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  1. First of all, thanks for the link, I was unaware of it and there are a lot of crazy skins for winamp, I feel like if was thrown in a time machine. Secondly I had to think a lot about it, I tried my best to get to the end and missed a lot because they didn't load, but I finally decided for this one, I like the simplicity of the design with the shades of grade, and the changing colors depending in the positions is a nice touch, if I'm gonna stare at an OS for a long time I'd rather it to be easy on the eyes Name: Women_Want_Winamp_Skins.wsz there are some others that really catched my eye, specially "Feels like in heaven" unfortunately that one is too minimalistic, is nice for a winamp skin, but for an entire OS it could result in a lot of confusion. Also the iones inspired in the original fallout and Planescape torment are amazing, but I tried to steer clear from skins based on other media
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