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  1. Here's the March videochat. No special announcements this time, just more videos coming! Expect a new one tomorrow, with the next Freeman's Mind following ASAP after that, though I can't exactly predict when. My plan is at least one Game Dungeon and FM2 episode in addition to that, work on a couple other videos and just videos, videos, videos for this month! I was told there was some popping in the audio this time. I'm not sure if it's there in the recording, but if you have ideas on it, you're welcome to let me know. It was recorded using a USB DAC.
  2. The next videochat with fans will be at 2pm EST on March 4th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. As a reminder, this one is 2 hours earlier than the usual times. You can ask questions / comments you'd like for me to talk about here. I'm frankly embarrassed I don't have a new video for you yet, but I've been working on a couple simulatenously, one of which is the Freeman's Mind. The next FM will be a longer episode since I figure I owe you guys at least that much. All I can do is just keep working on them, though I won't be cutting my sleep for these. Expect several videos for March!
  3. I finally got a time for the other event I'm entering in for the GOG Winter Games thing they're having. This is a competitive event I was invited to where I stream playing a game against other streamers and if I score well then people who sign up have increased odds of getting a prize, as I understand it so far. Here is the signup option, pick "Arstotzka" if you want to bet on me to try and get you free games. The next game is Unreal Tournament for February 24th at 1pm EST with me at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can also view all the contestants with e-sports style commentary at twitch.tv/gogcom. My stream will be uploaded to the Accursed Farms Junk channel afterward. I don't know how it's going to go or what the format will be. If it's deathmatch, I'm only a so-so player. If it's onslaught, I'll definitely do some damage. Last time I did streaming with GOG, I think there was a fundamental miscommunication with how it would work, so it was a little chaotic, because people were talking at the same time I was planning to. This time, the idea is strangers will be talking on the stream before and in between rounds, but I'll have things muted and talk to the audience while the game is going. It's still a little bit disorienting to me, I guess this is why I'm not a professional streamer. On that note, I'm sorry to say Freeman's Mind (and another video I'm working on) is running late, due mainly to complications I'm having with paperwork involved with staying in the country. I'm pretty sure I'll get it sorted out, but it's eaten up days of my time (I've had to visit the foreigner office 5 times in the past week and I'm still not done). Normally I would cancel a streaming event like this and just continue working on the videos to get them out sooner, but since this involves other people and prior commitments, I'm going through with it. The release time for both videos is as soon as possible, but realistically it will probably be early March. More videos!
  4. Dead Game News is mutating! This episode is only news about Dead Game News and my future plans for dead games in general. This is also the LAST episode on the DGN channel! There will still be future Dead Game News episode, but things are changing. Try to watch this before February 20th if you're interested, the entire channel gets unpartnered from Youtube after that! I'll be doing my best to have more real videos this month, particularly Freeman's Mind.
  5. This is a notice I didn't get the details on until today, but I've been invited to a twitch competition by GOG where they have various people play different games on twitch. I agreed to show up for two of the "events", Epic Pinball (the old DOS game) and Unreal Tournament 2004. I'm still not 100% sure how this works, but Epic Pinball starts tomorrow and my understanding is there are giveaway prizes to the audience if I do well. Here is a signup thing they have for a chance to win the prizes (I think). I believe they mentioned mice and I can only assume they're giving out free games since this is GOG: https://gleam.io/RdSGa/signup-the-gog-games Here are the dates: February 17, Noon - 2PM EST: Me playing Epic Pinball February 24th, don't know what time yet: Me competing in Unreal Tournament 2004 My streaming will be on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast, although GOG will also have their stream at twitch.tv/gogcom which will switch between other competitors and have commentary like a sporting event, I think. I'm still a bit confused how all this works. In other news, my voice is about 95% recovered, there should be a new Dead Game News later today, and I hope to have more Freeman's Mind this month.
  6. Here's the February chat with fans. I'm mostly recovered from my sickness, except for my voice, it got to be a real strain towards the end. Work is progressing on the videos in almost every other way except voice acting, so I should be well prepared once my voice fully returns. There were a lot of announcements this time related to the movie and future videos. So if you're a modeler, animator, composer, coder, pc gaming enthusiast, linux enthusiast, or 3d printer, there are different announcements I wouldn't mind feedback on for each category, those are all towards the beginning. More videos once my throat fully recovers!
  7. I'm still recovering from being sick, but I think my voice is good enough to attempt another videochat with fans for next month. I'll have several announcements related to upcoming stuff. It will be on February 3rd, 4pm EST on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions / comments for the videochat here. As a warning, there's a possibility this chat could get cut short if my throat starts hurting too much, but I'll definitely get through the announcements and answer as many questions as I can.
