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  1. Sin is a solid episode, reminded me of Messiah and Apocalyptica. Not a good one or a masterpiece.

    And I was as surprised as you when Ross didn't make a joke about potty pigeon while controling a pigeon. Also I don't get why Ross became telling the story about some turtles in the middle of the episode.

  2. Here post all interesting things from GD you've found. Here is what i dug up:

    - Phantasmagoria 2 episode is full of interesting moments and hidden jokes, like "still have to kill time" in the story about murdering, and "call youself" before you know it's a real Curtis. But here is something: in the half of the last second of Game Dungeon splash intro appears "ETERNAM" name. I am not sure why is it here thou.

    - this one blew me away, in the Bip Bop II episode, exactly at 6 minute of the episode Ross said that this is not the last time we see possessed teddy bear in this show. And almost a year after in Boppin' episode he showed those possessed teddy bears again! So Ross knew he was going to make an episode about Boppin' or he did it back there and kept it hidden before release.

  3. Ok, Ross almost redeemed himself with Daemonica episode - it's a solid one. Except he might have used that voice he used in Veil of Darkness when he voiced over talking tree or bartender - I love this part. Every time I watch Veil of Darkness I playback several times over those lines, especially when Chuck burns the tree.

    And wow three episodes almost one hour length in a row - I like that!

  4. Did Ross lost his passion for making videos?

    There were ok series before, but not like several in a row.

    Harry Buster - trash, Black Future 88 - crap, Hedgehog heroes - made by the book, Clans - "this episode is not bad", Hellgate London - well despite unappealing looking game which affected this episode, at first it was good episode, but when Ross begun talking like whiny ass along with devil voice - the level of awkwardness reached the limit where I felt cringy and like turning off the episode.

    I almost never felt cringe watching Game Dungeon before. Wtf RROSSS?! I almost never felt jokes and funny things told by Ross forced. Am I the odd one here?

    I there were episodes where Ross did his voice as whiny ass like in Cave Saga - but the episode is gold. One of my favorite.

    There were episodes where Ross screamed like DIE-DIE in Still not dead. But I never felt that it was forced.

    But in the past several episodes I feel like Ross lost something.

    I also thinking about making rating table for Game Dungeon, where I can share which episodes are a gods gift and which are just crap.

  5. 3 hours ago, kerdios said:

    don't you have to, for instance, pay to unlock a fire extinguisher? or to buy special ammo?

    I never understood people complaining about it. It's not really that big of a deal. I mean yeah, they might have give 1 extinguisher at least but it's not that bad. But introducing a tank than no other tank at the same battle rating can shoot in face straight and it one shots you - yes, this is bad.

    Still, it's better than WOT.

  6. I didn't play a few years, I dropped the game right before Gaijins introduced navy and choppers, so I don't remember each p2w machine, but:

    - american tank T29 or T30 - don't remember exactly which one, purely p2w;

    - KV-220, I got it for some quest ingame, very strong vehicle;

    There were more, I just don't remember.

  7. I used to play for 5 year in WarThunder or so. This is a good game with some flaws which got worse during game development: crappy balance - at first it was just bad and almost no pay to win, but later definitely pay to win units appeared, progression was slow but ok, BUT devs keep adding new machines and even types like choppers, but don't boost exp points or even cut gain. But it's still good, I like the game mechanic way better than wot as for me.

  8. On 3/31/2020 at 7:03 AM, Misagh said:

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay - Director's Cut (Starbreeze Studios, 2004)

    Why this game didn't shot? This is the best shooter in 2004 as for me, far, FAR better than ten thousand times over rated half-life2.

    It has cinematic story, the best graphics for the year which still looks good, voice acting is stellar, music that burns ears, crowd stealth, choice between how to play a level, melee fights, weapons than leaves holes in bodies, screaming like little girls guards when you operate a giant robot, mutants, betrayals and much more. Wtf?

    And the remake is so lame, I would not recommend to play it.


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