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Ross for Hire

Until my financial situation improves, I will be available for hire for any jobs regarding writing or voice acting in particular. I’ll consider offers in other fields, but so far voice acting has been the most popular. Besides all the videos produced on this site as samples of my writing / voice acting, you may also check out my voice acting reel for some various voices I can perform:

Voice acting reel for Ross Scott (4MB MP3)


I do not have a fixed rate as I’m not the best judge as to what this is worth to people. It depends on how much work you need done and how long I think it will take. Also, if you require me to edit down the lines to just the good takes, that will add to the time substantially and increase the price than if you do the audio editing yourself. Feel free to make an offer (either one-time payment or by the hour), and I’ll either decline or accept. Also due to some issues I’ve encountered so far, payment will normally have to be done in advance once a price and terms are agreed upon.


I generally make a policy of not doing material that could be considered hate speech or something X-rated. Also I consider the characters from Civil Protection to be my own, so I won’t license out the intellectual property to that. For Freeman’s Mind, I can’t endorse anything where you yourself are calling it some variation of “Freeman’s Mind”, but if you want me to do the same voice I do for the character Gordon Freeman in something you have written, that’s acceptable.


Loremaster Nojah Youtube Channel – gameplay, live commentary

Minecraft server promotion video – writing, voice acting

Mod: The Core – voice acting

Dunce Hat Warrior: The Series – voice acting (I promise it didn’t have volume clipping when I submitted it)

Kill Faz series – voice acting

Game: Paranormal (Enhanced Edition) – voice acting

Mod: Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles - voice acting

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