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    Down with the sickness

    crabs are good for your health wrong line?
  2. RaTcHeT302

    Down with the sickness

  3. RaTcHeT302

    This or that?

  4. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat March 2019

    I don't think it's about greed. To me it feels like there's no real focus at the moment, people are just sorta getting bored of doing any serious work, so they just start slapping on some new features to keep things more exciting. Biggest downside is, that the user is the one who suffers the most from all the "excitement". I just think Windows is trying too hard to be cool, it needs to focus more on being boring, and usable, and to not fucking delete my data when I update the system. I mean, you know they reached a new low, when that's the main feature I want them to work on.
  5. That doesn't seem very efficient, MR. EFFICIENT.
  6. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat March 2019

    New Windows 10 updates are no longer tested in house. The entire QA department is pretty much gone. I'm lying actually, but it doesn't feel too far off from the truth. I can't come up with a reason as to why they would do these updates so hastily. I like to immagine that it's just management being a pain in the ass. Nobody is that incompetent, god I hope so. People do have a natural tedency to try their best, and to at least try to do well, when working on something as complicated as a whole operating system. You'd think these people would have higher quality standards by default either way. If the Linux kernel released updates like these, they would become the laughing stock of all open source communities. Earlier versions of Windows 10 might ironically be more stable than newer releases. Even the LTSB release might be better in some cases. Anything closer to the Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 versions should be stable enough. New Windows 10 releases are downright scary to update to. Yeah, that's where it got to. Windows 10 is SCARY. I should be scared of Linux, not of Windows. High School should be scary, not Windows. What are you doing Microsoft? It almost feels like you want to fail. Doesn't even feel like anybody is even trying anymore. Is Windows that much of a tangled mess by now? What the hell is going on. I would expect better from a trillion dollar company. Sorry guys, Microsoft is a struggling indie start up, they still didn't figure it out. THEY NEED MORE TIME GUYS, THEY ARE STILL FIGURING IT OUT Also RIP BeechCraft118's data. I'm not an expert, but what the fuck are they doing? This is downright appalling. I don't know, maybe I'm stupid, maybe I'm just crazy. It's not that I don't want to switch, but I'd have to give up a ton of good stuff, which only literally exists on Windows. I would glady jump ship if someone made a Windows 10 clone. I mean I actually like Windows, I want Windows to do well, so their behaviour makes this whole thing even worse to me at least. This is just beyond me either way, this is such a clusterfuck of stupid. I don't know, I just don't get it. I'm not even angry or anything, just... mildly annoyed. But man it really feels like they don't want to do anything well at all. Man I would give everything, if they could just, stop making updates for even ten years. Just remake the whole operating system, if things are THAT BAD, I don't care. JUST STOP UPDATING WINDOWS, WE HAVE A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF UPDATES, I'M STUFFEd, I DON'T NEED MORE, I DON'T WANT MORE, FOR THE LOVE OF GO- aaAAAAAAAAA (don't worry, it's just a joke, my pc didn't update, THANK GOD - but still, my stress level would explode if I ever saw that ever again)
  7. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat March 2019

    That's easy, just lobotomize the writing permissions to the updates folder. Updates be gone forever. C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution I wish I could be joking. I even checked the Windows update logs. It keeps trying to update, but it can't save the update data, so the update fails forever, and forever. Here's proof that I'm NOT supposed to be on this version, yet here I am. I've never seen anyone posting this solution, I feel like I'm the only one who truly figured out how to actually turn off updates, anything else is hogwash and does nothing at all, Windows can just override it. Oh I'm sorry, I took away your system write permissions? (works as a bonus joke for Linux users I guess) Fuck you Microsoft. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO. "You could just use linux, durr." I ALREADY AM SHUT UP, but I need Windows... for things. You know those parasites, who have a "live with me or die alone" thing to everything? That's what using Windows feels like. If you are wondering, "Why would you ever disable Windows updates, THEY ARE PERFECTLY WELL MADE UPDATES, THEY CLEARLY ALWAYS TEST THEM, SO STOP BEING A NON CONFORMIST AND GET IN LINE" Yep. I'm sure that won't happen ever again.
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    Maybe if we are lucky someone worked on a revival already. Without all that Pay to Win crap in it. I never liked the "wall hack" mechanic either.
  9. RaTcHeT302

    Instructions to play Warcraft 3

    Oops, sorry for ruining the match. I wasn't really sure how to do against all the dragons though. If we do this again, we need proper voice chat though, as it's too difficult to coordinate with the stream, it was very quiet. TOO MANY DRAGONS I did a couple of suicide attacks with Ross, but we weren't ready for those. RIP ORCS. I would be up for StarCraft 2 next, it's Free to Play (100%). Anyway GG all. Might be a bit too hardcore though, but I'd be up for it as an experiment.
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    Freeman got buff from all that running and jumping he did in Black Mesa.
  11. I think it's the end of an era though.
  12. : ( but now i can't watch some of my favourite videos anymore THAT'S NOT A VERY GOOD TRADE OFF
  13. RaTcHeT302

    Questions for Videochat February 2019

    I hope you both go to hella hell. Go to Hella?
  14. RaTcHeT302

    Questions for Videochat February 2019

  15. RaTcHeT302

    Using Half-Life 2: MMod for Freeman's Mind?