  8. I think I'm going to have to cancel the videochat this month since I'm still sick and I have no confidence of my throat being in good shape by the 14th at this point. While I could push it back another week, it starts to not make much sense since it will come up against the February videochat. This is one of the slowest recoveries I've had in years, though I think I am getting overall better. I would classify my status as "sick" now, an upgrade from "zombie" earlier, but it still feels like there's a frog in my throat. Even if I'm healed up by this weekend, talking for hours maybe shouldn't be the first thing I do once I'm well. I really have no idea when my voice is going to be back, but I hope to slowly start working on more things, particularly the website and the movie. In the event that my voice comes back sooner, a video this month is still possible, but I can't predict anything right now. I sometimes think of the viewers as my boss, so on that note, I'll either be working on things related to the videos that don't involve any voicework, or staring into space in a stupor, doing absolutely nothing. This concludes my performance report for 2018.
  9. ekket

    Sick Leave

    This is a quick update I'm doing to let people know everything is on hold. I've been wavering in and out of a complete state of misery the past few days, being sick with something. I was able to see a doctor today and have been diagnosed with Tracheitis. It's much more than a sore throat as it can be an effort to do much of anything in my current state. So while any voicework is off the table, I can't guarantee I'll get much else done either. This also makes me think fast zombies are ridiculous, because feeling like a zombie, I can say moving slow + occasional lunging makes much more sense. I've had some medications prescribed to me however, so hopefully I'll get better over the coming week. The next videochat with fans is postponed for sure; I'm pushing it back to January 14th, but nothing is guaranteed until I get better. You don't have to be too worried about me as I'm pretty tough, but it does mean NOTHING is happening for the time being. If I get better over the next few days, I'll try and catch up on emails or work on the website, but this has hit me hard enough that everything is going to be postponed as long as it needs to be.
  10. Happy Birthday to me! Having a birthday right during middle break, I usually try to avoid working on it, but this time, I got all the files back for Freeman's Mind, so I decided to finish it off, so here it is! This is going to be the last video for this year as I am still sick and can't do any more voicework until I recover. My original plan was to have an additional FM and DGN episode this month, but that will just have to wait until later. The good / bad news is I have so many other things I can work on instead that it may be a mixed blessing. I'll enjoy the not being sick part when that happens though. Also at this point, Youtube's demonetization bot is in full swing without much recourse around it, I'll discuss that more on the next videochat. I'm willing to bet the video will be flagged as not suitable for all advertisers within a few hours of this post, then marked as suitable for all advertisers after I manually submit it for review. Youtube is not wise.
  11. Just barely made it before Christmas! I was intending to get this episode out on the 23rd, but it didn't exactly work out that way. I think this is a relatively good episode, although I don't know what happened, but I think my vocals might be more grating than usual. I swear, it feels like on the microphone if I talk normally, then I sound placid and dull, and if I speak up then it sounds like I'm only shouting. It's something I hope to improve, but I honestly didn't have any spare time to try and make it better. My apologies if this one is harder than usual to listen to. To top it off, I'm actually recovering from being sick, so it's possible I may have to put a hold on new videos until my throat recovers. The next Freeman's Mind is already recorded however, so that will be ready as soon as I get the sound effects. Have a merry Christmas!
  12. Here's the much delayed next FM episode! Even though this one took a long time to come out, only part of that was from my end. This means I've been able to work on the next Freeman's Mind in the meantime, which I'm hoping to have out before Christmas. More stuff coming!
  13. Hey everyone, more work is being done on the videos, but in the meantime, I'm getting trouble from the BBC and a record label for videos Ross's Game Dungeon: Potty Pigeon and Ross's Game Dungeon: Quarantine, respectively. In both cases, they're laying copyright claims on my videos for the following: -In Potty Pigeon I used a small segment from the show "All Creatures Great And Small" in order to illustrate the origin of the theme music from the game. -In Quarantine I played some of the track "The Driver Is You" by The Fauves since it was part of the soundtrack to the game and I wanted to discuss the lyrics to the song. In both cases, this use of copyright material is 100% Fair Use. Both instances were short clips, were used for illustrative purposes to make a point about the source content, and did not detract from the commercial value of the source material. It doesn't get clearer than this. Since receiving those claims, I've disputed them, however in both cases, they've come back reinstating their claim. My next course of action would be to appeal the rejected dispute, however I have to pause on this, because if I'm not careful I can be sued over this. I've followed this guide in the past for all erroneous copyright claims made against me over the years as it contains a lot of good information: However, this is the first time I've had to escalate a rejected dispute and while that would normally not be of concern to me, it just hit me that I'm living in Poland and not the USA, so trying to claim this on USA Fair Use law might get me into trouble. From Youtube's own appeal form: "You originally disputed the claim based on fair use. Please explain why your use of content is subject to fair use, fair dealing, or a similar exception to copyright protection under the law of your country." While laws are not equal for every country, if any Youtubers who have experience with this or copyright law experts in the European Union have advice on how I should proceed in order to reclaim my videos, please let me know ([email protected]). I imagine the procedure is similar as in the United States, but I need to know specifically which law applies to this, since the DMCA is only for the USA. It's no secret what a mess Youtube's copyright system is and how it enables companies to essentially bully video creators as the copyright holders are clearly not doing their homework on this, but I haven't had to go through the full legal process like this before. It probably won't be the last. - - - ADHD Version: Ross has bogus copyright claims against him, but he only knows how to handle this in the USA, not Europe. He could use help with that.
