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  1. Normally I don't make posts related to news events, but since I literally think this is the most important topic in gaming now (plus about a dozen people have emailed me about this), I'm making an exception on this. Many people have reported now that the Library of Congress now allows cracking single-player games to be legal. This may sound cynical of me, but I feel like too many people are viewing this as something worthy of dancing in the streets and solving the problems of dead games. In my opinion, this barely solves anything. From an article I read on the matter, the following is stated: "The LoC placed some important limitations on this new legal right, though. For one, gamers can't legally work to restore online gameplay in titles that required a defunct central server to coordinate such play." This makes this new legal status almost worthless in my eyes for a few reasons: 1. While there were some exceptions, cracks to single player games (like at gamecopyworld.com) and abandonware games have more or less been operating out in the open. While giving these cracks legal status is definitely a positive thing by itself, I think it comes at a cost (below): 2. This does nothing to help games like Battleforge. In a sense, this is worse than nothing, because it reinforces that the practice of keeping online-only games is illegal. 3. While this legal status might be more important for places like museums, for the average person that actually wants to play the game, the legality is relatively inconsequential. People have been making cracks for decades and working on MMO server emulators for years without much regard to their legal status. While this sometimes leads to some legal conflict, I'm not aware of any server emulators for DEAD games that have been shut down completely due to the law. Besides, this new ruling says getting dead online-only games working is still illegal anyway. 4. This really does nothing to address the source of the problem, which I feel is that companies shouldn't be allowed to operate commercially if they're killing games with no end-of-life plan for them whatsoever. While I'm sure there's a better annd less hyperbolic analogy than this, what comes to mind reading this is something like "Good news! It's now illegal to whip your slaves UNLESS they've tried to run away!" rather than trying to limit slavery itself. I'm of course not trying to equate killing games with something as serious as slavery (I'm tired while typing this, it was the first analogy that came to mind), rather my point is that it's still completely backwards where we're focusing our attention on this. The Library of Congress is treating people who want to play dead games LESS like criminals instead of addressing how harmful this practice is to culture to begin with. Anyway, sorry to burst people's bubbles with this, I just thought I should make a post on this before I got 20 more emails on the topic. - - - ADHD version: Ross says the ruling by the Library of Congress of being able to restore games isn't that big a deal and doesn't help save the most at-risk games at all.
  2. Subtitles: English More Game Dungeon! This is an episode I didn't have planned at all until a couple weeks ago, but it fits in with having spookier games for October, so I decided to throw it in. I wasn't even sure this game was going to be proper Game Dungeon material, but after playing through it, it certainly seemed to fit the bill. I actually cut out a chunk of this episode since I felt like it was going on a little long considering the length of the game. The part I omitted was about me asking questions of the developer directly concerning the timer. It wasn't anything especially fascinating, so I'll probably include it when I eventually do a follow-up episode. In the meantime, I'll be working around the clock to have the Halloween episode out ASAP, there's still a lot left to do. This unfortunately means I'm going to have to neglect many messages and emails, but I'll try and make it up in November. = = = SCREENSHOT CONTEST = = = This is very short notice, but the developers gave me 3 extra copies of the game, so I'm having a small screenshot contest if you want to try and win a free copy! Here are the rules: -Post or submit a screenshot (up to a maximum of 3) from any game. -You can either post your entry in the forum thread to this episode here, or email it to me (rosswscott (at) gmail.com). If you email it, I highly prefer a link instead to an attachment. -Only one copy of the game can be won per person. -The deadline is roughly midnight of Oct. 29th PST. I will announce the winners the next day on the 30th. You can try and submit something late, but you risk not making it. -I'll pick the winners by whichever screenshots I like best. So whoever has the most interesting or funny ones will likely win a copy of the game.
