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  1. Episode 42. freeman_s_mind_episode_42.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_42.rar
  2. Episode 41. freeman_s_mind_episode_41.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_41.srt
  3. Episodio 40. E in più i sottotitoli per "Freeman Across the Universe". ---------------------------- Episode 40. And also, the subtitles for "Freeman Across the Universe". freeman_s_mind_episode_40.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_40.rar Freeman Across The Universe.rar
  4. Episodio 39. Cavoli, col nuovo orario di lavoro che ho, il mio lavoro di sottotitolaggio ha la velocità dell'asfalto che cola. ------------------------------------ Episode 39. Heck, with the new working hours I have, my subtitling work has the speed of dripping asphalt. freeman_s_mind_episode_39.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_39.srt
  5. Episode 38. freeman_s_mind_episode_38.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_38.srt
  6. Cavoli, o sono scemo io, o c'è un problema col caricare i file sul forum. Perché non mi ha caricato la versione "Youtube" dei sottotitoli per l'ep. 36. Oh, vabbé. Li carico ora, e carico anche entrambe le versioni dei sottotitoli per l'ep. 37, e mi metto a lavorare sul 38. --------------------------- Dagnabbit, either I'm an idiot, or there's a problem with the uploading files on the forum. Because it didn't load the "Youtube" version of ep. 36's subtitles. Ah, whatever. I'll upload it now, and also upload both version of ep. 37's subtitles, and start working on ep. 38. freeman_s_mind_episode_37.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_36_AND_37.rar
  7. Oh, uao, mi ero dimenticato di dover caricare sul sito i sottotitoli per l'episodio 36. Comincerò subito a lavorare sull'ep. 37. --- Oh, wow, I forgot that I had to upload episode 36's subtitles on the website. I'll immediately start working on ep. 37. freeman_s_mind_episode_36.srt
  8. Episode 35 freeman_s_mind_episode_35.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_35.rar
  9. Episode 34. freeman_s_mind_episode_34.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_34.srt
  10. And now, episode 33. freeman_s_mind_episode_33.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_33.rar
  11. Since I've seen that the Youtube subtitles have some problems from Episode 13 onwards, I've made new tag-less subtitles. FM - Youtube (SAMI) - from 13 to 31 + 0.rar
  12. Also, here's episode 32. freeman_s_mind_episode_32.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_32.srt
  13. Maybe you're right. So I've modified the subtitles for episode 26 to remove that warning. freeman_s_mind_episode_26.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_26.rar
  14. Hey there, BIRB. I was going through the files. The SRTs have tags which don't seem to work on YouTube for me. So I've been stripping out those tags. However, I got to Episode 26 and I see [ATTENZIONE: Parte abilista da 3:24 a 3:36.] at the beginning. I don't speak Italian. What does this mean? I went down to 3:24-3:36 and saw these two lines: [! 3:36 !] and Mi chiedo se quelli del circo li conoscono già. [! 3:36 !]. Upon looking at those lines in context, Gordon is talking about a barnacle hanging from the ceiling during On a Rail, and he wonders if carnies know about barnacles. I don't see why this specific line would be highlighted. 3:36 doesn't seem to have any special significance either. Before I strip out these things for submission, could you please help to explain what these are referring to? Thanks! "ATTENZIONE: Parte abilista da 3:24 a 3:36" means "WARNING: ableist part from 3:24 to 3:36". Basically, I felt that the "carnies" line was a cheapshot at "carnival freaks" and other disabled people, so I decided to put a warning for that line. "[! 3:36 !]" is supposed to be a reminder that that line was coming up at the 3:36 time mark. If you prefer, I can edit that warning out. Also, since you raise the issue, maybe it would be better if I stripped all the tags from the SAMI files (the ones for the Youtube subtitle) from now on, just so that you don't have to go through the hassle of editing them all out? And possibly from episodes 27-to-31 as well?
  15. Ho fatto i sottotitoli dell'episodio 31. Mi sono preso qualche libertà per le parti "subacquee". ------------------------- I've done the subtitles for episode 31. I took a few liberties for the "underwater" parts. freeman_s_mind_episode_31.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_31.srt
  16. Episodio 30. Tra l'altro, annuncio che farò lo speciale "Freeman Across the Universe" dopo aver sottotitolato l'episodio 40. Perché sì. -------------------------------- Episode 30. By the way, I annunce that I'll do the "Freeman Across the Universe" special after subbing episode 40. Because yes. freeman_s_mind_episode_30.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_30.rar
  17. Oh, uao, quanto tempo è passato? Un mese? Cavolo. Comunque, episodio 29. ---------------------- Oh, wow, how much time has passed? A month? Dang. Anyway, episode 29. freeman_s_mind_episode_29.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_29.srt
  18. Episodio 28, in tempo per la fine dell'anno! -------------------------- Episode 28, just in time for the year's end! freeman_s_mind_episode_28.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_28.rar
  19. Ecco l'episodio 27, ovvero "l'episodio piratato". Per questa volta, ascoltare Freeman e, capire che c###o diceva - in particolare i termini pirateschi - mi è risultata una faticaccia troppo immensa. Invece, ho "barato" e mi sono letto i sottotitoli in inglese scritti da danielsangeo; pertanto, c'è un ringraziamento a lui all'inizio dei miei sottotitoli, prima del titolo. --------------------------------------- Here's episode 27, aka "the pirated episode". For this once, listening to Freeman, understanding what the d##k was he saying - especially the pirate slang - turned out to bee a too immense effort. Instead, i "cheated" and I read the english subtitles written by danielsangeo; therefore, there's a "thank you" to him at the start of my subtitles, before the title. freeman_s_mind_episode_27.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_27.srt
  20. Episode 26. freeman_s_mind_episode_26.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_26.rar
  21. Episodio venticinque. Episodio venticinque. Episodio venticinque. Episodio venticinque... ------------------------- Episode twenty-five. Episode twenty-five. Episode twenty-five. Episode twenty-five... freeman_s_mind_episode_25.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_25.srt
  22. Quatto quatto, porto l'episodio ventiquattro. (Okay, non è la stessa battuta in Inglese. Quindi?) ------------------------ Mon amour, here's episode twenty-four. (Okay, it isn't the same joke as in Italian. So?) freeman_s_mind_episode_24.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_24.rar
  23. Scusate per l'attesa, ma mi sono trovato impelagato col lavoro. Perché adesso ho un lavoro! Comunque, ecco gli episodi 22 e 23 - due al prezzo di uno, cioé zero. ---------------------------- Sorry for the wait, but I found myself stuck with work. Because now I have a job! Anyway, here's episodes 22 and 23 - two for the price of one, which is zero. Freeman's Mind - 22 + 23.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_23.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_22.srt
  24. Toh, ma guarda. Episodio 0. -------------------- Oh, look at that. Episode 0. freeman_s_mind_episode_0.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_0.srt
  25. Ecco l'episodio 21. Il prossimo episodio che pubblicherò sarà lo 0. ------------------------------- Here's episode 21. The next episode I'll publish will be the 0th. freeman_s_mind_episode_21.rar freeman_s_mind_episode_21.srt
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