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  1. This is a post as a reminder of submitting questions if you want me to try and answer them for the December videochat. I'm trying something new this time, where it's been suggested to me that there should be a system where people can vote questions up or down so I answer what people want to hear the most. I don't have a system set up to do that, but reddit does. I contacted the person running the Accursed Farms channel on reddit and he set up a thread where you can post questions to be voted on HERE. I'll try to incorporate other questions already submitted, but feel free to re-post them on reddit to be voted on. I would have done this sooner, but I didn't want to make people sign up for yet another service, but this seems to be the most convenient way to do this sort of thing at this time. I actually have no involvement with the Accursed Farms reddit section, other than I said a while back I was cool with somebody running it if they wanted to. In other news, there's unfortunately not going to be a new video this month, however I'm currently working on a new production method where this could possibly be the last month that happens. Work is already underway on multiple more videos.
  2. This is a last-minute notice, but I've discovered I can no longer launch Planetside 2! This means I can't join up with fans. So as a quick ditch effort, I'll be playing Zombie Panic: Source instead. Go ahead and download it now (it should be free) and I'll have more info on what's going on soon if you want to join. Stream will be on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast.
  3. Here's the November chat with fans. A few highlights of this one are that I hope to have a Zombie Panic playsession with fans in the future, although the sheer player limit will unfortunately limit how many can join up. I also discuss an update on the situation with EA killing games. Unfortunately it seems letters will have absolutely no impact as there a sophisticated system in place to ensure that executives never see these letters. I'm still working on other approaches to get this practice to end, but it's going to take some time to implement. Work continues on more videos in the meantime!
  4. ekket

    Time correction

    Sorry to spam people with updates, but in the last post, I listed the time incorrectly. It will 4PM (as usual) for the videochat today on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast.
  5. ekket

    November chat soon

    EDIT: I screwed up the times! It will be at 4PM EST, not 10PM. In other words, what I said in the last videochat. - - - I should have made a post on this sooner, but the next videochat will be on November 5th, 4pm EST. You can post questions here I can try to answer if you're interested.
  6. ekket

    October 2016 Update #2

    As a follow-up to the last update, I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel (or at least postpone) the Zombie Panic session I was hoping to have. The reason is simply that I think I'm going to need all the time I can get in order to finish the next Game Dungeon and I'm concerned that will cut into things too much. This is a disappointment I know, but I would be more disappointed if I didn't have the next video out in time for Halloween. I'm still interested in having a session of it in the future, so maybe that can happen in November. While it of course fits the Halloween season the best, for me, any day is a good zombie invasion day. Anyway, the next update should be the Halloween episode!
  7. ekket

