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New Game Dungeon! I originally thought the follow-up episode would be next, but this one managed to shove its way to the front. I am probably moving soon and won’t have internet for about a week, so there will be a bit of a blackout from me, but considering my normal self, it probably won’t be noticeably. Giant side video coming next after my move!

Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on April 5th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I was originally going to delay this because of my move, but my move has been delayed because of the quarantine, so I may as well have this sooner. I hope to have a new video out before this!

New video! This is a side video I’ve thought about doing before and now felt like a good time to do so. This is NOT the big side video I’ve been working on, that’s still coming later!

I’ve had an idea of making a video on this for a couple years, but in addition to wanting to get more videos out faster due to the quarantine, I felt like this one ties in well towards thinking about the state of the world in general. Hope to have an new Game Dungeon out soon-ish!

Here’s the again-delayed Freeman’s Mind! This is another shorter one, though I guarantee the next one will be noticeably longer. Unfortunately, due to quarantine complications, I’m going to be suspending Freeman’s Mind until my neighbors aren’t encouraged by law to be staying at home. The screaming just isn’t going to stop in episode 14 and I’ll disturb more people than I normally do if I keep it up. Instead, I have another big side video I’ve been working on coming up and more Game Dungeon coming!

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