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  1. On 10/11/2020 at 7:08 AM, Ross Scott said:


    If anyone wants to send a keypad with analogue keys, I'll be happy to use it in FM.  I heard about it on a kickstarter mentioned in the Strife video, then I think it got scrapped for full keyboards, which I doubt would be as nice for typing.


    Also feel free to post a video of someone using a gamepad to move with one hand and a mouse to aim with the other, it doesn't sound particularly ergonomic to me.

    Only analog keyboard I've seen is the Adomax Flaretech B, I saw it in a youtube video some time ago. Apparently it actually specifically worked well in Source games, since the analog key presses are treated just like a controller's joystick (X Input to be exact). All of that said, I think you should just stick to regular digital movement, it's what Freeman's mind has been using since the beginning and would be kind of awkward albeit cool to see just suddenly changed,

  2. 3 hours ago, RaTcHeT302 said:

    i actually hated halo 1 and i never got past the start area in halo 2 xD


    did you ever play oni tho? it's a bungie game, not very well known (it's bad but some of the music is nice)

    wish we had more games where you play as a cool martial arts cop tho, it's a neat concept




    if anything i acually enjoyed those dumb call of duty games, i enjoyed call of duty mw3, ww2, advanced warfare and infinite warfare








    Ah okay, my tastes in FPS games are uh... a tad generic I guess. I love Doom, Quake, Unreal, Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress and Halo. Even then, not even anything after Reach, there's a good chance you'd *like* Halo 4 and 5 if they were on PC, as they don't really feel anything like Halo 1 or 2.

  3. It's definitely up to personal taste, I've loved all of these games, but if they're not your cup of tea, they're not your cup of tea. It sets the scene for most of the Gamecube library, so if none of them suit your fancy, I wouldn't bother too much? I kinda have the opposite effect with the PS2, I never had that growing up so the games don't really interest me too much. Same thing with FPS games, too! Halo was probably the worst example for me, I fell in love with the first three titles in that series, but anything after Bungie's time with it just doesn't capture the same magic unfortunately - feeling more like modern shooters I had zero interest in.

  4. 3 hours ago, RaTcHeT302 said:

    yo i grew up on the playstation 2 \ playstation 1 and early 2005 pc games (age of mythology, black & white 2, the i of the dragon, team fortress 2, unreal 2004, a bunch else i can't recall atm)


    you got any gamecube suggestions? i can emulate stuff nowdays which is neat as hell

    i remember when we told other kids, "NO YOU CAN'T PLAY GRAN TURISMO 3 ON PC" and now i feel dumb lol




    Super Mario Sunshine is the obvious pick, it's the main 3D mario of the era, also one of the better 3D Mario games! But in addition I'd recommend Super Monkey Ball 2, Sonic Adventure 2, Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, Battle for Bikini Bottom (surprisingly good licensed game!), Puyo Pop Fever, Chibi Robo, Wind Waker and if you want a crazier version of the first Metal Gear, the Twin Snakes is a solid pick!

  5. A few weeks past, and I still find it crazy Ross covered a game I played as a young kid!

    Some pointers regarding the game: Sonic Heroes followed the trend of bad PC ports in the early to mid 2000's, and while it isn't unplayable, the hit detection was noticeably worse in spots, and the controls are a bit more slippery - so all that's to say it isn't entirely the game, isn't entirely Ross, it's partly the mediocre PC port.

    A few other games that suffered from this: Sonic Adventure, Splinter Cell, Sega GT, Crazy Taxi, GTA 4, Halo and Halo 2.

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