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Goodies! In anticipation of the fundraiser campaign I should have coming out soon (expect a video + more info in 1-2 days), as a good faith gesture, I’m releasing all the stuff I’ve been meaning to for months!


While my original plan was to sell this in the Steam store, I’ve decided to release all the files to the Freeman’s Mind Announcer Pack I was working on for DOTA 2 for free. The reason I didn’t follow this thing through was because midway through its production, Valve changed the rules, which made about half my lines unusable. This was a huge morale killer and by that time I was able to resume work on the videos again, so this pack remained in limbo for a while. Truth be told, I’d rather just make more videos than spend another month or two working on this again. Ironically, I’m not even that big a MOBA fan (though I do like RTSs and action RPGs individually), this was more of a fan request thing that never quite made it. Still, I put a whole bunch of effort into this and I’m sure you’ll find some lines entertaining.

DOTA 2 Freeman’s Mind Announcer Pack (51MB)

You’re allowed to use these files for anything you want, under the following conditions:
1. Don’t sell this as a voice pack.
2. If you make something substantial with this, please credit me (Ross Scott) for the lines if possible.

While this pack is free, donations are still welcome!


Besides the DOTA 2 files, all the links to the videos on the site should now be updated, making it easy to find anything you may have missed. In the future I hope to have an overhaul of the site to make everything easier to access, but in the meantime, info on all the videos can be found here in the movies section. Additionally, all Freeman’s Mind episodes are now available to download from the episode pages, and I’ve also updated the archive of all my isolated voice tracks for Freeman’s Mind. You can download the updated pack HERE (680MB).

That’s it for now, the fundraising video is next, followed by as many Game Dungeons as I can get done for October!

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ADHD version: Dota 2 files released! Freeman’s Mind voice files + downloads released! Web links all updated! Ross is having a fundraising campaign soon, donations are appreciated!





Subtitles: English

New Game Dungeon! I think this might be the shortest one so far, but I promise I didn’t skimp any on the quality. This game certainly had things to talk about. I originally was going to start working on the Patreon campaign next, but after the muddled reaction to Moon Gaming, I felt like I should get another Game Dungeon out first to let people know I wasn’t abandoning other videos. On that note, I think I’m going to discontinue Moon Gaming as the response to it wasn’t what I was hoping. While I think it has potential to be better, I don’t think it would be a LOT better than what was already seen. Since that’s been scrapped, after Patreon is set up, my new plan is to get as many Game Dungeons out for October as I can. I have a couple smaller episodes planned and at least one larger one for Halloween, but I’ll just see what’s doable. More stuff coming!




The reception to this video has been rockier than I was hoping and it definitely affects future plans. I want to get a better bearing on what people think of this. Please give some feedback below:

Should I continue Moon Gaming?

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 2 & 3 coming ASAP! Hopefully in about an hour if nothing goes wrong

New series! Welcome to Moon Gaming, the only gaming show that takes place on the moon (I think)! I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now and while we ran into a lot of technical issues, I’m more or less pleased with how it came out. This series is going to be composed of “Let’s Play” sessions. Normally I’m not very interested in “Let’s Plays” myself, because it tends to be a lot of dead air or talking about nothing particularly interesting. Moon Gaming hopes to solve those problems by editing it down to just the stuff worth talking about. So even though this is technically a Let’s Play, I guarantee every shot in here is one that I thought belonged. If anything, I may have been a little overzealous about this first episode and cut a little too much, but the playthrough ran on a lot longer than we intended. We originally planned for only one episode, but we had so much to talk about it ballooned into three. I think future episodes will go much more smoothly. I’m very optimistic about this series as the turnaround time is definitely faster than Game Dungeon, so it can hopefully buy myself some more time to work on the movie.

In this inaugural episode, I’m joined by Tom White of the show Weird Video Games. I met him from being on TGWTG network and I generally recommend his videos; some of my favorites being Captain Tomaday and Bazooka Bill. Tom will be returning for future episodes and I have another guest lined up also. As for other videos, my next focus is going to be setting up a Patreon campaign, along with an accompanying video. If I’m lucky, I’ll have another Moon Gaming episode for this month, but if not, expect several for October as this show format allows me to squeeze in more videos than I normally would be able to and I’d love to have more Halloween-themed ones. I’ll try my best to have a Game Dungeon for October too. Busy!




Subtitles: English

Hear the truth about 3D! I’ve had very mixed feelings about 3D stuff for a long time now and haven’t heard any sharing my views, most people seem polarized on it one way or the other; so I wanted to set the record straight as I see it. This may become part of a larger “Ross Rants” series where I pick topics that I really have a lot to say about (and are worth talking about) and go at it. People are welcome to suggest topics they’d like to hear me tear apart as well.

This video is coming about a week later than I intended it to since just about everything that could have gone wrong, did. I had to redo the entire recording session, I learned horrible secrets about my camcorder, and getting games from 15 years ago to run ended up being a lengthy challenge in some cases. If I do continue this series, I doubt I’ll have as many visual aides as are in this video, but I do hope to improve the video quality in the future. As it stands, I look more like a Star Wars hologram than anything.





Subtitles: English

Here’s a new episode that’s been a while in the making! I actually started on this as soon as I finished the last episode, so I’m behind on seeing what all the responses to that one were. I was working pretty hard to get this episode up today for reasons you’ll find out. This is easily my most “dramatic” episode so far, but it’s not a trend I plan on continuing. This episode actually contains more that I edited out of it than any other episode since while writing and recording, I noticed the tone of it kept veering in a direction I didn’t want, but I’m pretty happy with how it finally turned out. In any event, I’m sure this one will spark some interesting discussion!

Expect another experimental video later this month with two more in the works (but no set release dates).

I may be late on the other video I was planning for this month, but it’s not far behind.