check out, for reasons. COLLAPSED Looks like a cozy game, in hell. I don't know why I have the urge to check this game out, but, sure, why not. Jupiter Hell Is this turn based? Please don't be turn based. It's probably turn based, they are standing in a grid. Ugh, why. It's more hell, in Jupiter. Kinda bland looking environments, but, I can give this a shot. Why turn based though, such a shame. WarHammer 40,000 : Mechanicus You know, most WarHammer based games are, I'll be honest, bad. But the presentation on this, is way above average. It looks like another turn based game, but, I don't know, I want to give this one a try. Space Haven I'm ultra hyped for this one, after the failure that was SpaceBase DF-9, this is a game, which has the potential of filling a huge gap for me. WarHammer : Chaos Bane Normally I hate RPG games, but something about this looks really cool. Extinction You fight giant monsters in pretty graphics. It has some nice colors, I'm sold. Color tinting in some of the screenshots is a huge turn off though, if the game's any good, I hope that can be turned off. It ruined Age of Empires 3 for me. Bum Simulator I don't watch trailers usually, but you should watch the trailer, it's hilarious. Ace Combat 7 I'm cheating, I've already played this one, and also, normally I hate this type of color correction, but this game was really fun. An action arcade flight game, very fun on a controller, the controls are easy to pick up, and blowing stuff up feels good. This game deserves a special award, for how well the soundtrack is timed during some sequences, I don't want to spoil it, it was really good. Ace Combat 7 is a diamond of a game, I 100% recommend this one, if you like planes of any kind. I think most people will love it otherwise. It has a few minor problems, but I still really liked the game to be perfectly honest, it's like going back to the PlayStation 2 era for me. Here's a song from the VR missions, most of you guys are not going to play these, so I can spoil the music from this mission, as you won't hear it normally otherwise. The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe 888888888 Comedy exploration game, where you actively piss off a desperate narrator, who attempts to create a game for you to follow, as you break everything apart, with some actual choices you can make. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare I liked this way more than I should've have, also the graphics sometimes are mind blowing, considering that this is the quake engine, the damn thing runs at 120 - 200 FPS, and some scenes are just, mindblowing to me - after you get past the slow sequences, the game got pretty ballsy to be honest. It tends to slow down a bit too much for my tastes though, the flow itself wasn't great, but it was pretty fun overall. Oh, it's a shooty, dooty game. Pew pew. Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare A bit more tedious than the other one, but I had a pretty good time. Again, some of the action sequences in this game, will make Micheal Bay cry in shame. I wish they could've made the jet animations skippable though, and all the ship missions are copy pasted. You can honestly skip all the extra missions, they are not really worth doing. I'm saving you some time. If you were like me, you probably enjoyed shooting the baddies with the shotgun in the face a bit too much. This game is a blast on the easiest difficult, with the shotgun, I'll give it that, this game has an ultra satisfying to use shotgun. SHOTGUNS SHOTGUNS SHOTGUNS Game itself is kinda bad, but, not for the reasons you probably think it is, it's one of those games, where you have to see by yourself to sorta get what I mean. Gunplay's good though, I'll give it that, but it tends to copy paste the space ship gimmick a lot, for no real reason. I think this game is 200% more futuristic that the other one, and the game does sorta reedem itself near the end, I won't spoil it. Overall, it's a 50 / 50 on both games, it's fun to play through once, but yeah they got flaws. Call of Duty : World War 2 I know that it's popular to shit on this game, but I had a good time, it was fairly entertaining, gunplay was very fun too actually. If you want a quick time killer, and if you've got nothing