  3. Subtitles: English Go to hell, everybody! This is a game I almost covered last year, but I think it fits especially well after Construction Bob. Some may be disappointed that this is just a casual game, but not only are the next episodes this month going to be more substantial games, but I think this might have one of my favorite endings for the Game Dungeon so far. I don't have much more to say other than that I'll be busy working on the next two episode to get done by Halloween. On that note, I have received a TON of emails and I'll try my best to respond to everyone, but you may have to wait until November for a lot of them just so I can get the videos done in time. More stuff coming!
  4. More Game Dungeon! I was hoping to have this out earlier in the month, but the whole last 2 months has been defined by me making things I meant to do weeks ago. This episode is pretty typical for Game Dungeon, though I'm going to do my best to get as many out as I can this month. I might be attempting too many, but I hope to get 3 more out this month. One short one, one similar to this, and one longer one. We'll see what happens! Also thanks again to everyone who has donated, it's been really fantastic. I'm still trying to respond to everyone, but I've been flooded with emails on top of everything else. It may take a little while to get back to you!
  5. Youtube link (Downloadable copy will be up later) Subtitles: English The next Freeman's Mind episode is out, after a much-longer-than-expected delay! I'm guessing some people guessed the content of this episode was next, but probably not everyone. Due to this episode being filmed in a different engine, on a technical level, it was actually the most difficult one since the original, maybe even moreso in some ways. I had to invent some new tricks to make the visuals semi-consistent with the previous episodes. My apologies about the delay, this one didn't get started on until July and while the voicework has been done on this one for a few weeks, the sound editing took way more work than usual and I was working on other things while Otto finished this one off. Some of you may be concerned I won't get to finishing Half-Life 1 this year at this rate, and if every episode was going to take this long, you'd be right. However, Freeman's Mind has been shifting to become a priority and I have confidence I'll be able to get Half-Life completed this year. What I don't know is if I'll have any holiday-related Game Dungeon episodes or the DOTA 2 voice pack redo before FM is done, I'll just have to see how things go. While the next episode will likely take longer than average, it absolutely won't take as long as the gap between 57 and 58. LINK TO FORUM COMMENTS
  6. Goodies! In anticipation of the fundraiser campaign I should have coming out soon (expect a video + more info in 1-2 days), as a good faith gesture, I'm releasing all the stuff I've been meaning to for months! DOTA 2 VOICE PACK RELEASED! While my original plan was to sell this in the Steam store, I've decided to release all the files to the Freeman's Mind Announcer Pack I was working on for DOTA 2 for free. The reason I didn't follow this thing through was because midway through its production, Valve changed the rules, which made about half my lines unusable. This was a huge morale killer and by that time I was able to resume work on the videos again, so this pack remained in limbo for a while. Truth be told, I'd rather just make more videos than spend another month or two working on this again. Ironically, I'm not even that big a MOBA fan (though I do like RTSs and action RPGs individually), this was more of a fan request thing that never quite made it. Still, I put a whole bunch of effort into this and I'm sure you'll find some lines entertaining. DOTA 2 Freeman's Mind Announcer Pack (51MB) You're allowed to use these files for anything you want, under the following conditions: 1. Don't sell this as a voice pack. 2. If you make something substantial with this, please credit me (Ross Scott) for the lines if possible. While this pack is free, donations are still welcome! ALL WEBSITE LINKS UPDATED! Besides the DOTA 2 files, all the links to the videos on the site should now be updated, making it easy to find anything you may have missed. In the future I hope to have an overhaul of the site to make everything easier to access, but in the meantime, info on all the videos can be found here in the movies section. Additionally, all Freeman's Mind episodes are now available to download from the episode pages, and I've also updated the archive of all my isolated voice tracks for Freeman's Mind. You can download the updated pack HERE (680MB). That's it for now, the fundraising video is next, followed by as many Game Dungeons as I can get done for October! - - - ADHD version: Dota 2 files released! Freeman's Mind voice files + downloads released! Web links all updated! Ross is having a fundraising campaign soon, donations are appreciated!