    October 2016 Update

    I have some developments stacking up to the point where I thought I should maybe make an update: -I recently had a small crisis where the air quality became so bad in my apartment I had trouble breathing. It happened practically overnight, it seems to be the result of some sort of mildew growth. I cleaned the ENTIRE room, disassembled and moved out all the furniture, pulled up the carpet, pretty much went in full assault mode to sanitize everything. Currently, it seems to be solved, however it's possible it occurred due to some growth coming in from the outside of the walls of the apartment, I don't know yet. Either way, I can currently at least breathe well enough to complete the next video. -The problem above set me back quite a bit time-wise on the videos. Because of this, I'm afraid I'm only going to have one Game Dungeon out this year for Halloween, but it will be a longer one. I was hoping to have one additional one, but I figured better to have one good one than two unfinished ones and nothing to show for it. -I'm still making up for lost time, but I'm hoping to still have some sort of live event in Zombie Panic Source with fans for either this weekend or Halloween. Right now I don't want to commit to anything until I have a better sense of how far along I am on the next video, but check back on Friday or Saturday and I'll have an update on what's going on with that.
  8. Here's the footage from the latest Planetside 2 session. Nothing too notable happened this time, I spent half the time discussing the possibility of playing Zombie Panic Source with people close to Halloween. I'll make a new post here when / if that gets underway. In the future, I may stop posting these Planetside sessions on the site itself since it's really just footage of me screwing around in a game, rather than an actual edited video meant to be more watchable, or answering questions people have from the videochat. I see this stuff as a way to do something with fans, but mostly throwaway material otherwise. I'll still keep posting all the sessions to the Accursed Farms Junk Youtube channel, but not make further announcements here unless something more major is going on (like we end up switching to Zombie Panic!). Anyway, work is continuing on the next Game Dungeon, more updates before Halloween!
  9. New Game Dungeon, a week and a half late again! I'm honestly amazed with how long this one ended up being. I thought it would be about 10 minutes or less, but ended up a lot longer, though I think it was more tightly arranged than some other Game Dungeon episode. I'll have at least one more video for Halloween, hopefully more than one. I'm also considering doing something on twitch on the 30th if people are interested, though I'm still trying to figure out what (and only if I'll have free time). There definitely won't be as many Halloween videos as there were last year because I'll be busy with all kinds of things, but a lot more videos are coming in the future!
  10. Here's the latest videochat, I had a few more announcements this time: -More Game Dungeons coming, one in the next few days, at least one more for Halloween, hopefully more than that. -The game The Crew (an open world driving game) is free to own until October 11th. I encourage anyone interested to grab it and hopefully crack it in the long term, as I think this game is going to be killed within 4 years. -If you're a graphic designer interested in submitting layout ideas for the website redesign, go ahead and email me ([email protected]). -Alternately, if you have a legal background on consumer law for any European countries (or any other country that has relatively strong consumer laws), go ahead and email me also, as I'm trying to determine if the current practice of killing games that people have paid money for technically violates some laws in some countries. -Assuming I get done with the Game Dungeon episodes early, I'm considering doing something on Twitch for Halloween if anyone has any ideas. I think my mind may have been a bit scrambled for the rest of the video, but maybe not, I'll let you be the judge.
  11. Well I was hoping to have a new Game Dungeon out today, but since that's not going to happen (it'll be a few more days), here's a much-delayed Dead Game News episode. This is essentially 3 months' worth of news, so I ended up trimming it down a bit. In the future, I may try to get some editing assistance to improve the quality a bit without having it eat into my time. Hopefully it will be a while before the next episode for the right reasons. Also as a reminder, the next fan videochat is tomorrow on October 1st, 4pm EST on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast, you still have a chance to submit questions here, or email me.
  12. Deus Ex concludes! If I had known how much time these episodes would have ended up taking me, I think I would have poured it into something a little more worthwhile, but as always, my motto is it's better to regret things you have done than things you haven't. I originally thought this episode was going to be about the same length as Invisible War, but upon replaying parts of it, so much about it that formed my opinions of the game became really obvious, so I felt compelled to point it out. Anyway, I originally hoped to have this done about 2.5 weeks ago, so I've been working pretty much nonstop trying to catch up. For the near future, I'm going to try my best to respond to people who contacted me, get more work done on the movie, start the next Game Dungeon, the offshoot of it, and hopefully get more progress done on the website. Lots to do! EDIT: Because the episode ended up so long, I cut some things out. Some things I didn't mention: -All game footage from DX:HR is as-is. I didn't exaggerate the colors in any way in editing (I did brighten the CGI cutscenes a little bit because they were a tad dark, but that's it). -This game offers 3 different forms of antialiasing, all of which do about the same thing, none of which will process the scene completely. I was able to brute force SSAA, which looked pretty good, but caused smearing at the top of the screen. -If the HUD looks small it's because I was using downsampling to make the image look a little better. Despite being a modern game, the HUD does NOT scale with resolution! This means as resolutions get higher and higher, the HUD will become almost unreadable. -I was going to make an analogy of the story being like Lord of The Rings, except with no Sauron, no armies, no magic rings, and instead being about a cultural divide among Middle Earth about whether people should wear rings or not, because when you wear 4 on one hand, you can punch better. -The entire internet talked about the boss fight inflexibility, so I didn't feel a need to, plus it was never that big a deal for me since if you had been playing the game like a slasher movie villain, this wasn't a problem. I think the more interesting point of all this is that game development is on such a level now that they need to outsource to other areas in order to complete such a large project. -I was going to include more information for people who think peak oil isn't a problem anymore due to the surge in US reserves. This is a complex topic and take times to explain, but the short version is our proven reserves have been vastly overestimated and there are economic barriers to extracting that could bring the economy down even if there is still plenty of oil in the ground. CHEAP oil is a big part of the equation.
