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    Here's another originally unplanned video to accompany the original unplanned video! This is a followup video to the last Ross Rants episode, since I felt like there was enough commentary from people to warrant it, plus I had some new information to add. There's nothing crucial in here if you didn't have any trouble following the last one, btu that wasn't the case for everyone. I originally planned for this one to take much less time, but all the minor diagram editing really ended up ballooning the time. In any event, it's done, so here it is. Right now my plan is to have at least one more Game Dungeon this month before moving into the Deus Ex series, however, I can't promise any dates at this point. While rendering parts of this video, my computer completely froze up. I'm fairly sure it was due to the CPU overheating. Despite having a custom cooler and what I thought was decent case airflow, it's apparently still not enough to tame it. I'm currently running my system with the case off and a fan blowing on it. In light of this, it's just a reminder to me how technical setbacks can crop up, however I'll try to have more videos out as soon as I can. In any event, I don't have future plans to cover any more VR, I feel like I nailed it down between this and the last one.
  2. Here's the footage from the latest playsession again. Unfortunately this is the lower quality footage with no in-game sound. While I did record those both locally, they're unfortunately out of sync with the twitch stream I think in about a hundred places and it's just not worth it for me to correct it like I did with the last feed, I'd rather spend that time on more of the real videos. I think eventually I'll come up with a better method of recording everything, but until then, this is what I have. I tried to timestamp a few of the highlights. The next play session will be Emerald server on Augusth 13th, at 2pm EST again. I may try something different next time to make the game a little more interesting, I'll see. In the meantime, more videos are coming before too long!
  3. Behold The Chosen: Well of Souls! I'm over a full week late with this episode than I was intending to, though in my defense, it grew into a monstrosity I wasn't expecting. I originally thought this episode would be around 15 minutes, but it grew into a whopping 42 minutes as I found there was so much I wanted to say about it that I didn't want to leave out. While I cut material out of every episode that I think isn't the most vital, The Chosen is so packed full of "why did they do this" moments, that it was harder for me to leave so many out of the video. This really took a lot of time for me to do editing-wise, so I think the next episode will almost certainly be a shorter one, although I have lots of stuff planned. I'd say it's safe to expect more videos this month, though The Chosen should remind me never to promise deadlines since I often underestimate how much work a video needs by a few dozen hours. In any event, I'm looking forward to getting more out! Also something not mentioned in the video is those shaman guys will resurrect each other in a potentially endless cycle. EDIT: I also meant to add this episode may have my favorite ending of any Game Dungeon so far.
  4. Well I would have put this video off if it wasn't already pre-planned since I'm in the middle of working on others, but here it is. The short version is more Game Dungeons are coming soon! I don't have a 4th of July video planned this year I'm afraid, though I hope to again eventually. Expect a new Game Dungeon in a couple days, and more after that. More videos! Aaaaaah
  5. New video, finally! I've been wanting to make this episode for a month or two, although I was holding off until new videocards were announced last month as it's relevant to this topic (it's discussed in the video). If things had gone a little differently, I wouldn't have made this, because I wouldn't have thought it necessary. Unfortunately, things drifted into rant territory instead, so here it is! This is the longest Ross Rants I've made so far and will likely be the longest for some time to come. I wasn't trying to make it long, I just had a lot to say, some of which you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere on the internet. I pretty much unloaded almost all my thoughts on VR that have been building up for a long time now. As you'll see in the video, I'm partially obsessed with the topic and have a love / hate attitude towards the medium that I'm trying to reconcile. Anyway, I hope my drive towards it ignites in other people, particularly 3D programmers. The next video will be a Game Dungeon. I hope to have it out in under a week, but I'll just have to see how it goes.
  6. ekket