  7. New video! This one probably isn't what a lot of you were hoping for, but I admit this is one aimed at a real minority of the audience. I tried to make it as enjoyable to watch as I could. The short version is this is a fundraiser video and I'll be happy for any donations I can get. There's no obligation to donate anything however, you'll still get all the videos. This is another experiment of mine to stay afloat, like many others. If you are interested in helping out though, the donation page has been updated to make it a little easier to use + now includes stat tracking! Donation Page I was originally going to use Patreon for this, but for reasons discussed in the video, I decided against it (them being hacked recently reinforced the decision). For those wondering, I'm unfortunatley going to be pretty empty-handed regarded prizes, although if there's something you really want that doesn't take a lot of time, I can consider it. It's mostly an issue of time more than anything else. If you've ever wanted to know what my financial or work situation has been over the years, it's all in the video. Something I was considering saying that's not it the video is if anyone has alternative solutions to my situation also, they're free to suggest them. I was a little hesitant about saying that on Youtube since a lot of suggestions might not be so practical ("You should live in a dog house, it's much less expensive, woof!"). One big news item in the video that's worth repeating is I plan to be setting up monthly live video chats in the near future, so anyone can communicate with me and I can let everyone know what's going on. Ideally, I'd like to start this sometime late October, but realistically, it may not happen until early November. I'll have details posted here once things are worked out. For the time being, next up, regardless of how the fundraiser goes, is going to be as many Game Dungeons as I can cram in for October. There will be a bit of a delay, but expect several for late October and of course, a Halloween episode. While the overall future of my videos is a little like the Magic 8 ball answer "reply hazy, try again later", for the time being, there's a bunch more coming! - - - ADHD version: Did you know Ross accepts money? Also he'll be doing live video chats in the future!
  8. Youtube New Game Dungeon! I think this might be the shortest one so far, but I promise I didn't skimp any on the quality. This game certainly had things to talk about. I originally was going to start working on the Patreon campaign next, but after the muddled reaction to Moon Gaming, I felt like I should get another Game Dungeon out first to let people know I wasn't abandoning other videos. On that note, I think I'm going to discontinue Moon Gaming as the response to it wasn't what I was hoping. While I think it has potential to be better, I don't think it would be a LOT better than what was already seen. Since that's been scrapped, after Patreon is set up, my new plan is to get as many Game Dungeons out for October as I can. I have a couple smaller episodes planned and at least one larger one for Halloween, but I'll just see what's doable. More stuff coming!
  9. Hopefully in about an hour if nothing goes wrong New series! Welcome to Moon Gaming, the only gaming show that takes place on the moon (I think)! I've been wanting to make this for a while now and while we ran into a lot of technical issues, I'm more or less pleased with how it came out. This series is going to be composed of "Let's Play" sessions. Normally I'm not very interested in "Let's Plays" myself, because it tends to be a lot of dead air or talking about nothing particularly interesting. Moon Gaming hopes to solve those problems by editing it down to just the stuff worth talking about. So even though this is technically a Let's Play, I guarantee every shot in here is one that I thought belonged. If anything, I may have been a little overzealous about this first episode and cut a little too much, but the playthrough ran on a lot longer than we intended. We originally planned for only one episode, but we had so much to talk about it ballooned into three. I think future episodes will go much more smoothly. I'm very optimistic about this series as the turnaround time is definitely faster than Game Dungeon, so it can hopefully buy myself some more time to work on the movie. In this inaugural episode, I'm joined by Tom White of the show Weird Video Games. I met him from being on TGWTG network and I generally recommend his videos; some of my favorites being Captain Tomaday and Bazooka Bill. Tom will be returning for future episodes and I have another guest lined up also. As for other videos, my next focus is going to be setting up a Patreon campaign, along with an accompanying video. If I'm lucky, I'll have another Moon Gaming episode for this month, but if not, expect several for October as this show format allows me to squeeze in more videos than I normally would be able to and I'd love to have more Halloween-themed ones. I'll try my best to have a Game Dungeon for October too. Busy! EDIT: The reception to this video has been rockier than I was hoping and it definitely affects future plans. I want to get a better bearing on what people think of this. Please give some feedback below: [poll id="11"]