  14. Here's the December chat with fans. The main thing to know is more Freeman's Mind is coming. Other info in the Youtube description. Also, here's a link to a cameo I had in Lazy Game Reviews a week or so ago asking about how I run old games. I posted it on twitter, but forgot to put it here. I appear around 26:00, my voice sounded a little distorted since I think Clint ran a compressor on my audio.
  15. Dead Game News is not dead! Bunch more games shut down that should have been covered earlier, but nobody else seems to be doing this job, so you're stuck with me. Here it is, likely another episode coming for December. Next up should be Freeman's Mind.
  16. Sorry for the short notice on this, but go ahead and ask questions / comments for the December voicechat (Dec 3rd) here. Work has started on Ep. 6 for FM.
  17. Here's the info for the Zombie Panic Source playsession with fans on Saturday, November 25th at 2PM EST. Link to game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/17500/Zombie_Panic_Source/ Link to custom map pack: 20MB download (unzip to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Source SDK Base 2007\zps\maps) Server info: Press "~" to open the console (Options -> Advanced -> Check the box for "Enable Developer Console") Enter (without quotes): "connect play.mulvenontech.com" or "connect play.mulvenontech.com:27016" for primary / overflow server respectively. the password is cat. Anyone can join if we have space, and anyone can watch live at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. This time I'm using some custom maps which I picked out. Most of them I've played before and can easily swing to either the zombies' or survivors' favor, plus I can switch to the losing team if things get too lopsided. These will be the "hold out" style maps I'm fond of where survivors try to survive and zombies relentlessly batter down on the doors and windows until they get inside. This stuff never gets old with me. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  18. Hey everyone, I mentioned this on the last videochat, but Tom White from Weird Videogames (also appeared on Moon Gaming and the Boppin' episode) is having a 24 hour livestream session where's raising money for a charity that helps provide drinkable water to regions that need it. You can see his promotional video here. He invited me to appear on it and I will be, assuming nothing goes wrong. I'll only have an audio appearance so as not to soak his bandwidth, but I may see about recording it on my end and putting it on the Accursed Farms Junk channel afterward. His livestream session starts at 8PM EST this evening, and I will be appearing later at 2AM EST (November 18th) and stay there for a few hours. It will all be on his Twitch channel here: twitch.tv/heisanevilgenius I think he'll also have people beat him up with cardboard tubes live if he raises enough money, but I'm hazy on the details for that part.
  19. November videochat with fans after a 2 month hiatus. I'm mostly just rambling again, you're not missing anything too important. Besides the game session with fans this month, I'll also be appearing on a 24 hour livestream Tom White from the channel Weird Video Games will be having for a charity drive. I'll be appearing at 2AM EST on November 18th on twitch.tv/heisanevilgenius. You can see promotional video on that here. For now, expect more Freeman's Mind for the future.
  20. The next videochat with fans is on November 4th, at 4pm EST on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions for the next videochat here: https://www.reddit.com/r/accursedfarms/comments/7a4ldq/november_2017_video_chat_official_questions_thread/ Ones with the most votes get prioritized. You can also ask them live, but I tend to have plenty to go through before I get to those.
  21. Happy Halloween! This ended up coming out way later than I wanted it to, but I feel like I actually had an excuse to be behind on things this month. I think this will be a potentially polarizing episode. If you're a fan of long Game Dungeon episodes, then you'll probably like this one a lot. I can say when making these episodes you really can get a feel of how much underlying quality a game has or not, and The Black Mirror is one where that still really shows up. Enjoy!
  22. New Game Dungeon! I was really hoping to have this out before my marriage went down, but that simply didn't happen. Everything this month has been kinds of nuts for me. I'm still recovering from being sick, and I have absolutely no idea what the future plans are for the remainder of this month and possibly the next. I do plan to have a Halloween episode out later, other than that, I know nothing. I will also try and catch up on some email also, provided I'm here. I'm not sure where I'm going to be. Halloween. Videos.
  23. More than doubled, actually. Anyways, it's very good to see that Ross is getting through the adpocalypse (mostly) unscathed
  24. That isn't the best of incentives for donating, since you can just use one of the extremely large amount of scripts for downloading Youtube videos. Although, I wouldn't mind Ross putting the raw footage (basically all of the video and voiceovers) for the videos as an incentive. It wouldn't be time-consuming at all and would please the fans that are fine with anything that has Ross in it.
  25. From my experience, crowdsourcing subtitles with that mostly yields lower-quality subtitles (for larger channels, at least) and there isn't a way to put up guidelines for subtitles on there, IIRC.
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