    End of June update

    Well I have some bad news in that I'm running late on the next Game Dungeon. I just can't see it being finished by tomorrow. I intended to have it done this month, but it's going to take a couple more days. I do intend to have multiple Game Dungeons for July however, and I plan on posting a short follow-up video a little later to the latest Ross Rants since some confusion + good questions were brought up that I wanted to address. Also a reminder, the next videochat will be on July 3rd at 4pm EST at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can either email me or post any additional questions / topics you have in the comments below. I can't promise which will come out first, the videochat, or the next Game Dungeon, but they should both be pretty close to one another. Also the next Planetside 2 play session will be on July 16th at 2pm EST on the Emerald server, also on twitch. That's it for now. Expect several more Game Dungeons coming both July and August!
  7. Here's the stream from the latest Planetside 2 session. This one is higher quality than the last one as I was able to merge two different feeds, so it's at 1080p and has the game sound also, however I can't promise it will be that way next time. The OBS stream got out of sync twice and was out of sync with the other game footage recording at least a dozen times. The webcam feed isn't 100% in sync with everything else, but it's very close. Anyway, this one started off with me bumbling around, but ended up pretty well with a large uphill battle. It never really resolved itself, but there were some good battle moments in it. New video should be coming in a couple days!
  8. Surprise Dead Game News update! I really wasn't planning on making another episode so soon since I'm in the middle of working on other videos, but seeing as how the Planetside 2 play session is also today, I felt like I had to get this out ASAP. Planetside is shutting down! This definitely gives me conflicted feelings about doing the play sessions in Planetside 2, I talk about it in the video and will no doubt mention it more in the livestream today.
  9. This is just an update to remind people the Planetside 2 play session is on the 18th at 2pm EST. Assuming nothing melts down, it will be on the Emerald server and you can follow along on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. In other news, I've filmed the next Ross Rants (3.5 hours of shooting that need to be edited down), but still need to process everything. As much as I'd like to have it be done this weekend, it will probably be until at least Monday due to all the editing involved. I will say I get a little more worked up in this one than previous ones. After that's done, I'll get started on the next Game Dungeon.
  10. Subtitles: English Dead Game News yet again! I have to say, when I started this, I really didn't think the news would be this frequent. The pace games are being killed off is a little insane. I increased my standards slightly this time and added screenshots of a few of the titles, and also used footage recorded by someone else that was sent to me. I'm still open to your game footage being used for some of the videos, but it has to be relatively high quality and not particularly distracting or full of spoilers. Anyway, I hope to have at least two normal videos this month.
  11. Here's the latest videochat. Nothing too important, mostly just some news that more videos are coming (I'm currently working on 3), and a reminder about the next Planetside 2 session (June 18th, 2pm EST). I tried to be more discerning about which questions got answered and thus was able to get through things a little faster this time. Not much else to say that's not in the video, back to work on the other videos!
  12. ekket

