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Freeman’s Mind returns, again! I never meant for there to be this long a delay between this episode and the last one. If I had never made the “Games as a service” video, there would have been more out by now, but that felt like a necessary detour for me. There will still be more developments on that later, but I felt like getting the larger issue made more public was a more time-sensitive thing for me.

I ran into new errors I’ve never seen before in Source in this episode; I’m hoping they go away after this one. It’s a reminder why I don’t plan on doing anything else besides FM2 in the Source engine. This episode I think is the second-longest one also, just by coincidence. There’s also something that happens in the episode that wasn’t planned at all, but it was a great addition, so I left it in.

Ross’s Game Dungeon is coming up next, then more Freeman and other videos!

June videochat with fans.  Mostly casual questions, got to discuss a few dream game ideas, usual rambling. More Freeman’s Mind and Ross’s Game Dungeon coming soon, I swear!

Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on June 1st at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I realize there’s been a lot of delays, but more Freeman’s Mind and Game Dungeon coming, I promise!

May videochat with fans. Had some followup commentary on the Games as a service video, and several good questions afterward. More normal videos coming!

Since I’ve made the “Games as a Service” video, several US attorneys have weighed in on the legal portions of my video. There’s not a total consensus and in some cases there was minor misunderstanding, but the conclusions all point in the same direction: GAAS is either not fraud or else extremely difficult to prove it’s fraud. Furthermore, even if it was established as fraud, it would be on such a minor level under the law, that it may not even carry a penalty. Barring new information, I’m leaning towards declaring the USA a lost cause on this manner and focusing on countries with stronger consumer protection laws.

Anyway, here’s a list of the legal analyses, and some additional appearances I had in responding. I recommend not watching these unless you’re bored or doing something else as most are quite long:

“YouTuber Law” video analysis
I think this is the best one (also the 2nd shortest). He grasped my arguments well and gave a realistic look at the situation.

Leonard French long video analysis
A longer look at the laws in the video, I also had some audio appearances in this one where I asked more questions.

Leonard French short video analysis
A quick look at the laws in the video, he made some conclusions that weren’t quite applicable, which prompted the longer analysis

Hoeg Law video analysis
I thought his legal portion was relatively good, though there was a small misinterpretation on the legal portion and a major misinterpretation on my stance.

Hoeg Law audio discussion / debate
I appeared with Hoeg Law to go over his rebuttal and debate was was said in the previous video. Discussed the larger issue also and not just the law in this one.

Nick Rekieta Law discussion
A more casual discussion, he takes a differing view than most other attorneys, but still comes to a similar conclusion, that working within the confines of existing law is unlikely to work in USA. We talk about various other things too.


Anyway, sorry to flood the site with all this legal analysis, I swear that’s not the long-term direction things are taking, more regular videos coming!


ADHD version: Ross was right on some things, wrong on some things, doesn’t matter for USA; the situation there is basically hopeless on legal protection against destroying games.

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