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  1. No, but I'd like to try when/if it becomes feasible for me. TPBM likes space.
  2. Birdcages are a running theme throughout the movie. The major plot twist is everything is inside a giant birdcage. The LEGO Movie
  3. StarCraft: Remastered Played a few games against a friend. I suck at the game, though. In fact, I'm worse at it than I ever was at StarCraft II But I keep going back because I don't like to give up.
  4. I suspect everyone does it if they want to play a particularly old game and they don't have the money to shell out for a console that can run it. Not weird to me at all. Is it weird that the only game mode that I really enjoy in Minecraft is Hardcore?
  5. Quicksilver becomes a Hulk. Star Trek
  6. Yep. Only to play ROM hacks of old Sonic the Hedgehog games, though. Although I guess the Nintendo Virtual Console is technically an emulator too, isn't it...? If we count that, then I guess I play lots of games on them. TPBM hates RTS games.
  7. The cops are robots! Everybody run! Transformers
  8. Going up to my Xbox One to play Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with a couple of friends.
  9. Rubik's Cube. Could never solve one of these to save my life... Maybe that will change.
  10. Akamia

    Fill the blanks

    To Gallifrey and onward! My ____ for ____!
  11. "Oh, Jesus, dude, that was a TERRIBLE attempt."
  12. Akamia

    Fill the blanks

    Post a robot with blank spots, and the next person has to build in the corner. Use underscores as materials Use as few fingers as you like to use in a machine "There's a _____ in my ____!"
  13. Akamia

    Fallout 76

    I remember when Star Wars Galaxies did that. Well, something similar at any rate. Unfortunately, that was shut down in favor of a WoW clone. Not that it wasn't on death row already.
  14. __ADnTdhR68 Everyone is coming back! And we're going to be seeing a few new faces, too! What are you guys thoughts on this one? Those of you who play Smash, anyway? Me, I'm the most excited I've been since Mega Man's reveal for Smash 4. In my humble opinion, if this game is getting a story mode, it will be the perfect Smash Bros. game at this point.
  15. A racing movie. One where the cars can drive by themselves. The protagonist wins by doing absolutely nothing. Kung Fu Panda
  16. Fallout: New Vegas I got Cass killed. Now I'm sad. I want to do the main quest line a bit, but to get into the Strip, I need either 2000 caps or 80 Science skill (of which I have 70 currently) to get past the Securitron guarding the entrance. Until I got the points I need in Science, I was hoping maybe I could get the caps I need by beating people at Caravan, only for me to be reminded that I suck at Caravan. The rules of the game (as they are explained in my Pip-Boy) are unclear to me. I'm going to look up a tutorial on YouTube. Maybe seeing a demonstration will help me understand.
  17. Monster Hunter World Lunastra Must Die!
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