  10. ekket


    Subtitles: English Hear the truth about 3D! I've had very mixed feelings about 3D stuff for a long time now and haven't heard any sharing my views, most people seem polarized on it one way or the other; so I wanted to set the record straight as I see it. This may become part of a larger "Ross Rants" series where I pick topics that I really have a lot to say about (and are worth talking about) and go at it. People are welcome to suggest topics they'd like to hear me tear apart as well. This video is coming about a week later than I intended it to since just about everything that could have gone wrong, did. I had to redo the entire recording session, I learned horrible secrets about my camcorder, and getting games from 15 years ago to run ended up being a lengthy challenge in some cases. If I do continue this series, I doubt I'll have as many visual aides as are in this video, but I do hope to improve the video quality in the future. As it stands, I look more like a Star Wars hologram than anything. LINK TO COMMENTS
  11. Youtube Subtitles: English Here's a new episode that's been a while in the making! I actually started on this as soon as I finished the last episode, so I'm behind on seeing what all the responses to that one were. I was working pretty hard to get this episode up today for reasons you'll find out. This is easily my most "dramatic" episode so far, but it's not a trend I plan on continuing. This episode actually contains more that I edited out of it than any other episode since while writing and recording, I noticed the tone of it kept veering in a direction I didn't want, but I'm pretty happy with how it finally turned out. In any event, I'm sure this one will spark some interesting discussion! Expect another experimental video later this month with two more in the works (but no set release dates). LINK TO COMMENTS
  12. Youtube Here's the first followup episode to Ross's Game Dungeon! I knew this would take a lot of work, and it did. This definitely is towards the top in the amount of editing time involved, but I'm relatively happy with how it came out and it hopefully puts a lot of burning questions and comments to rest. I was originally hoping to get this episode out a week ago, since it kind of leads into a major one coming up soon. You can expect the next Game Dungeon in less than a week assuming nothing catastrophic happens. After that I'll be trying to get some new experimental videos out for a while and hopefully get into enough of a groove to get more work done on the movie. LINK TO COMMENTS
  13. I meant to have this out a few days ago, but it went up the same day as the last video. This is a recent video interview I had with the Youtube channel Valve News Network. The guy running it (Tyler McVicker) isn't actually a representative of Valve, but he covers a lot of news related to it. He asked me an array of questions that aren't typically covered in others, including many from fans of his channel. I haven't had a chance to look at what it was edited down to since I've been very busy on the next video, but feel free to check it out:
  14. ekket

    Short June Update

    This is another "I'm still doing things" update since I know it's been a little while since the last video. I'm simultaneously working on three different videos. One is another experimental one (which will probably be next), the others are Game Dungeon episodes. The next Game Dungeon will be the first follow-up episode, then I have another one planned for mid-July that's been a long time in the making. Besides that I'm hoping to get two more experimental shows off the ground, one of which will almost certainly be next month. Being busy with the videos is most of what I'm up to nowadays, you can pretty much assume that whenever there are long gaps of silence from me. LINK TO COMMENTS
  15. Hey, here's a video I actually created several months ago, but was waiting until the site had some more updates before I released it. As some of you may know, I've been involved with the site Gorilla Gong for some time now. It's slowly been growing to what I think is arguably the best machinima site out there today. We have close to a 1000 decent machinimas, all tagged and organized, I don't think you'll find a site with more quality machinima anywhere else. So this video is a general promotion to let more people know about it and hopefully get some more traffic to it. The videos you see in this trailer are by no means all our best ones, I tried to pick a variety of different machinima from different creators, but there is just a ton of good stuff on the site. One of our policies for the site is we don't accept just any machinima, but only the ones