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  1. Here's the December chat with fans. The main thing to know is more Freeman's Mind is coming. Other info in the Youtube description. Also, here's a link to a cameo I had in Lazy Game Reviews a week or so ago asking about how I run old games. I posted it on twitter, but forgot to put it here. I appear around 26:00, my voice sounded a little distorted since I think Clint ran a compressor on my audio.
  2. Dead Game News is not dead! Bunch more games shut down that should have been covered earlier, but nobody else seems to be doing this job, so you're stuck with me. Here it is, likely another episode coming for December. Next up should be Freeman's Mind.
  3. Sorry for the short notice on this, but go ahead and ask questions / comments for the December voicechat (Dec 3rd) here. Work has started on Ep. 6 for FM.
  4. Here's the info for the Zombie Panic Source playsession with fans on Saturday, November 25th at 2PM EST. Link to game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/17500/Zombie_Panic_Source/ Link to custom map pack: 20MB download (unzip to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Source SDK Base 2007\zps\maps) Server info: Press "~" to open the console (Options -> Advanced -> Check the box for "Enable Developer Console") Enter (without quotes): "connect play.mulvenontech.com" or "connect play.mulvenontech.com:27016" for primary / overflow server respectively. the password is cat. Anyone can join if we have space, and anyone can watch live at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. This time I'm using some custom maps which I picked out. Most of them I've played before and can easily swing to either the zombies' or survivors' favor, plus I can switch to the losing team if things get too lopsided. These will be the "hold out" style maps I'm fond of where survivors try to survive and zombies relentlessly batter down on the doors and windows until they get inside. This stuff never gets old with me. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Hey everyone, I mentioned this on the last videochat, but Tom White from Weird Videogames (also appeared on Moon Gaming and the Boppin' episode) is having a 24 hour livestream session where's raising money for a charity that helps provide drinkable water to regions that need it. You can see his promotional video here. He invited me to appear on it and I will be, assuming nothing goes wrong. I'll only have an audio appearance so as not to soak his bandwidth, but I may see about recording it on my end and putting it on the Accursed Farms Junk channel afterward. His livestream session starts at 8PM EST this evening, and I will be appearing later at 2AM EST (November 18th) and stay there for a few hours. It will all be on his Twitch channel here: twitch.tv/heisanevilgenius I think he'll also have people beat him up with cardboard tubes live if he raises enough money, but I'm hazy on the details for that part.
  6. November videochat with fans after a 2 month hiatus. I'm mostly just rambling again, you're not missing anything too important. Besides the game session with fans this month, I'll also be appearing on a 24 hour livestream Tom White from the channel Weird Video Games will be having for a charity drive. I'll be appearing at 2AM EST on November 18th on twitch.tv/heisanevilgenius. You can see promotional video on that here. For now, expect more Freeman's Mind for the future.
  7. The next videochat with fans is on November 4th, at 4pm EST on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions for the next videochat here: https://www.reddit.com/r/accursedfarms/comments/7a4ldq/november_2017_video_chat_official_questions_thread/ Ones with the most votes get prioritized. You can also ask them live, but I tend to have plenty to go through before I get to those.
  8. Happy Halloween! This ended up coming out way later than I wanted it to, but I feel like I actually had an excuse to be behind on things this month. I think this will be a potentially polarizing episode. If you're a fan of long Game Dungeon episodes, then you'll probably like this one a lot. I can say when making these episodes you really can get a feel of how much underlying quality a game has or not, and The Black Mirror is one where that still really shows up. Enjoy!
  9. New Game Dungeon! I was really hoping to have this out before my marriage went down, but that simply didn't happen. Everything this month has been kinds of nuts for me. I'm still recovering from being sick, and I have absolutely no idea what the future plans are for the remainder of this month and possibly the next. I do plan to have a Halloween episode out later, other than that, I know nothing. I will also try and catch up on some email also, provided I'm here. I'm not sure where I'm going to be. Halloween. Videos.
  10. More than doubled, actually. Anyways, it's very good to see that Ross is getting through the adpocalypse (mostly) unscathed
  11. That isn't the best of incentives for donating, since you can just use one of the extremely large amount of scripts for downloading Youtube videos. Although, I wouldn't mind Ross putting the raw footage (basically all of the video and voiceovers) for the videos as an incentive. It wouldn't be time-consuming at all and would please the fans that are fine with anything that has Ross in it.
