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  1. I played this game when it just came out and I played it after their "new graphics" update, which made things visually a little bit better, so it doesn't look now very muddy like it was at the beginning. It took them a while to make it, though. To me, basically it's a soulless remake with a tagline of "We are coming back to the roots, like the first Carmageddon, WITH NEW GRAPHICS AND STUFF". The gameplay may be fun sometimes. SOMETIMES. Just trashing other cars are not as fun as it was in the first game. At least they have better damaging model, so cars will have parts breaking off. Pedestrians also started to act like robots. You just don't get that believable feeling of running over a pedestrian anymore, you have a feeling that you run over NPC'S in this game. Soundtrack wise, Maximum Sexy Pigeon has some good industrial-techno-metal(?) music that fits quite good. On the other hand, Morgue has annoying WUB-WUB dubstep that, y'know, doesn't fit in a game like this. I have no idea what they were thinking about the last one. I think it was the "trend" thing. I also found out where they spent their financing money. I believe I also saw a NASCAR vehicle with Carmageddon paintjob, but for some reason I can't find it anywhere.
  2. Make a game dungeon on Far Cry series.
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