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Hey everyone, a friend of mine, Tom White (of Weird Videogames), is doing a marathon gaming session for a charity fundraiser he’s involved with and asked me to show up for a few hours. The gaming marathon will be on twitch here and will start at 8PM EST on Nov. 20th, however I won’t be showing up until 2AM EST on the 21st and will stay there a few hours. He has some other guests also, one of the most impressive being Jon St. John (the voice of Duke Nukem), here is his full schedule. I could try and record my portion of this and post the results unlisted on Youtube afterwards if people were interested. Anyway, if you were one of the people who DID like Moon Gaming, here’s your chance for more, otherwise, I’ll be working on the movie and the next Game Dungeon in the meantime.

Here’s a copy of the stream below. I was unable to record the game audio. As a warning, this is mostly just us commenting on various games and isn’t as substantial as the usual videos.



Videochat November 2015

Hey everyone, here are the results of the videochat for anyone who wanted to take a look at it:

There was lots of rambling, but I went over a lot of things and answered a bunch of different questions. For those that don’t want to watch all this, I don’t blame you, probably the biggest news in this was that due to such fantastic support from the fundraiser, I plan on continuing Freeman’s Mind out of respect for the viewers. Having my back the way people have this past month has made such a difference in my life that I feel like I owe it to the audience. The downside however, is I don’t want to let this push aside the movie, so I won’t even begin on it until after I’ve made significant progress on the technical end of things for the movie, specifically establishing my animation systems and having rigged character models. Even after that, progress will be slow, but hey, more Freeman’s Mind in the future!

This video is completely unedited and while I’m making this first one totally visible on the Youtube channel, for future ones, I thought I might post them unlisted, so that regular viewers aren’t spammed by them each month. They’ll still be easily accessible from the site here however. Let me know if people have suggestions for when the next monthly chat should be, I’m leaning towards December 6th, but I don’t know what time yet.



Video chat update

I have some information on the soon-to-be monthly video chats with everyone. For the time being, I’ll be starting the first chat on here:

I plan to have the first broadcast at 4pm EST on Saturday, November 14th. My plan is to give some basic updates as to what’s going on, then I’ll answer questions or discuss topics people are interested in. I’m expecting this to be a bit chaotic (I’ll have moderators, but probably not enough), but I’ll just respond to good questions / comments as I read them and address what I can. Since this is on twitch, I’ll also have a game running in a window, but it will probably just be one of my old game demos running so that I don’t have to be distracted while I’m talking.

Since it’s inevitable not everyone will be able to show up, no worries. I’ll put the stream on Youtube afterwards, plus I’ll try and cycle the time or day for the next time so that more people can show up. Anyway, I hope to start doing this once a month as a way to stay in touch with everyone. In the meantime, I hope to be working some more on the movie this week and catching up on the massive number of emails.




Subtitles: English

Welcome to the 11th hour grand Halloween episode! I have to say, doing this episode in the timeframe I had really tore a chunk out of me. This came really close to not getting made in time and I’ve been working just about nonstop since the last episode. This is definitely a very Halloween episode, I doubt I’ll have anything this much in the spirit of it next year. My brain is a bit fried at the moment as I’ve been awake for a significant amount of time.

It may be a while before the next Game Dungeon, I haven’t had anything close to a free day in at least 2 months. While I think the push I did these past couple months has really changed my life forever due to how much you’ve helped. Thanks again to everyone who has helped with that, I feel like you guys have my back more than Youtube ever did. Unfortunately, this pace I pushed on myself really isn’t sustainable and I’m going to need some real time to recover. I still need to figure out what I’m doing next, but I plan to make the video chats the next priority (and reply to people) once I’ve recovered some. Have a Happy Halloween!



Screenshot Contest Winners

Here are my winning picks from the screenshot contest, followed by my favorite runner-ups. Congrats to Zac Moore, Bob Builder, and Jax Kenobi, who will receive a copy of Uncanny Valley. I picked ones that I felt stood out well enough by themselves without needing a lot of context and I leaned towards ones that suggested there was some deeper story going on.


Zac Moore:

This has exactly the sort of subtlety to it that I like and that maybe something more sinister is going on in this neighborhood

Bob Builder:

I was somehow envisoning some sort of psychopath whose business with the cow still wasn’t done.

People sent me a lot of ragdoll glitches, but I’m not sure any came close to the body horror that this one is.

Jax Kenobi:

Great pic that raises lots of questions. You can tell he’s deep in thought.


Shark Tooth Bubs:

I’m really envisioning a crazy homeless person who has no qualms about stabbing you for trying to steal his brain.

Ville “jipostus” Lahtinen:

There’s some dark stuff going on in this town.

Calvin Rieta:

Veni, vidi, vici.


I may be biased on this one, but the timing seems to perfect, like the scientist never saw it coming, nor should he have expected that to begin with.

z z:

It’s a little corny, but I enjoyed it.


I actually didn’t realize the significance when I first saw the screenshot and thought it looked interesting on its own. Finding out later that this is default gameplay gives a little more boost.