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Here’s the June videochat. Game Dungeon coming very soon! Also having some appearances with other people after that. Contains the usual rambling.


June 21: Playing King’s Quest with Phantasmagoria 2 star Paul Morgan Stetler at 7PM UTC


June 24: Art talk with Youtuber Artbook Addiction at 4:10PM UTC.
will be live at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast, posted on YT afterwards


June 28: Another session with Phantasmagoria 2 star Paul Morgan Stetler at 7PM UTC


Ask questions or topics to discuss in the link here for the next videochat with fans at 5:00pm UTC on June 17th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. My previous plans went to hell, but I’m trying hard to get the next Game Dungeon out before the next videochat, but it will be close. If it’s not out by Saturday, it shouldn’t be more than a day or two afterwards. Other videos still coming!

I had a good discussion with sociologist and statistician Jacy Reese Anthis. I thought this one went really well, we talked about AI, consciousness, reality, some philosophy, and some directions society might be going in general. While we had different outlooks, I think I was able to get some answers I was looking for on AI. I think this chat was a good omen for future ones with people as a side thing I’m doing.

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