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  1. Painstakingly ripping the audio 70 times? In all seriousness though, there must be some way of getting a clean version of the voice lines because they're used in a BMS version of FM.
  2. What do you think is going to happen first - the natural fuel reserves will be depleted, or the world will die in a mass extinction event caused by the exponential rise in the Earth's temperature caused by the greenhouse gas effect?
  3. Okay, let's do some simple maths here. The Earth's oil supplies were formed by natural geological processes which occurred over millions of years. Oil consumption presently exceeds 25 billion barrels a year - and it's still rising. Law of diminishing returns, people. Power demand is already exceeding actual supplies. We've known this for a long time. That's why we've been spending the last 60 years trying to find alternate power sources. To say that there isn't an oil crisis is like saying that the world is not heating up, or that poverty and discrimination aren't still problems that we have to face.
  4. As I stated in my previous thread (you should totally check it out, it's got some really exciting news about Chell's Mind creator CyhAnide, who incidentally is also the subject of the following post). So, I was already had a planned Chell's Mind reboot planned when CyhAnide contacted me, she saw something I posted about it and got in touch which I really appreciated. There's a little backstory to this actually, because I'd planned it with my ex as doing two concurrent series. It was based around a mention in Felix's Mind that Felix Freeman had gone out with Chell (and I think in the last episode he hallucinates seeing her as he's dying - kinda wish I could still re-watch the episodes to fact-check that) and we were both into Portal so I'd had this idea to expand on both their stories by showing each of their stories concurrently, so it'd start off with a one-off episode where they're talking over the phone, and then from there it'd split off so on one hand you'd have Chell in the test chamber, and then on the other hand you'd also have Felix in BMS (not actual BMS - a bunch of BMS maps and mods), and sort of in the middle of both these stories you had the story of the girl in the picture in Gordon's locker and that was where it got really quite emotionally charged and kinda tragic at points. We'd also planned, should we get round to Portal 2, that we redo some of the dialogue (I can do a pretty good Wheatley and her GLaDOS is scary close) to make it closer to one of the original ideas for the game, which was give Chell and GLaDOS a sort of grudging buddy cop dynamic (which was also partly inspired by Cyh's pitch for a Decay mind series, which incidentally I had also worked with Rassmoosen on as part of plans for one of the many unfinished Source remakes of Half-Life: Decay, and I believe the only one to briefly have original voice actors Kathy Levin and Lani Minella involved), which we both agreed would be fun to try as Morgan (my ex) does a lot of voice acting and this would have been her first dual role. A lot of things we'd been planning hadn't really been done in a Mind series before (except the dubbing thing, which Ian did for Barney in Felix's Mind) so there was a lot of experimentation going on to see what we could and couldn't do both in terms of storyline and within the games. I'd had quite a comprehensive treatise written on both, though I'd hoped that she was planning to help me expand further on them and we'd get our ideas bouncing. Unfortunately this was around the time when her depression started to get worse and I was struggling to cope with it. I think the person she's with now is someone she's more relaxed with and better understands her but she's made it very clear that she's not getting involved. So it looks like I'm on the hunt for a new Chell.
  5. Hey, bit of an update on the Chell's Mind front - I've been talking to her about a remount I've had in the pipeline for a few months (originally I was working on it with my ex but that's not happening anymore for obvious reasons so now I'm looking for a new Chell) and after a bit of discussion she's agreed to come on board as an associate producer and offer her thoughts and council. Might add this into a separate thread.
  6. She says she's still drawing, she dropped a line to a couple of people to see who's still in touch (she replied to a question I posted several months ago saying that she was unlikely to ever finish Chell's Mind herself but would be supportive of anyone else who intended to), and some very exciting personal news - You can view the post yourself here - https://www.deviantart.com/cyh-anide/journal/o-I-m-not-dead-yet-759743253
  7. What about Boreal Alyph, another Epistle 3-based mod, in Source, that sticks more closely to how the game might've been done back in 2007?
  8. Maybe just an abridged version, cut down into an hour or two hours. I think it could be possible to streamline it a lot without disrupting the flow of the narrative. It would make for quite an interesting editing challenge. Actually... Maybe someone could make use of different bits of the original audio and animate it in SFM or something and turn it into a full-length animated movie! Even better, they might be able to add in Ian Riley's Barney and Krimsin's Shephard! (And maybe whoever might eventually do Gina and Colette in Half-Life: Decay, if a Mind Series of that ever gets made...)
  9. Maybe I'm a bit too much of a purist but I don't like the idea of a Half-Life continuation in a game engine that's not derived from Source, and even less so when it's UE4 because I have beef with Epic over a number of things. But even so I can't deny that what I've seen of the progress so far looks pretty damn epic. Ross said he'd consider playing though a fan-made continuation if it was "Black Mesa quality"; I think that this is, or rather will be, it. Thoughts?
  10. Whatever happened to this mind series? It seemed to be going pretty well and then just stopped dead in its tracks.
  11. I really don't think that Ross will do another freeman's mind UNTIL he is done with his big project. You'd think that...
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