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Here’s the July videochat. This went on longer than I meant for it to. I remember discussing EA, Game box covers, corporations, Trackmania, and more games. Game Dungeon follow-up episode will be next in line!

Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on July 5th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. More Game Dungeon and Freeman’s Mind (I think) coming!

My mouse is starting to die on me and that made me frustrated trying to find a new one. I ended up making a graphic of a mouse I’m pretty sure no one besides me wants, but some of you might find some individual parts of it appealing. I wasted time making this, but it felt cathartic.



Itch.io had a gigantic game pack for sale a week or so ago, that ended up coming to 1700+ games. The majority of this stuff looked like games I wasn’t interested in, but there were some promising ones. I was going to attempt to filter through these on a livestream to see which ones I was interested in, and which I would pass on if people are interested. This will of course be to my own tastes (you can see those in my games list video), but I’ll explain my rationale. In any event, some people may want to check the video afterwards at the end and see what I whittled down the list to. 

I originally thought I would be able to do this in one sitting, but that was back when it was “only” 700 games. I’ll just go at it for a few hours and see how many I get through. If you’re interested, it will be at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast at 5PM UTC on June 20th.

If you ever wanted to know all my thoughts on the GUI, here you are! This has honestly been brewing in my mind for decades and while this video took way too long to make, it’s an accomplishment for me that I was able to put this into something coherent. I’m really hoping this leads to somebody bestowing GUI enlightenment upon us, though I’m not betting on it.

This post also doubles as a thread for people to post any helpful information regarding my GUI quest at the end of the video. Thanks in advance for anyone who finds some answers!

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