that we feel are pretty decent quality. So just about all the machinima on the site ranges from "not bad" to "amazing." - - - REVIEWERS WANTED One of the goals with this promotional video is we're hoping to get more reviewers onboard with the site. This doesn't mean you have to give full formal reviews, but rather if you spot a good machinima, you can submit it to the site, write up a short description on it, and help us add to the collection. If you watch or have seen lots of machinima, we would like to get more people involved with the site. If you're interested, here are the requirements: Go ahead and email me () with the following info: 1. A list of at least 5 of your favorite machinimas (specifically ones that I did NOT create to lower bias) 2. Give me a description of some of your tastes in machinima videos; if there are any specific genres you prefer, or like ones based on specific games, etc. We basically want to get an idea of your tastes and writing style. If we think they're good, you can become involved with the site and start contributing to what machinima gets displayed on the site. There are some rules involved, but it's really not much more complicated than following directions when submitting a video and typing up a short description on it. This offer is open for anyone who is interested, feel free to spread the word. I'll try and respond to everyone as soon as I can, but it will likely take a few days at least. - - - Alternately, you're welcome to submit any suggestions for new machinima in our suggestion forum, or just email me directly if you don't want to bother with registering. That's about it for now, I hope to have another video out before too long. In the meantime, you have plenty of other videos you can watch! ADHD version: Go to Gorilla Gong for lots of machinima videos!
  16. Youtube Well this ended up taking far longer for a variety of reasons, however once you see the episode, you may understand some of why. Without spoiling much, I'll say that it's possible there will never be an episode quite like this one again. In addition to that, this episode also contains more music and voice actors than any other Game Dungeon to date. That definitely slowed things down, but I think it's worth it. At the very least, there's more than meets the eye with this breakout game. Speaking of music, while I do NOT promise a fast reply, if you compose music that you think would fit future episodes, go and ahead and contact me at [email protected] While I can use a variety, the kind I find myself needing the most is laidback, upbeat music that I can talk over. Alternately, if you're a soundtrack freak like me, feel free to give advice on how to organize soundtracks more intuitively / what system you use. I made a thread on this a while ago, but still haven't come up with an ideal system yet. There will be at least one more video coming this month, possibly two.
  17. ekket

    Quick May Update

    Hey everyone, just a quick update with what's going on. I'm working on multiple different projects, I hope to have a couple come out this month. The first will definitely be the next Game Dungeon. I hope to have it done in the next few days, it's become more involved and I can say that it's going to be a very special episode in terms of the content. In other news, I wouldn't mind some advice from people in the following areas: CAMERA MICROPHONES: I've come to the conclusion that I could likely use a separate microphone when recording on camera than the one I use when I'm recording normal audio. I really am not an expert on microphones, so advice here would be appreciated. I'm thinking I'll want a lavalier mic, but I have no idea what are the good models or where the best cutoff point is in terms of price v. quality, so if you're familiar with this, go ahead and contact me. REMOTE RETRO GAMING: For some future videos, I'm trying to set up game sessions on older games (particularly DOS ones) where I can take turns with another person in playing a single player game, except over the internet. My distance from the USA means that no solution will be flawless, so there will of course be some lag, but I'm hoping it could be low enough for less-demanding action games. Many remote desktop solutions are in appropriate for this sort of thing, since they're not focused on gaming, so the wrong data gets priority. And the ones that are focused on gaming are mostly focused on modern games, where the overhead might be much larger than what I'm looking for (a 320x200 screen). Seeing as how GPUs can do video encoding on the fly, this SHOULD be possible, but I'm unaware of any software that does it. So far I've tried the trial version of Kainy (which was borderline playable), and I've heard of Splashtop, although that doesn't have a functional demo for internet use. If anyone has advice for software or wants to try and hack DOSbox or something to make this possible, please contact me at [email protected] That's about it, more videos coming this month!
