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  1. On the topic of the whole time-travelling thing, I'm honestly curious about why Ross calls it "science fiction" when there seems to be no scientific or even technobabbly explanation for the character being able to time-travel in the first place. Unless there's an explanation somewhere that clearly renders it as science fiction, but which was omitted from the review for some reason, it really just seems to be a straight-forward example of modern fantasy, despite time-travel being much more common in science fiction.
  2. Oh wow, it's funny seeing weird stuff that I remember from the demo disc that came with my second-hand Sega Saturn that I bought a couple years ago being dug up again now. Not just Three Dirty Dwarves, but also Mr. Bones, which I saw covered recently by . CiuEjoHBDYg While certainly not as strange from the basic concept perspective as Three Dirty Dwarves, Mr. Bones is much more of an oddity for its gameplay. Specifically, because of how incredibly simple and bare-bones (whether by today's standards or those of 1996), yet strangely unique it all manages to be.
  3. These are all specifically metal rather than rock, but other than that, some pretty good progressive stuff going on here, except for Coheed and Cambria. I don't really see hear what's so progressive about them. They just sound like a straight-forward "alternative" metal band to me.
  4. So here comes another video quite pertinent to this topic via the Jimquisition, which I've linked rather than embedded because it's got some quite NSFW barbarian-themed footage, though you can just as easily listen to the video rather than watch it since the important information is transmitted entirely verbally.
  5. While I've admittedly never really delved too deeply into creepypasta, I do remember discovering the ones about "lost" episodes of kids' shows years and years ago, and how those genuinely freaked me out a bit with their distinctly vivid descriptions. That being said, the pasta that stuck with me the most was the one about the completely fictional show, Candle Cove, which I have to imagine is now rather verboten among the sort of people who intentionally create creepypasta due to there now being an actual mainstream TV show based on it. Despite my relative lack of sustained interest in creepypasta proper, one offshoot of creepypasta that I do like to return to regularly is the SCP Foundation, which I doubt needs a proper introduction here. A select few of my favorites from there include: SCP-093 - Red Sea Object SCP-140 - An Incomplete Chronicle SCP-184 - The Architect SCP-261 - Pan-Dimensional Vending SCP-610 - The Flesh that Hates SCP-701 - The Hanged King's Tragedy 7KY9y4DuGjI
  6. Awesome find right there. It's almost like a bite-sized version of that Stuart Mackereth interview in that it gives so much context for the game's existence. Also, the prospect of maybe seeing other products of the young mind of the Ex-Ruler of the Universe is definitely quite an interesting one.
  7. The level of non-information regarding "ad-unfriendly"-flagged videos is a little bit amazing, even by Google's standards. But then, that's part of what happens when you honestly think that you can use mindless bots to effectively enforce content guidelines intended for people: a lot of random shit gets flagged and a lot of random people wind up very confused. Really, I have to wonder how aware Google even is of the shittiness of their systems at this point. Like with that video denying that there was a problem of people being automatically unsubscribed from various channels: are they just being secretive assholes and deliberately trying to confuse people or are they really that far out of touch with the people actually using their services? Either way, I really hope that this serves to undercut people's faith in Google and doesn't just end up being yet another example of Silicon Valley horseshit being normalized because people can't even be bothered to acknowledge how shitty it is*, much less fight it. *That is, continue to acknowledge it for more than a couple months or so, since people have been getting increasingly bad about getting bored after a while with talking about shitty things done by corporations and just letting the corporations get away with it, instead turning their ire on anyone who dares to bring up the issue afterwards because they're being "negative" or whatever.
  8. Vinny Vinesauce streams a lot of games of this sort. So many in fact that he ended up creating a specific series called " " just for playing thru entire packs of absurdly weird games that his friends send him. y26tMUk7hwg
  9. I'm kinda surprised nobody has mentioned how the "rabbit" mastermind in this game frankly looks more like The Noid from those old Domino's commercials than anything else. a5oo3i38K2g
  10. I wouldn't say Freeman is so much the "dumbest" as he is the "most utterly conceited" one in the room, having become completely convinced by the events of the first Half-Life that nobody around him, other than Kleiner, has even the slightest clue about what they're doing or saying. Kinda like how by the end of Gulliver's Travels, the title character has turned into a complete and total misanthropic asshole after living for a while on an island ruled by civilized talking horses, with the only other humans present being the crude, primitive yahoos, which he has since come to equate in his utter disdain with all of humanity.
  11. For me, a kinda funny detail is how despite mentioning how The Chosen carries on the spirit of Ed Wood, Ross never directly addresses how the narrator's performance bears a distinct resemblance to that of The Amazing Criswell. jb6H14gVWjM
  12. Honestly, this reminds me more of proto-YTP stuff, like AKA Cult Toons.
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