  13. Here's the latest Planetside 2 footage, for those that are interested. We ended up conquering a continent this time, though it probably wasn't because of us. I'm still brainstorming ways to try and spice up the game in the future. I'd like to try and set up a mobile base, but that may take more coordination than we currently have. AMore real videos coming in the near future, hopefully one this month.
  14. Here's part 2 of covering the Deus Ex games. This one isn't as serious as the last episode; really, I think the last Deus Ex is likely going to be a high water mark for the series as far as serious as I prefer to focus on more fun stuff. I really thought this episode was going to go faster than it did, but there was more to say about it than I originally anticipated. In any event, I'll be moving on to Human Revolution as soon as possible after this. It's my hope to have the next one done before the videochat on September 3rd, but I'll just have to see what's possible. On that note, you can post here or email me if you have questions for the next videochat. Also, in case anyone is wondering, I'm not intentionally trying to ignore anyone since I'm sure the last episode stirred up a lot of comments, but I've been spending all my available time trying to get the current videos done, so I'm largely putting off going through comments until I'm done with all three videos. More coming!
  15. Here's the September chat with fans. This one was conducted under some levels of sleep deprivation, but I managed to make it through. There's nothing too critical discussed, mostly my plans for the next videos after Deus Ex and a bunch of fan questions this time. Next Game Dungeon coming in a few days, I hope!
  16. Subtitles: English Deus Ex! While I knew this one was going to take a while, I seriously wasn't prepared for how much this one was going to put me through the wringer. I think I've probably put more time in on this episode than any other Game Dungeon, there were just so many parts to cover. I really have been working around the clock on this for I'm not even sure how long now. My original plan was to have all three Deus Ex games covered before the new one comes out, but I can see now that won't be possible, but I still plan to finish them and will get them out as soon as I can. I can say with certainty the next two will be shorter overall and likely lighter in tone. This episode got more serious than I normally like to get for Game Dungeon, but come on, it's Deus Ex. Next episode coming semi-soon!
  17. Here's footage from the latest Planetside 2 play session. This one was a little different as we ended up mixing up the gameplay some. I honestly would have cancelled this one if it hadn't been planned in advance as I'm still working non-stop on the next Game Dungeon videos. I'll definitely have at least one more Planetside 2 session in the future, but I admit the overall gameplay is starting to feel more anti-climactic, so I think we may have to come up with more ideas to make it more interesting, although if the turnout is similar to this session, we could just look into an alternate game also. Anyway, new Game Dungeon coming out soon!
  18. Here's the latest videochat with fans. I didn't have much in the way of announcements this time, aside from more Game Dungeon videos are coming, though people had several interesting questions. Coming up soon (the 13th) is the next Planetside 2 session. I don't have much more to say than that right now aside from expect more videos in the next couple weeks!
  19. More Game Dungeon! Once again, this one is running late, though I'm relatively happy with how it came out. This one is on the short side comparatively, but I never really intended for every episode to be a marathon session the way some of them have. Next up is the Deus Ex trilogy, while it still remains one, which isn't for long. I've also fallen behind on Dead Games News, but will see about having another episode out at some point. Also, as a reminder, the next videochat is at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast on August 7th at 4pm EST. You can submit topics you'd like me to discuss here. PREMIERE PUZZLER: EDIT: Problem solved, thanks to "Xrott" the issue was Premiere was using a 0.5 pixel axis origin. So not exactly a bug so much as something I wouldn't consider great default behavior. I feel kind of dumb about this, but glad it was solved. Here's the rest of the original post below: - - - I actually ran into a very notable bug in Adobe Premiere when trying to make this episode, it was on such a fundamental level, I was a little shocked it exists, it reminds me of the sorts of problems I would run into on the Source engine. I was trying to import an image file with fine pixel details and Premiere WOULD NOT output this image correctly. I doublechecked every setting I could think of, but it came out wrong every single time. This happened on both Premiere CS5 and CS6. I had to use an elaborate workaround to fix this issue. It makes me wonder if this has affected some of my past videos also. For those interested, here's the problem: When importing an image with fine pixel details, it should appear like this: Instead, Premiere would always display it like this (not just in the preview, but also in lossless RGB video output also): Keep in mind the above pictures have been zoomed in for visibility, there was no additional scaling applied inside Premiere itself. I honestly have no idea why this is happening. If anyone can confirm a solution, let me know. Here is the original image available for download if you want to experiment. My guess is this is strictly a problem with Premiere and other video editors don't have this problem, but it definitely surprised me for such a well known piece of software and for such a fundamental function.
  20. ekket