    Early June News 2016

    Hey everyone, as an update, I have a few announcements. First, the next videochat with fans will be on June 5th, at 4pm EST on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I'll put the stream on up on Youtube afterwards. If you have any questions or topics you want covered, either reply to this thread or email [email protected] Next, I have a date for the next Planetside 2 session. It will be on June 18th, at 2pm EST on the Emerald server. I THINK it will go okay, but if you had difficulty joining last time, I recommend joining a different continent next time and you'll probably still get a chance to play. I'll discuss this more when I do the videochat. In the meantime, I've been catching up on a massive amount of emails and slowly getting more prepwork done for future videos and work done on the movie itself. This month I hope to have another Ross Rants and at least one Game Dungeon, hopefully several more videos, but I don't want to promise anything in terms of dates. I'm looking forward to working on all the stuff I have planned, it's just a matter of grinding through it.
  13. I've been awfully busy lately on prepwork for more videos, but the news on dead games piled up so much I couldn't put it off much longer. So here it is! I'm kind of cynical on the topic, but the frequency of dead game news is even higher than I was anticipating. I'm hoping it slows down some. I'll have some updates in a day or two, in the meantime, work is being done on the movie and more videos.
  14. Subtitles: English If you've been following the website lately, this is nothing new you don't already know about, but here's the official announcement video for the two side channels I've set up recently, Dead Game News, and Accursed Farms Junk. MANY more people watch the Youtube channel than come to the site, so I thought I should have a small announcement on it there also. I don't have any other small videos like this planned currently, so the next video will probably be either Ross Rants or Game Dungeon (assuming the next videochat doesn't come first). No time estimate on either I'm afraid, but more is being worked on!
  15. Some more updates! First, here is the other channel I was planning to launch, Accursed Farms Junk: It's pretty much what it sounds like. This is the extra content I have lying around that I feel isn't substantial enough for the main channel, but some people might still be interested in it. Besides the intro, I've uploaded some older videos I had lying around where I did some stuff with Tom White from the Youtube channel Weird Videogames. Additionally, the first playsession with fans for Planetside 2 is now up here: The quality came out a bit low due to issues with OBS again. The sound comes out of sync towards the end also due to OBS also. I didn't feel like editing and repairing it the way I do with the videochats. Welcome to Accursed Farms Junk. I have an idea for possibly increasing the quality on future recordings, but it will take some experimenting. None of the sound to the game is included (just me talking), but I may be able to add that in the future also. The session went better than I expected, although I'm still trying to determine the full story of how it played out. Many people were unable to join me on the continent I was on most of the time, though that was to be expected. I hope those who weren't able to join me were able to still play the game on another continent however. If not, let me know how bad the wait time was. I did end up stopping the game sooner than I planned since we had multiple server crashes, though I was feeling a little worn down from it after about 2 hours, mostly because I'm not used to talking continuously while playing a game. I might be able to build up my stamina in the future however. Anyway, assuming nothing went seriously wrong, we'll have another session sometime next month, I'm still figuring out the date. I think things will flow a little better next time. I initially set a delay on the twitch stream since I was anticipating the stream being used against me, but it ended up not being too much of an issue and I think it probably hurt things more than it helped. I've also been talking with the outfit that helped us (VCO) and have come up with some ideas to make the gameplay more interesting if the normal plan gets a little stale. In the meantime, I should have another small video introducing the new channels on Youtube soon, otherwise, it's back to work on getting future videos out, the movie, another Ross Rants and more Game Dungeon.
  16. More dead game news! I wasn't planning on having another one quite so soon, but a lot came up. Includes info on some mobile games, a MOBA, Hearthstone element, Disney Infinity, and Project Spark. Also as a reminder, the Planetside 2 play session is tomorrow at 2pm EST (details on it are in the Planetside 2 recruitment video description).
  17. INTRO I mentioned in the last videochat an idea I've been having in my head a little while now of possibly covering the news on games that are dying or being brought back from the dead due to how prevalent the practice of killing games is. Well I've cobbled together and attempt at doing this and have created a new channel devoted to the topic. I plan to announce Dead Game News on the main channel probably some time next week after the Planetside session, but in the meantime you get to see it early by coming to the site here. In addition to creating an intro for the channel (before realizing Youtube disabled that feature), you can see the first episode, also above. Just as a disclaimer, I intend for this to take up an absolute minimum of my time. As long as you don't expect much more than random gameplay footage + me talking over it, you shouldn't be disappointed. I've intentionally created a separate channel for this as the production quality will be lower than what you can expect on the regular channel. I don't expect people to flock to this, my main focus is still going to be my regular videos like Game Dungeon and my ongoing movie project, but I hope this ends up serving as a sort of chronology of just how many games are being killed. Also, to avoid any confusion, this is NOT the "campaign" I was planning to try and get the practice of killing games to end (especially from EA), that's something separate that is going to take more time to plan out. In the meantime, some of you may find this interesting. If you have news on a game being killed or brought back, go ahead and email me, alternately I may be interested in gameplay footage people may want to contribute if I like it visually. News will be updated approximately whenever I find out more of it and am not super busy with something else. On that note, more work resumes on the other videos!
