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Merry Christmas from the Game Dungeon! Maybe someday I’ll actually have a Christmas episode out a few days in advance, but that’s not happening this year. I think this one came out pretty well for what I had to work with. It certainly is a game.

Freeman’s Mind will be coming ASAP, but it will still be a few days due to me prioritizing this video to make it out in time. I hope to have streaming of something on my birthday on the 28th and a play session with fans (probably of Planetside 2) on Saturday 29th, but things are still a bit tight at the moment. 

I always hate having these before I have a new video released, but here’s the latest videochat with fans. More rambling as usual, nothing too important, except I’m hoping to have two more real videos out by Christmas. We’ll see what actually happens, but more videos are coming soon!

Also, I got sidetracked in the chat, but I meant to add the movie Heavy Metal 2000 has a great soundtrack.

Ask questions or suggest topics in the link here on reddit to be talked on for the next videochat at 4:30pm UTC on December 15th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast.

My apologies about the videos running late, but I have a lot of good stuff coming, starting this month. Freeman’s Mind and a Christmas episode are still looking to come on time.

Here’s the November videochat with fans. Has the usual rambling; one of the most voted questions for me was about the survival of mankind and capitalism. That one took me a while to answer, otherwise normal session. I also said Asmodeus when I meant Ozymandias. More Freeman’s Mind coming!

Next videochat with fans will be at 3:30PM UTC on November 18th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions or topics to bring up in the link below. Currently my air situation is good, but requires constant maintenance. Still working on getting my recording setup better, hope to have Freeman’s Mind out later this month, regardless, a lot of Freeman’s Mind is what’s next.

Ask questions here.

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