  18. New episode! This is of a more common game, but I promise it has some surprises in the video, even for me. I burned myself out somewhat making this one, but I was planning to try and change gears for April anyway. Believe it or not, I never got a true break after completing Freeman's Mind, it was pretty much just catching up on everything else I neglected. I wanted to give the Game Dungeon kind of a kick start coming into this year, but future episodes likely won't be as rapid fire as they've been lately. In any event, once I catch up on the most time critical stuff, I plan on taking a break for a few days. I don't normally have the equivalent of a weekend, I generally just feel guilty for days I'm not working on something. I eventually would like to have more of a work / not-work balance, but we'll see how realistic that is until the movie gets made. I don't want to give any definite plans for this month, but I do intend to work on more videos and hopefully have some more experimental ones come out either this month or the next. I still have plenty of ideas brewing, it's just a matter of juggling everything. Also at the time of this post, this JUST went up, so it may be low resolution for a while.
  19. More Game Dungeon! Here's a game I knew I would have to cover at some point. It's a shorter episode, but it's for a shorter game, I'm still pleased with how it came out. I want to say this episode is almost half-educational; my mind kept sparking while playing for changes or additions this game needed for better accuracy. If after watching this video, you find that it changes your life, please let me know a few years down the line.
  20. ekket

    HL2 Update voicing

    This is just a quick update as I found out a side project I was involved with is being released tomorrow. Several months back I was asked to voice part of a commentary track for a community-made patch to Half-Life 2 giving it a graphics and bug fix overhaul. I haven't tried any of it myself, but from what I can tell, it just seems to make everything more polished: Link to the update Anyway, I had no involvement with writing the commentary track, I only voiced the parts I was asked to. So even though this is Half-Life, don't expect Freeman's Mind-style commentary, it's very much documentary-style. For one line, I actually remember informing the creator that Strife did some of the things he wrote about in Half-Life a few years prior. Anyway, it sounds like this will be the definitive version of the game if you want to check it out. On another note, check back soon for more videos!
  21. Here's another video that I thought would be something quick to get out, but ended up ballooning into a project that took as much time as a full length Game Dungeon. In any event, I'm pretty happy with how this came out. This easily has some of the most variety of my videos; you can almost think of it as 25 tiny bite-sized Game Dungeon episodes. This is a "top video" list, but I tried to keep it interesting throughout. I would say more, but I kind of covered all the biggest points I wanted to in the video itself. While I normally like to avoid dated videos, I felt this one was a little different since I cover so many games even if someone looks at it years from now, there's plenty of good games listed here some might not know about, so it should still have good information for anyone who stumbles upon it. I also feel like this video kind of "exonerates" me from having to talk about new games in the future, since you couldn't ask for more new game coverage from me than this. If you watch this, you'll know about as much as I do. Also this was my first attempt at using a green screen. It's about as good as I can hope for given my equipment and setup. I actually ended up lowering the resolution of the background a little bit to closer match the picture quality of my camera. I'm still experimenting, but if I have to make another video where I'm standing in front of the camera talking about something, I'll definitely want to do more game backgrounds like this to make it a little more interesting visually. Anyway, I'm keeping busy, you can expect another video out this month! - - - ADHD version: See the new games Ross wants to play the most!
  22. More Game Dungeon! This is another video that took WAY longer to make than I wanted it to. Believe it or not, I was originally hoping to have this video done by late January, so that should give you an idea of how far behind I am on things. The little details in this one had a way of just taking forever to complete, day after day. This is another game I knew I absolutely wanted to cover for the Game Dungeon. I was hoping to have more a "crowd pleaser" following the Freeman's Mind traffic and rather than picking a super obscure game, this is one I'm sure plenty of people are familiar with. I'm hoping to have two more videos out this month, but I doubt they'll be as involved as this one, though I'll try and keep everything entertaining to watch. In the meantime, there are still openings for more pixel art help if anyone is interested. EDIT: I meant to add that in addition to pixel artists, I'd also be interested in normal artists (or vector art) for more "awards" art for future episodes. I may be pickier about the art style for that however.