    The Source Engine is a tower of duct tape, the stupid thing barely works already, making coherent videos on it is a challenge on its own. I don't see this being applied on the current videos, unless it activelly removes some of the duct tape.
  16. RaTcHeT302

    Machinima Is Dead?

    Uh... well that sucks. Least we still got this. Rest in peace all those good videos. This is what happens when you allow one moron to control everything. Everyone suffers.
  17. RaTcHeT302

    Freeman's Mind 2 canal blooper

  18. RaTcHeT302

    Freeman's Mind 2 canal blooper

    I always thought the videos were one big take. But I guess that would get a bit too painful to record.
  19. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat January 2019

  20. RaTcHeT302

    Videochat January 2019

    I swear I feel like he's about to cast some vodoo spell on me. Or maybe he's just summoning the space cats.
  21. RaTcHeT302

    Welcome to AF 2.0

    I would rather not have the heart system at all, I don't feel like it really adds anything of value, it doesn't truly feel neutral if people can still somehow "rate" posts. I think all these systems do is allienate new people from joining in, and it creates a system where people outcast users who they don't like away. With no ratings at all, the overall atmosphere is relaxed, seeing as there's no incentive to compete, just to get some virtual hearts, or points. I would just remove the heart and move on to more important things. I just never liked the idea of some number artificially deciding the value of what I say, it just doesn't sit right with me. If someone sees a big fat "+100 Hearts", they are going to react according to that, not to their own true thoughts. Negative reputation tied to the number of posts. INFINITE REPUTATION
  22. RaTcHeT302


    I think I figured out why I liked this episode a whole lot more, I think I was just in the mood for it. Also I think the reason as to why I liked this episode more, might have had something to do with me being a bit burned out with Freeman's Mind, I don't think I ever managed to watch all the videos in one sitting, I like the Game Dungeon format a bit more, Freeman's Mind just felt a bit like the same thing after a while. It still had its moments, but I often stop watching not even halfway through, I get burned out really badly. Maybe this is just me. I honestly don't mind the Freeman's Mind 2 videos coming out slowly, it gives me some time to get rested, and if anything it gets me more interested in the next episode. I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm not really waiting around, I'm doing things in the background, but sometimes the timing just needs to be right for me, in order to enjoy a specific type of video. Sorry, I'm just rambling. I did find some of the dialogue in the first episodes a bit cringy, maybe badly timed, but this episode didn't have this problem with me. Sorry if I sound like I'm complaining guys, I'll stop posting about this, but I just thought like bringing it up, why not. I think you guys are a bit too harsh. I'm not really the sort of person who pays attention to the description or to the credits unless the video gives me a heads up while it's playing. People are still bound to ask the same question over and over again, no matter how well you try to present the information itself. Nothing you can really do about it, it's pretty normal, people sometimes have their focus in different places, when approaching something for the first time, so they might miss out on some key info, even if it's right in their face. Maybe they lack the context, or they don't understand the meaning of what you told them just yet, until they are done with what they are watching, or playing.
  23. RaTcHeT302

    Welcome to AF 2.0

    Please no reputation system, I'm fine with not having it. If not, then most posts will just devolve into whoever can get the biggest number, and the discussion quality will suffer as a whole. I personally would not be as honest or as open in my posts. If I saw someone getting hearts for a counter post they made, I would just sorta give up and feel bad about it, instead of engaging into the discussion. To me assigning a rating, or a number, kills any potential discussions. When you assign an artificial scoring system, to pretty much anything, in my mind you sorta kill out any honesty, or any real discussions which might come out as natural otherwise. I think it adds this unecessary pressure to perform well, when there's really no need to. Performing well, meaning, making posts which are liked by other people, even if the post itself is a bit on the nose, or if it bandwagons to follow the general opinion of most people.
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    I feel like you missed a potential joke at 6:48, you could've gone under the barrel, and Freeman could look up and step out of the way, as the barrel is falling down. I liked this episode a whole lot more than the early ones, it clicked a bit more with me, the first ones I didn't like much, but I guess things are picking up a bit now, so there are more interesting moments to play around with.
  25. RaTcHeT302

    Top 10 Games of 2018

    I feel like we sorta hijacked the thread now.

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