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Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans at 5:00pm UTC on September 16th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I meant to have this last week, but forgot since I was working around the clock on the previous Game Dungeon then. Currently working on next Game Dungeon / side video. Next FM episode still in limbo due to help I’ve been getting, but I’ll get it resolved one way or another.

New Game Dungeon episode! This was one I was on the fence with making, because I thought I might not be able to get it out in time for the end of summer, and looks like I was right. I think it came out alright, I felt like I covered a lot of miles in this one!

This was a discussion with “Sacor”, a map modder about first person shooter design. This was another conversation more on the mellow side and didn’t get into as many specifics as I hoped, but it had some moments of insight for me also.


Also, I moved the previous two videochats to the secondary channel “Accursed Farms Junk” so as to not clutter up the main one with the interviews, something I probably should have done from the start.

I’ll be having another interview on August 20th at 5PM UTC at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast, this time with “Sacor”, a level designer for first person shooters. We’ll be talking a bunch about FPS level design. He’s also interested in getting player feedback, so feel free to list some of your favorite FPS levels here in the comments.


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