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  1. On 7/2/2021 at 5:46 PM, Rarefoil said:

    My original question, however, was not even close to that scenario [...] But I was not doing the scenario you suggested, that would definitely be subterfuge.

    My mistake, I definitely misunderstood what you were asking.


    For what you actually meant, I don't think it would be a big deal personally, but there's obviously no hard "rule" on that and each person you ask would probably have a different opinion. If you were really worried about being accused of something, maybe just in the re-posting of the question mention that you deleted the original and are deciding to re-ask it with a different phrasing since you felt like you poorly worded it the first time and wanted to ensure it got a fair chance or something.

  2. On 7/1/2021 at 3:38 AM, Rarefoil said:

    I guess I might as well ask another question: is it also socially acceptable in terms of these Videochat Questions to ask the same question across multiple months, if the previous times it didn't get enough votes to be considered? Maybe wording it better so that your point is better communicated? I mean, after the 5th time you should obviously go "it's not happening, time to retire this question" but what about just 2 or 3 times? 


    *And I guess to be more specific, when I say "socially accetable" I more mean "will I look annoying?"



    Well, I'm guessing your original question is asking if it's alright to post one question that may garner more popularity and be subsequently upvoted more, only to edit it later with the question you really meant to ask. I think whether that's appropriate or not is self explanatory.


    As far as re-asking each month, Ross has said before in other chats to "try again" if your question didn't get addressed, so I don't see a problem with that myself personally. You can also try sticking around until the end of the live video chats (or try to show up near the end) and try to pose your question live.

  3. On 6/29/2021 at 4:40 PM, Im_CIA said:

    well I read it as "delivery driver in heat" so I had a few questions about that


    On 6/29/2021 at 6:38 PM, The Britain said:

    I have many questions.


    Delivery driver mating season.

  4. Yeah I saw it as well before it disappeared. Something about being a delivery driver and heat. It was the accounts only post, so they must have really hated their job just to make an account to mention it.


    We may never know what truly happened...

  5. 11 hours ago, Im_CIA said:

    I'm actually a volunteer metsuke. I will have to write you up for spilling the beans


    Or, maybe everything I've said is all part of my plan and you are playing into my hands this very moment...


    9 hours ago, BTGBullseye said:

    The simple acknowledgement that I am a weird person that wants to see every iteration of a comment's history is sufficient reward.


    It works out as a win-win then, because out of all the "random-rhetorical-questions-I-may-ask-myself-in-a-day-that-don't-matter-in-the-scheme-of things-and-don't-ever-expect-to-actually-get-the-answer-to-in-the-first-place", this is one of the rare few that did indeed receive an answer in my lifetime so far.

  6. 44 minutes ago, BTGBullseye said:

    All that editing for a single "s".


    Oddly enough, when I added that "s" (because the lack of it irrationally bothered me for whatever reason after looking at it), I actually thought to myself "I wonder if anyone will check the edit history and see that it was one single letter that has been changed", but I didn't think they would actually call me out on it. Now I know the answer. I'd give you a prize if I had one.

  7. On 6/15/2021 at 12:02 PM, Im_CIA said:

    Who is @Generic-User? Why does it have permission to add things to the the game list? 




    The truth is out there.


    I'm one of Ross's mystery volunteers. He has me input entries into the games list for him, primarily in batches.


    Or am I...?

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