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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Accursed Farms?

It's just a hub for all the videos I (Ross Scott) create. The most famous of which is Freeman's Mind, but I've created a lot of others also.

Can I use your footage/voice clips in my own videos?

Probably. You're free to do anything with my videos falling under Fair Use usage (stuff like parodies, reviews, derivative works, clips for illustrative purposes, etc.). You're free to use my voice tracks that I've released in anything non-commercial (monetizing Youtube videos is okay). Please don't repost streaming copies of my videos on the internet (either in their entirety or long unaltered segments) without my permission or sell them. Sharing downloadable copies, or showing any of my videos at local events (private viewings, conventions, festivals, etc.) is fine.

Why does it take so long for your videos to come out?

It's a question I ask myself daily. The only answer I have is I work on many different projects and I seem to be caught in a time bubble where everything takes longer than it seems like it should. Something that seems like it should takes 10 minutes ends up taking 2 hours, etc. Time bubbles suck.

Do you need help with anything?

Probably, though I unfortunately can bottleneck things as far as managing other people. Feel free to email me if you want to volunteer for helping on something, especially if you have some sort of skills somehow related to multimedia production. I may be slow in responding, but I'll certainly see your offer.

Have you ever been contacted by Valve about your videos?

No, I've never heard anything from them. They work in mysterious ways.

Can I be a voice actor in one of your videos?

Probably not, just because I tend to get 100x the offers of voice acting for how often I need it. I do plan to have an open audition for the movie though which I'll make public.

Do you have a Patreon page?

No, by the time it started gaining popularity, I already had my donation page set up, plus there are less fees involved this way. I talk all about it in this video: Ross's Fun-filled Beg-athon!

I hate Paypal, can I send you money another way?

I only use it out of convenience. I'm open to ideas if you want to email me about it, but financial transactions have never been my strong suit. I don't know of practical alternatives for me besides the cryptocurrency stuff. I'd rather focus on the videos.

Will you sell t-shirts?

At this point, it's a low priority for me since I'm scraping by and would rather focus on the videos. Selling shirts is very time consuming business-wise with small profit margins. I'll try to set up something else later on.

Freeman's Mind

Can I make my own "Mind" series like Freeman's Mind?

You don't even need my permission to do that, I don't own the concept. I would request you don't literally call it "Freeman's Mind" however.

Is Freeman's Mind scripted or improv?

It's neither. I'm not good enough for improv and the format doesn't work for scripting everything ahead of time. I tend to think of most of what to say in small time chunks while editing.

I'm starting my own "Mind" series. Do you have any suggestions?

Try to avoid dead air as much as possible. Concentrate the most on your writing and voice acting and try to make it as entertaining as you can. I personally believe good writing and voice acting can compensate for many other deficiencies in a video.

Game Dungeon

Can I send you requests for Ross's Game Dungeon?

You can, but I tend to let them stack up in a pile. I may look into more fan requests once I get through more games I wanted to cover.

The Movie

What is "The Movie" you've mentioned before?

It's a full-length movie I'm working on created with game graphics that I think will be one of the best things I've produced to date. It's going to be a comedy-adventure set in a medieval fantasy environment. I'm remaining quiet on further details until it's closer to completion, but may give technical updates from time to time.

When will "The Movie" be completed?

I don't know. I have to juggle work on it between making regular videos and earning a living. It WILL be completed, but it's taking longer than I had hoped.

Civil Protection

Is Civil Protection dead?

No, but it is on hold. The reason being that they take months to make due to animation time and I found them unsatisfactory for the time involved in making them. Instead, I've been putting effort I would spend on CP into The Movie. After it's completed, I might revisit CP again, assuming I don't hate animating so much to never touch it again.


What software do you use for the videos?

This could change in the future. I currently use:

  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Premiere CS5/CS6
  • Virtualdub for some additional processing
  • Handbrake for video encoding
  • FRAPS/Bandicam for recording depending on the game

I'm in the process of learning new animation software. In the past I used the Source SDK for Civil Protection and Source Filmmaker for Stranger In Need.

What microphone/headphones do you have?

I currently have a Shure SM7B, though for a large number of videos prior to that I was using an AKG D88 S. Earliest videos were a cheap Wal-Mart mic. Live videos in front of the camera I record with an Audiotechnica AT875R. I currently use Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm headphones.

What kind of computer do you have?

This will probably change over time. My current system is as follows:


  •     Windows 10 64 bit
  •     Intel i7-4790k*
  •     32GB RAM*
  •     Geforce 1070*
  •     Focusrite Scarlett Solo DAC
  •     SSD + bunch of hard drives / external dock


* = fan donations


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