to play at all, check this one out. Works great for that. Press F to Call of Duty. It's dead, no more Call of Duty. Hey how about some more... WarHammer 40,000 : Inquisitor - Martyr Who's making all these WarHammer games? This one looks kinda mediocre to be honest. I don't know what genre this is, it looks like a game. Yeah that checks out. NOX I don't like RPG games, but come on, look at these goofballs. CARRION (Holy Shit, Please Don't Suck) See that red blob of death? That's you. This looks really fucking cool, and I can't wait to play it. Genre? Uhh.... red... and big... I think. Pupperazzi YOU TAKE PHOTOS OF DOGS no wait COME BACK PLEASE, I'VE GOT A REAL GAME Real Game (Untitled Goose Game) You play as an asshole goose. I mean, that's redundant. You play as an asshole. I mean goose. Phoenix Point i'l itrawot beuthr emuar etihehg okgz zorgnri Sorry I got possessed just smashed my keyboard there for a second. That's not normal, it doesn't happen usually. This game is cursed, it has the turn based combat curse. WHYYY. SSX TRICKEEYYYY (PlayStation 2) I've already played the first one, I gotta check out the sequel. I just can't say the name of this game normally anymore, what's wrong with me. I also use the word "normally" a bit too much, that's not norm- that's no good. Nope. Oh yeah videogames. (trying to follow the lyrics) asfhsggj ROCKA ROCKA TWO ROCKA uhhh TRIKEYYYYYY Electroplankton You angrily shoot angry motherfuckers, while angry fuckers angrily shoot you in your own fucking angry face. What do you fucking mean it's the wrong fucking game? Shit, IT IS THE WRONG FUCKING GAME. I MADE A FUCKING MISTAKE, I'M FUCKING SORRY. Void Bastards Ah... this looks like a very relaxing game. Wait a minute, did I get the two games mixed up? Oh no. Uhh... please do carry on. Armed to the Gears Who doesn't like giant robots? And probably fake Nazi Robots. IN THE FUTURE. Trauma Team (Wii) You play as a doctor. Literally, an actual surgeon doctor. I'm not kidding, I'm not posting screenshots. Trauma Center - New Blood (Weeeeeeeeeeee) (OH GOD THERE'S SCREENSHOTS) SERIOUSLY YOU PLAY AS AN ACTUAL DOCTOR, STOP MURDERING EVERYONE YOU MANIAC. Parasite Eve 3 (PSP - Why? Because Screw You) WAIT THEY MADE ANOTHER ONE??? Uh... shoot the giant monsters before they eat the city. Oh and you of course. No wait I said less murder, not more, dammit. Oh yeah and lot's of people die very gruesomly, probably. Egh. I mean it's Parasite Eve. It's probably a given considering this scene. Hey don't forget RIFE RIEN. PRAYSTATION. Okay enough 4pp references, I'm the only who gets those. Hey that's my reaction when I stumble on Nintendo DS games. "AGHHH YAGHHHHH" What? You don't spontaneously combust? Amateur. I'll add more as I recall them. Feel free to post yours. I'll also post games I've already played, as filler, and because I'll just end up losing them otherwise.
  23. RaTcHeT302

    Post Your Game Findings

    It's not that I don't know what it means, but generally good games try to keep their name easy to find \ fairly recognizable. Even the link itself, bugged out from the gimmicky name. I just don't see the point in naming it like that. Why not just call it Rings of Saturn? To me it mostly comes off as pretentious if anything. I've played SPAZ, I both like it and hate it. But I don't feel like talking about it right now. It was an okay game, has some neat ideas, but it was too tedious, and to be honest the whole game was a bit swallow, there's really not much to do, but at least the game has a story, it's the only reason as to why I kept playing to be honest. I think "OK" sums it up for me. It didn't blow my mind but it entertained me.
  24. RaTcHeT302

    Post Your Game Findings

    Seriously, why is my edit button gone? Blaah. Rings of Saturn (Early Access) The actual name is really dumb, you'll see why, just look the game up on Steam. I'm typing the subtitle instead. Some space game, I don't know. The screenshots aren't very promising, but I want to check it out.
  25. RaTcHeT302

    Hard Truck 2

    I'm sorry I can't take the cardboard cutout dashboard seriously. Honestly I would prefer if it was just a mess of pixels instead. MY TRUCK IS CARDBOARD, NYAAHHH

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