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I thought I would take a break from Game Dungeon, but ended up having some inspiration for an episode coming after this one and decided I wanted this one first. I honestly thought this would be about 10 minutes, so naturally, it’s almost 23. It’s definitely a game that can get its claws into you and I honestly wanted something semi-normal as a break from Armed & Delirious.

In other news, I’ve discovered a lot of my videos have been demonetized as what I assume is an algorithm has determined they are unsuitable for advertisers. I’ll have more news on that later, possibly even a video. Youtube is certainly trying to keep things interesting.




Subtitles: English

More Freeman’s Mind! This episode is one where I had one of the scenes in my head since back before I finished the first FM. You’ll probably be able to figure out which part.

This episode did come out later than I intended and while I never like getting the videos out later to people, having a slower release pattern for FM2 was one of my “conditions” back when I agreed to resume the series just so it doesn’t block out my work on the movie. New Game Dungeon in a few days!



Videochat September 2017

September videochat with fans. More annoucnements this time. First, expect the next FM2 and RGD episodes soon, I’m predicting tomorrow for FM2 and Thursday for RGD, but I have been wrong before on my time estimates. Second, I talk about the HL2: Episode 3 story leak. The short version is if a polished enough mod based on that comes along, I don’t see the reason to not continue Freeman’s Mind into that. Finally, I’m getting married next month, so I’m skipping the videochat for October. That also means I’m going to be working double time this month in order to have videos for both this month and the next, since I won’t have as much time in October. Expect as many videos as I can crank out for now and October!



Questions for September 2017 Videochat

The next videochat will fans will be live 4PM EST on September 3rd at You can ask questions you’d like me to answer here and I’ll prioritize those with the most votes. I’ll probably talk some about the Episode 3 script leak since a bunch of people emailed me about that. FM2 is currently running late, but both it and another video are getting relatively close to getting done. I’ve had a shift of plans for September and October I think most people will like.

I accidentally put the wrong date, it’s on September 3rd, not retroactively in the past with a time machine.


Videochat August 2017

Regular monthly chat with fans for August. I think it mostly made sense some of the time. My apartment was hot. I’m hoping the website starts to see big changes this month, more coming on the videos either way.