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  1. You could take inspiration from how Stack Overflow attempts to keep all the answers on the site high quality, it has quite heavy moderation and operates somewhat like a wiki. (It does have a reputation of being pretty newcomer-hostile, though. Being a Q/A site, it also mostly serves as an information dump for Google, so not the best fit for something like Gorilla Gong.) I would suggest letting everyone contribute (after all, we could run into the exact same problems that were had with vetting contributors), while having those contributions be under some form of approval process. For submitting videos, this could be more lax, just seeing if they are worthwhile machinimas. Steam's system for curators has worked fairly well, something like that for reviewers wouldn't be a bad idea.
  2. I think I know why the quote splitting doesn't work, it's because of it only allowing splitting quotes between tags (i.e. in the end of a paragraph).
  3. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByFalrGSTXzuRFFVNVhnazZvbmM is the place you're seeking, @danielsangeo's the person behind all of the English subtitles.
  4. You can just press enter twice inside a quote and it'll split the quote in twain.
  5. Sure. We don't intend to use that mailing list anyhow, it's just a default option that snuck in.
  6. Mold-er-mind your own business.
  7. The Unread Content and All activity pages should solve that problem pretty well, that's what I meant by the "activity streams".
  8. The follow button also has quite a lot of functionality.
  9. @Veyrdite: To answer your complaints on following content, I've added back the follow button, along with the activity stream (which you can find next to the breadcrumbs, under "Unread Content"). That should solve the "latest posts" problem, as well, since you can customize the feeds to fit that purpose too. It also allows RSS feeds for content, @Woah_G!. Along with that, the sidebar now has a functional RSS feed.
  10. Actually, the blog posts are fixed. That took a bit less time than I anticipated.
  11. Actually, because it seems that absolutely no one is using <Shift>-<Enter> to add a line break, I've set it back to the old method of a line break for every press of the enter key. Regarding that, the blog posts are also affected by this change, but I'll get that sorted out in a bit.
  12. That's because the default behavious for <Enter> is to insert a new paragraph. You can do <Shift>-<Enter> to just do a line break. I did add a message to the editor informing people of this, but you might not have noticed it.
  13. https://www.accursedfarms.com/forums/topic/3854-rosss-game-dungeon-life-is-strange-demo/ probably has the worst case of that, I'll see what I can do to get that resolved.
  14. Yeah, that's been annoying me a lot as well, I might end up just having it do an inline link for every embed from that time, since there's really no way of getting the data back. I'll probably set the edit timer back to unlimited.
  15. Back to the topic of this thread, I don't think we even know if it is one unified system or multiple ones run by both the government and private companies. I'm not really sure which one would be more of a mess, but I guess that only time will tell.
  16. Alright, a day should be enough time, then.
  17. The timer is unlimited now. Thanks for the feedback. I do agree with most of the problems you raised, although I will still be keeping some margin between the comments. (I am also currently using a 1366x768 laptop, although those problems didn't jump out that much for me.)
  18. Regarding the site being somewhat broken on phones/tablets, I am looking for some feedback, since I'm not that much of a mobile user. (There are some obvious fixes to be made, e.g. the header not working well, but there probably are some less obvious things to fix as well.)
  19. [repost of the post in the other thread] All the posts (except for the latest Dead Game News article, which wasn't in the archive) have been re-added! This did take a while longer than I expected, but I'd say that it's all worth it. (During the migration process of the 495-odd articles, I only had 2 errors.) The videos page has also launched alongside it.
  20. All the posts (except for the latest Dead Game News article, which wasn't in the archive) have been re-added! This did take a while longer than I expected, but I'd say that it's all worth it. (During the migration process of the 495-odd articles, I only had 2 errors.) The videos page has also launched alongside it.
  21. It's now been changed to a max of 1.44MB. I can't see an image with a maximum size of 110x110 taking up more space, but feel free to prove me wrong.
  22. Sidenote: Linus Tech Tips’ forum uses the same system as us, you could suggest things from there to be added here. (We’re obviously not going to copy them entirely, but some reference helps.)
  23. The "Message" button (in people's user pages and the hovercard) should work, along with the envelope button in the userbar at the top. The inbox is a bit broken at the moment, but I'll sort it out later.
  24. Hello, this is Ekke Tõnisson, one of the other site developers for this update. I did almost all of the front-end, Sean (The Britain) is the sysadmin, and Tomas created the Extras and FAQ pages, but he has gotten busy since then. I'm also in charge of transferring the articles over to the new system, which has been the main bottleneck for this site getting finished. (It's been taking so long because unlike the forums, there is no standard way of migrating the Wordpress articles to the Invision system.) I hope to get it done soon™, within about two days.
  25. Here's the September videochat with fans. There's not a lot of changes since last time, most of the video is just me rambling, but I had a lot of good questions this time. This should hopefully be the LAST video at this location, as moving is still my top priority AND there are apartments I can rent now. After I move, focus will be on a spree of Freeman's Mind videos + maybe some Halloween ones.
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