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    The Crew Extra Videos

    Due to popular demand, I'm releasing a couple more clips related to the last Game Dungeon episode. The first is for an extra-high quality copy (the same version I uploaded to Youtube) of the episode. Due to this episode having lots of fast motion and high details, it compressed very poorly compared to pretty much every other episode. To put it in perspective, I used even higher quality compression settings than this on A New Beginning, and that was 1/20th the size this one was. So for people who are frustrated by the compression, here's a downloadable version that has minimal artifacting: Ross's Game Dungeon: The Crew (x264 9.44GB MKV) This is meant for personal viewing only. Please do not upload copies of this to Youtube or other streaming networks. However, as with all my videos, Fair Use purposes (reviews, parodies, derivative works, etc.) are of course fine. The other request I received was for the green screen footage of my driving segment in the video. These were not made under ideal conditions. I had time pressure and had to record this in my currently evacuated room. You'll see some shadowing that isn't helpful, but people can monkey with it if they want. I've included 3 takes of the shot. Green screen driving video (x264 44MB MP4) Unlike the Game Dungeon episode itself, you can use this clip for anything you want, no restrictions. I'm not necessarily saying you SHOULD, but I don't have a problem with it being used for whatever. This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
  2. ekket

    Familar Face in Captain D's Video

    It was just a Twitter reply. Video for context: The video itself is great, Captain Disillusion is definitely one of the best creators on Youtube.
  3. ekket

    GOG Winter Games Thing 2

    Also a spammer.
  4. ekket


    @Rus.T: The button is on the right, like this: @sheridanm962: Having a follow buttton for each genre isn't really possible, since technically, they're all in the same category (the filtering is done dynamically on page load). At least one person has requested an RSS feed, though, and it's not that hard to add one.
  5. ekket

    GOG Winter Games Thing 2

    Yeah, no, it's just a spambot going off keywords. I would recommend people search the username off a forum spam blacklist (like Stop Forum Spam) if they're not sure about it.
  6. ekket


    After a lot of people requesting it, the game list now has comments!
  7. ekket


    You already can, Sort By→Ross's Rating. This is a pretty commonly asked question, does anyone have ideas for making this more obvious?
  8. ekket

    The Vortigaunt on Water Hazard

  9. ekket


    Sort By→Ross's Rating should do it for the moment. We did have buttons for the ratings, but Ross decided against it since the vast majority aren't rated.
  10. ekket

    Game List - Sort by Comments

    It's more dummied out, really. I'll see if I can get it disabled.
  11. ekket


    Yeah, you can search across the whole site but you can also search for games only (specifying the content type); I personally think that having another searchbar that serves the same purpose is a little redundant. EDIT: Perhaps it could be made more obvious, but I don't have any good ideas for that.
  12. ekket


    There is a search feature, in the top right corner of the website.
  13. ekket

    Game List - "Random" button not working correctly

    All of that should be fixed now, thanks for letting me know.
  14. ekket


    It seems like there's enough material for a follow-up episode already (the next episode is also a follow-up, pretty good coincidence there).
  15. ekket


    Good episode, glad to see some more game archaeology!
  16. ekket

    Team Fortress Classic game instructions

    One coming out soon:
  17. ekket

    Forums issues and improvements.

    That's odd. I tried reporting a post as spam on my test account and it worked fine with no problems. Can you provide some more info?
  18. ekket

    Videochat May 2019

    There's https://www.accursedfarms.com/donations/ on this very website.
  19. ekket

    Questions for Videochat May 2019

    @polymerize-finale & @William: yeah, those questions are supposed to go in the Reddit thread, sorry for the confusion. Should the comment sections for future videochat question posts be locked?
  20. ekket

    "Games as a service" is fraud.

    Extended version: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vaNfqOv3rStBQ4_lR-dwGb8DGPhCJpRDF-q7gqtdhGA/edit Ross should probably add it to the video description.
  21. ekket

    "Games as a service" is fraud.

    https://invidio.us/watch?v=tUAX0gnZ3Nw Watching it through this client fixed it for me.
  22. ekket

    Article 13

    Even if he wasn't in the European Union, the videos would definitely be affected, unless Youtube were to block access to/segregate its videos for people in the EU.
  23. https://deadline.com/2019/02/machinima-closing-layoffs-warnermedia-otter-media-1202547949/
  24. ekket

    Using Half-Life 2: MMod for Freeman's Mind?

    AFAIK, Ross does not currently use Half-Life 2: Update (although he might switch to it later), he just uses the stock Orange Box Half-Life 2 with some modifications (e.g. the old vortigaunts). The mod does look spectacular, the gun animations especially, but it would be a little jarring to switch to it outright.
  25. ekket

    Videochat January 2019

    This is a quality comment regarding The Movie and UE4, posting it here before it's lost to the depths of Youtube:

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