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Privacy Policy — Terms of Service

Welcome to Accursed Farms, home of Ross Scott, Game Dungeon, Civil Protection, and Freeman’s Mind, we’re going to keep this simple.

What information do we collect?
We collect your screen name or real name should you provide it (you shouldn’t), your email, and your birthdate to stay compliant with COPPA laws and regulations regarding the protection of minors. We may also collect browser data strictly for use on this site, such as auth tokens, and we currently use your cookies for this purpose. We may also use anonymous browser data in conjunction with analytics to get a better idea of who uses the site. If you log in, we can obviously see what you post/view/edit on the site.

Speaking of which…
Children under the age of 14 may not use this site in any contributing capacity, including posting to the forums.

What do we do with this collected information?
Not much, really. We don’t sell it, we don’t give it away, and we do our best to protect any of the little data we do collect. Just in case, don’t provide any information to the site that you wouldn’t want to end up in a breach. We do use, and/or may in the future use analytic software like Google Analytics to see what demographics visit our site. See Google’s privacy policy. We use cookies for tracking you around the site to keep you authenticated and to track page views.

Our legal basis for collecting your data, and who owns it.
When you post to our forums or contribute to the site, you are granting us irrevocable permission to display, alter, or remove that data for the rest of all time and without limit.

When do we share personal data?
We use third party service called SendGrid, outside of a subpoena, this is the only provider to which we share any data. Remember, don't put anything on this site, including private messages, that you wouldn't want leaked.

How do we secure personal data?
We rely on the volunteer work of a few dedicated individuals to keep the site running. Don’t put anything into any part of the site, that would be considered identifying or would comprise you if leaked. While we do our very best, we can’t promise that the site won’t be breached at some point. Use a significantly different password on Accursed Farms, that you don't use anywhere else.

How long do we keep your personal data?
Browser data is rinsed every now and then with the cache, but anything you save in your profile is there forever or until you change it. Your public posts are not personal data, they belong to Accursed Farms when you post. Your personal messages are deleted when you delete them.

About personal messages…
Don’t put anything in there you wouldn’t want the public to see. Personal messages are not secure in any way. They are stored plain-text in the database. Don’t bug someone if they ask you to quit messaging them. Don’t send anything illegal including piracy material, pornographic material, or anything else that you wouldn’t post in public.

How to contact us.
You may use the contact page located inside the sidebar and footer.

Linking to other websites/third party content.
We’re not responsible for what is on other sites. If you click a link and it takes you somewhere unsavory or you pick up a virus, that’s on you.

GDPR Obligations
We collect no personally identifiable information outside of your browser type, your public IP address, and your email address. We do not track any activity outside of our website. Any request for third party information such as SendGrid must be made to that third party. You may request us to change or delete any personally identifying information on the site, however we are not obligated under GDPR to delete any post that is not considered protected information.

By using this site you agree under no circumstances to hold Accursed Farms, its affiliates, or owner responsible for damage occurring from use of the site. There is no implied warranty.

Do not try to use this site in any way not expressly granted.

Do not attempt to login under someone else’s account.

Do not make multiple accounts.

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