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  1. Pass: Not my type of game.
  2. Pass: I tried on four separate occasions to get into it.
  3. Fantastic: This is one of my favorite games. It's more of a roleplay game than a strategy game though.
  4. Hazy: Good Music, Unique Settings, Underdeveloped mechanics, Incoherent story
  5. Doubt: Plays like Fallout 2 but something is missing.
  6. Pass: This is why procedurally generated Metroidvanias are not a good idea.
  7. Pass: Very boring in single player
  8. Good/Great: Interesting puzzle space
  9. Fantastic: Perhaps Wadjet's best.
  10. Good/Great: The unnerving setting is the best part.
  11. Fantastic: Very good story with great characters.
  12. Good/Great: Wish more games explore mechanics involving the tradeoff between money and powers.
  13. Love/Hate: Enjoyed it until I lost an hour a progress during a puzzle.
  14. Good/Great: Feels like one of those games that would have a fantastic sequel.
  15. Pass: Unique limb system just makes the game tedious and slow.
  16. Pass: Not my type of game.
  17. Fantastic: Likeable characters in a neat meta setting. Guess Teen drama doesn't grate on me as much as it does to Ross.
  18. Good/Great: Solid Metroidvania in a cool setting and an interesting but undeveloped death mechanic.
  19. Good/Great: Enjoyed the survival exploration. Last 1/4 of the game kind of a slog.
  20. Good/Great: Solid platform shooter with a interesting characters. All hail Bunny Lord!
  21. Good/Great: Interesting realized concept. Beat it out of sheer luck.
  22. Pass: Way too frustrating for me.
  23. Good/Great: Decent puzzle game
  24. Love/Hate: Nice Aesthetics but annoying level design.
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