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The next Freeman’s Mind episode is out, after a much-longer-than-expected delay! I’m guessing some people guessed the content of this episode was next, but probably not everyone. Due to this episode being filmed in a different engine, on a technical level, it was actually the most difficult one since the original, maybe even moreso in some ways. I had to invent some new tricks to make the visuals semi-consistent with the previous episodes. My apologies about the delay, this one didn’t get started on until July and while the voicework has been done on this one for a few weeks, the sound editing took way more work than usual and I was working on other things while Otto finished this one off.

Some of you may be concerned I won’t get to finishing Half-Life 1 this year at this rate, and if every episode was going to take this long, you’d be right. However, Freeman’s Mind has been shifting to become a priority and I have confidence I’ll be able to get Half-Life completed this year. What I don’t know is if I’ll have any holiday-related Game Dungeon episodes or the DOTA 2 voice pack redo before FM is done, I’ll just have to see how things go.

While the next episode will likely take longer than average, it absolutely won’t take as long as the gap between 57 and 58.



Quick July update

Hey everyone, no new video yet, I just thought I’d disprove theories that I’m dead, since they pop up a lot. Believe it or not, I haven’t been spending this whole month screwing around, I only did that for a few days. I’ve been working on the next Freeman’s Mind, plus I have some new stuff coming to Gorilla Gong, I’ll have more info on that later on. I can’t predict when the next episode is going to come out as it’s going to involve more work than usual on the audio front, which Otto Beumelburg is tackling. I anticipate being done with the voicework within the next few days however, once that happens, I’ll just move on to episode 59. If he’s still not done, I’ll move on to episode 60. The Freeman’s Mind train is gearing up, there just may be some delay before the videos are released.

Right now, I want to make good on my promise to get through HL1 this year, so Freeman’s Mind is going to take priority for quite some time. I’m going to TRY to make time to get the DOTA 2 voice pack resubmitted and later on get some more Game Dungeons done, but it’s pretty much nothing but Freeman’s Mind for a while. Also I’ll give a spoiler and say the next episode will involve shooting guns, so you know it’s legit.

I may be moving within the next couple weeks to try and find an apartment with lower rent and less ninjas, but so far it’s all up in the air. I don’t think it will cause a huge disruption as it won’t be a long-distance one. In any event, remember I’m not dead unless I say so.

Voice acting on the next episode is done, will be starting on #59 soon.




Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Subtitles: Part 1 of 3 (English) | Part 2 of 3 (English) | Part 3 of 3 (English)

Happy 4th of July! I BARELY got this video done after working pretty much non-stop on it since the last one. I actually intended for this video to be about a third of the length it is, but it sort of snowballed into what you have now. I really started identifying with the protagonist of this video towards trhe end, and I’m convinced for the amount of hours I put into this you could probably drive across the USA, maybe even using Joey’s insane route. I can say with certainty there’s no way this video would have been done on time without the SSD drive, it was crucial for many phases.

Anyway, I’m happy with how this turned out, even if it’s left me kind of a wreck. While I still have a lot of plans, I’m really going to have to scale back on Game Dungeon for the foreseeable future. Since I’ve publicly promised to finish Freeman’s Mind for HL1 this year, that’s going to have to take priority until I’m more comfortable with where things are at. Also I think I should never do another video with a deadline again unless it’s 3 years in advance.

I’m afraid there won’t be progress on it immediately however as I could really use a break. I’ve more or less been working every day for… years? Lately the pace has been so time consuming I’ve had almost no leisure time at all. Besides what you’ve seen on the videos, I haven’t played a game in about 1-2 months, so I’d really like to have a few days to just relax for a little bit before I dive back into everything. This does mean that Freeman’s Mind will take a little longer to come out, but it’s the new priority.




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Subtitles: English

I originally meant to have this episode a few days after the last one, but that didn’t come close to happening. While this is another arcade-ish game, there’s definitely more than meets the eye with this one. While I still hope to cover some more recent games at some point, once you watch this episode, you’ll see why this game was high up on my list to cover. Also I found out while in production that apparently Men In Black 3 also make a reference to Andy Warhol being connected to aliens. I had not seen the movie at the time I made my comment, so it’s just a coincidence. In all fairness, thinking Andy Warhol has something to do with aliens is hardly a new idea. Next episode coming on July 4th if all goes well!



New Interview: 8 Bit Life

Hey everyone, I have another interview I did not long ago that recently went up here:

Interview link

It was for the podcast “My So Called 8 Bit Life” where he covers various topics related to videogames or whatever else he wants. Some of the questions have been in other interviews I’ve done, though there was some more about my background that I haven’t been asked before. There was also some stuff related to Machinima.com, but it’s nothing that’s not in my “Escape From Machinima” posts. I also screwed up the audio for this since Skype was secretly adding a 20dB boost to my recording volume without my realizing it until after the interview was over, so my apologies about that. I try to avoid this sort of thing at all costs in the videos, but I apparently met my match with Skype.

As for the videos, the next Game Dungeon should be out in a couple days at the most, then I have another one planned not long after that. Freeman’s Mind won’t be returning until next month however.