  23. This is just a quick update letting people know I'm alive and busy. I was SWARMED with emails after the last video, so if you haven't heard anything from me yet, there are still a bunch I need to go through. I'm behind on forum posts and Youtube messages also. If I could replicate myself, I could get a lot more done. We would function well as a team. There are a lot of promising help offers regarding the movie, progress is being made on it, just slowly. Lately I've been prioritizing the next Game Dungeon episode. I was hoping to get it out before the end of the month, but I don't know how realistic that is now. I think it's going to be between 30-40 minutes total, this one has an awful lot worth talking about. After I'm done with that, expect at least one experimental video to come up and another game dungeon afterwards. If I'm lucky there will be multiple "experiment" videos for March, but I'll just have to see what I can do. Also while I have received a few offers, there is still room for more pixel-art artists for future video videos for anyone interested (though I'll want to see an example of your work). ADHD version: Ross is doing things.
  24. All questions answered (sort of)! In addition to my first Youtube video appearance, this is an update for just about everything I have planned for 2015 and beyond. I was hoping to have this video out about 2 weeks ago, but all the little things ended up taking me a lot longer than I planned. While I tried to add some humor, this video is largely informative more than anything else. I cover so much in this video, I ended up providing bookmark links so you can jump straight to different topics (they're in the Youtube description). Anyway, I'm making no promises, but I hope to have multiple videos out for next month. I'd say more, but really this video covers just about everything (for now). ADHD version: See what Ross looks like! Ross is making more videos. EDIT: I completely forgot to add that I'm also interested in any offers from pixel-art artists. I'd like to have more variety with the titles for Game Dungeon, so I could potentially showcase more art in the show once I figure out what I'm doing. Go ahead and email me if you're interested in this. LINK TO COMMENTS
  25. Youtube link (Downloadable copy will be up later) Behold the final episode of Freeman's Mind! I think most people will agree it ends on a pretty strong note. This episode ended up being pretty grueling to get done due to all the finale content. I originally meant to have this a day early, but the number of fixes was so massive I'm coming in just under the wire here. This is my own fault, since I tried to squeeze in Game Dungeon episodes also. That's really the story of Freeman's Mind: it would have been done a long time ago if I hadn't been working on other things this whole time. Freeman's Mind is complete! The curse has been lifted! Now I can turn back into a human! On that note, sometime in January I plan to make a video appearance and try to answer all the biggest questions people have and lay out all the plans for Accursed Farms for 2015 and beyond. I'm having a video camera sent to me as a late Christmas present, so I'll start filming as soon as it arrives. My guess is it could be mid January before it arrives, so you may have to wait until then. I've found that video is far more effective at communicating to the entire fanbase than just posting information here (or in the credits, as you'll find out once you watch the episode). So if you want answers, you're just going to have to wait until sometime January, sorry. Right now I'm pretty burned out, I was neglecting just about everything in order to make the episodes in time, so I have a whole bunch I need to catch up on. After I've recovered a little bit and dealt with more urgent things, I'll start updating the website and replying to many emails and donators I've gotten lately. I seriously was putting off everything in order to make it to this point. If you're wondering what the "secret" was to getting so many videos out. It was simply, do NOTHING BUT Freeman's Mind for MONTHS. I saw a lot of comments about people feeling saddened that the series is finishing, but I plan on making tons more videos, just not necessarily Freeman's Mind in the near future. I don't really have some huge epiphany about the series, to me it's one project that just seemed to never end. I'm glad I did it, but there's a whole bunch of other stuff I'd like to do also. There will be many more videos coming for 2015! I just need to go into one of those medical tanks like Luke Skywalker for a while first. - - - ADHD version : Freeman's Mind is complete! Ross worked hard on it. Questions will be answered later! LINK TO COMMENTS

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