    Here's another originally unplanned video to accompany the original unplanned video! This is a followup video to the last Ross Rants episode, since I felt like there was enough commentary from people to warrant it, plus I had some new information to add. There's nothing crucial in here if you didn't have any trouble following the last one, btu that wasn't the case for everyone. I originally planned for this one to take much less time, but all the minor diagram editing really ended up ballooning the time. In any event, it's done, so here it is. Right now my plan is to have at least one more Game Dungeon this month before moving into the Deus Ex series, however, I can't promise any dates at this point. While rendering parts of this video, my computer completely froze up. I'm fairly sure it was due to the CPU overheating. Despite having a custom cooler and what I thought was decent case airflow, it's apparently still not enough to tame it. I'm currently running my system with the case off and a fan blowing on it. In light of this, it's just a reminder to me how technical setbacks can crop up, however I'll try to have more videos out as soon as I can. In any event, I don't have future plans to cover any more VR, I feel like I nailed it down between this and the last one.
  21. Here's the footage from the latest playsession again. Unfortunately this is the lower quality footage with no in-game sound. While I did record those both locally, they're unfortunately out of sync with the twitch stream I think in about a hundred places and it's just not worth it for me to correct it like I did with the last feed, I'd rather spend that time on more of the real videos. I think eventually I'll come up with a better method of recording everything, but until then, this is what I have. I tried to timestamp a few of the highlights. The next play session will be Emerald server on Augusth 13th, at 2pm EST again. I may try something different next time to make the game a little more interesting, I'll see. In the meantime, more videos are coming before too long!
  22. Behold The Chosen: Well of Souls! I'm over a full week late with this episode than I was intending to, though in my defense, it grew into a monstrosity I wasn't expecting. I originally thought this episode would be around 15 minutes, but it grew into a whopping 42 minutes as I found there was so much I wanted to say about it that I didn't want to leave out. While I cut material out of every episode that I think isn't the most vital, The Chosen is so packed full of "why did they do this" moments, that it was harder for me to leave so many out of the video. This really took a lot of time for me to do editing-wise, so I think the next episode will almost certainly be a shorter one, although I have lots of stuff planned. I'd say it's safe to expect more videos this month, though The Chosen should remind me never to promise deadlines since I often underestimate how much work a video needs by a few dozen hours. In any event, I'm looking forward to getting more out! Also something not mentioned in the video is those shaman guys will resurrect each other in a potentially endless cycle. EDIT: I also meant to add this episode may have my favorite ending of any Game Dungeon so far.
  23. Well I would have put this video off if it wasn't already pre-planned since I'm in the middle of working on others, but here it is. The short version is more Game Dungeons are coming soon! I don't have a 4th of July video planned this year I'm afraid, though I hope to again eventually. Expect a new Game Dungeon in a couple days, and more after that. More videos! Aaaaaah
  24. New video, finally! I've been wanting to make this episode for a month or two, although I was holding off until new videocards were announced last month as it's relevant to this topic (it's discussed in the video). If things had gone a little differently, I wouldn't have made this, because I wouldn't have thought it necessary. Unfortunately, things drifted into rant territory instead, so here it is! This is the longest Ross Rants I've made so far and will likely be the longest for some time to come. I wasn't trying to make it long, I just had a lot to say, some of which you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere on the internet. I pretty much unloaded almost all my thoughts on VR that have been building up for a long time now. As you'll see in the video, I'm partially obsessed with the topic and have a love / hate attitude towards the medium that I'm trying to reconcile. Anyway, I hope my drive towards it ignites in other people, particularly 3D programmers. The next video will be a Game Dungeon. I hope to have it out in under a week, but I'll just have to see how it goes.
  25. ekket

    End of June update

    Well I have some bad news in that I'm running late on the next Game Dungeon. I just can't see it being finished by tomorrow. I intended to have it done this month, but it's going to take a couple more days. I do intend to have multiple Game Dungeons for July however, and I plan on posting a short follow-up video a little later to the latest Ross Rants since some confusion + good questions were brought up that I wanted to address. Also a reminder, the next videochat will be on July 3rd at 4pm EST at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can either email me or post any additional questions / topics you have in the comments below. I can't promise which will come out first, the videochat, or the next Game Dungeon, but they should both be pretty close to one another. Also the next Planetside 2 play session will be on July 16th at 2pm EST on the Emerald server, also on twitch. That's it for now. Expect several more Game Dungeons coming both July and August!

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