  12. From my experience, crowdsourcing subtitles with that mostly yields lower-quality subtitles (for larger channels, at least) and there isn't a way to put up guidelines for subtitles on there, IIRC.
  13. Here's a video to wreck my previous schedule! I'd give more details, but really I laid out everything in the video. I originally was hoping to make this a quick 10 minute video where I just talk to the camera, but my ambition got the better of me again and it's something longer and far more watchable now. Sorry about that. I'm essentially going to have no time after Saturday, likely for weeks, so I'm scrambling to get the next Game Dungeon out by then. Thankfully, this one should be a shorter episode, but I thought the same about these last 2 videos also. If you want to know if I'll make it or not, you should ask that question in the same voice as the narrator from the old 60s Batman series. This video does put me behind as I won't be prepared for Halloween, but I'm hoping to have a week or so at the end of October to get something together. A lot happening for me this month! Also because I just posted this, I notice the color will be off, but it should fix itself as Youtube finishes processing it.
  14. Well this is much more last minute than I'd prefer, but the info for the next Unreal Tournament 2004 session is here: remote.mulvenontech.com password: dog overflow: remote.mulvenontech.com:8877 password: dog It will be on 2pm, September 23rd, which you can watch live on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I was hoping to have some mods, but honestly I didn't have time to put it together and coordinate everything with everyone in time, I prefer more notice on that. So because I'm getting a little tired of the default maps, we're going to mix it up and have team deathmatch instead of onslaught this time, maybe try other game modes later, we'll see.
  15. Yeah, you're pretty right on that, but Google should have given it a lot more training data and time to work with, since (for example) confabulating offensive content with the unedited Q&A session that is the videochat is very worrying.
  16. Google should probably realize that you can't have the rigurous checking for offensive content that television has with just some neural network that scans the metadata and whatever it can get from the audiovisual content of the video. They have a lot of knowledge on this topic (like Deepdream, and the algorithm they're using for recommendations), so I don't get why they're making it so trigger-happy with demonetizing videos. But hey, at least the advertisers are happy and Youtube isn't making that much money, so why try and fix all the obvious false positives?
  17. ekket

    Site Maintenance

    There's some maintenance work being done on the site in preparation for the revamp in the future. It's possible the site may go down for up to 2 days. I'll have any important updates on twitter
  18. I thought I would take a break from Game Dungeon, but ended up having some inspiration for an episode coming after this one and decided I wanted this one first. I honestly thought this would be about 10 minutes, so naturally, it's almost 23. It's definitely a game that can get its claws into you and I honestly wanted something semi-normal as a break from Armed & Delirious. In other news, I've discovered a lot of my videos have been demonetized as what I assume is an algorithm has determined they are unsuitable for advertisers. I'll have more news on that later, possibly even a video. Youtube is certainly trying to keep things interesting.
  19. This post should clarify Ross's stance on fandubs. You probably should ask Ross at rosswscott[at]gmail.com for a version with no voice over when the movie gets released.
  20. That is more than a bit worrisome, especially because Google (understandably so) is trying to get every website to switch over to HTTPS by prioritizing them in search results and Mozilla is doing the same with having warnings in Firefox for HTTP sites as well
  21. Yeah, that's not secure for passwords at all, you need to get that sorted out
  22. You could try using youtube-dl as a last resort (I don't think there's a simple way to get it to VLC though, although mpv also has built-in support for opening youtube videos but that's through CLI as with youtube-dl)
  23. Ross is currently using the original 2004 HL2 because he feels that it has better (darker) lighting (although I think he mentioned the 2004 one has some issues with the airboat sequence)
  24. More Freeman's Mind! This episode is one where I had one of the scenes in my head since back before I finished the first FM. You'll probably be able to figure out which part. This episode did come out later than I intended and while I never like getting the videos out later to people, having a slower release pattern for FM2 was one of my "conditions" back when I agreed to resume the series just so it doesn't block out my work on the movie. New Game Dungeon in a few days!
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