  18. Here's the latest videochat! Many topics were covered this time, including more news on the Planetside 2 play session, discussion about the Nostalrius server, some other possible video plans, whether I should use twitter (for announcements only) and of course, many fan questions. This session had more technical problems than normal, at one point I thought I almost lost 90% of the chat, but was only able to recover it due to me changing twitch to auto-save just before the broadcast started.
  19. Join me in Planetside 2! I originally planned to have this video out a couple weeks ago, but as usual for me, better late than never. Besides giving a rundown on what this is all about and relevant information, I also included a tutorial for people who have never played Planetside 2 before. I hope we get a large volume of people and things don't melt down. In case you miss it, the game will start on May 15th, at 2pm EST on the Emerald Server. It will also be livestreamed at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. The next videos will be a little slow to come out (besides the monthly videochat), but I'm working to get all kinds of stuff coming in the future. In the meantime, I'll see some of you in Planetside! EDIT: I made two important mistakes in the video! 1. There is an easier way to get to some battles! You can "serial spawn" where you repeatedly spawn closer and closer to the base you want, waiting 10 seconds in between. I didn't know that! 2. Apparently each base DOES have a vehicle terminal, but some may need an engineer to repair them.
  20. I forgot to mention in the last videochat the date of the next one. In general I'm doing it on the first Sunday of each month, so the next will be in about a week on May 1st, at 4pm EST at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can leave additional questions or topics you'd like me to try to cover here in the comments below. I plan on discussing the Nostalrius server incident some in the beginning also. In other news, the Planetside 2 recruitment video is getting close to being finished, I'm guessing 2 days maximum. I was hoping to have it done by now, but the tutorial got more involved than I planned and I wanted to make sure people won't be lost. After that, my time will be split multiple ways between catching up on emails, getting other projects slowly prepared, working on the movie, and VERY slowly working on the next Game Dungeon. I'm staying busy one way or another!
  21. New game dungeon! This has been one I've been wanting to make for a while, I think it came out pretty well. In the last videochat, I predicted it would come out in 3 days. I honestly believed that, since I thought it was "mostly" done. Here it is a week and a half later, with me working most of the time on it, with it FINALLY being finished. It honestly astounds me how much time the small simple things end up taking. I run into so many things that should conceptually only take about 10 minutes that end up taking 1.5 hours for one reason or another. Or else they will take 10 minutes, but then I realize I'm forgetting 10 other small parts also. On that note, after the next video, I plan to really catch up on email and help offers so I can be more efficient on future videos, but I have lots of stuff planned. For the immediate future, expect the next video to be a Planetside 2 "recruitment" video for a hopefully monthly play session with fans I hope to get started sometime this month. In the meantime, enjoy Rama!
  22. Here's the latest videochat, many topics discussed! Also in this video is a followup to the Ross Rants: Robot Jobs video from not long ago if you want to hear more about that (it starts at 6:07). As for the highlights, the next Game Dungeon will hopefully be out in a few days, then I'll be working on the Planetside 2 Recruitment video. I also hope to make a huge dent in emails and getting other projects underway this month. It's possible I'll have an additional Game Dungeon this month, but I can't say for certain yet. More stuff coming either way!
  23. Back by popular demand! Moon Gaming returns in another episode. You may want to check this one out, even if you weren't a fan of the original, as this one happened to deal with many of the criticisms of the previous one. Also, the next videochat is at 4pm EST on April 3rd at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast
  24. ekket

    GOGcast appearance

    I was on the GOGcast a couple weeks ago where we talked about various topics, but games dying in particular. For those that don't know, GOG.com is an online store that sells games without any DRM. They're also known for getting a lot of older titles runnable again on modern systems. Anyway, the format is structured a lot like the Co-Optional podcast I was on earlier. I think there was a lot of good discussion, although we may have gone in circles a little too much talking about games being killed, but it's obviously something I can get carried away on. More videos coming before too long!
  25. ekket

    End of March update

    Well I have some minor bad news. First, I ran into some complications with the next Game Dungeon and it's going to have to be delayed several days. My plan is to get it released shortly after the next videochat. Second, I received so many varied comments on the Robot Jobs video, I was going to create a followup video to that. Unfortunately the footage to that got screwed up, so I decided to scrap it. I'll try and address some of the bigger followup comments I had when I do the videochat on April 3, however. Speaking of the videochat, if you have questions for the next videochat, you can post them in the comments below.

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