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Just a quick update, I’ve been sick with some sort of virus (probably flu) for the past week and a half. It’s affected my voice and means all recording is currently suspended until I’m better. I have been working on supplemental material for the videos in the meantime, though going is slower since I’m still in an ongoing “blah” state. I’m also cancelling the playsession with fans this month on the 23rd. I’m anticipating I’ll be good enough to do the videochat with fans in April, but I’ll post an update if not. 

This will definitely delay the release of the next videos since I can’t record yet, but may not impact the total time much for them all coming out since I’m still working on all of them. I have some neat stuff coming!

Here’s the March videochat with fans with the usual rambling. I genuinely thought this was going to be a shorter session, but had too many questions to go through. I think in the future I’ll have a cutoff point for how many I accept just to cut down some on the time. I also think I may have screwed up and started it too early, but it went on so long I’m not sure that changed much. Things happening with other videos in the meantime!

Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on March 2nd at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I’m currently having minor setbacks on FM that I’m getting modding help on, been working on other videos in the meantime.

Here’s another blooper that happened in Freeman’s Mind 2, completely unplanned. This one happened multiple times, but this is one I recorded from the demos. In addition to this, I also would get caught on something upon leaving the boat, being completely unable to move, but I could at least fight that one with noclip. Not this.

Here’s the next episode, late, but still faster than the last one! The boat created several issues for this one, but it ended up working well enough. One annoyance is when playing back a demo, the screen glitches out for a frame or two every single time Freeman enters or exits the boat, so that needs to be fixed in editing. There was also a more impressive bug I ran into which I’ll post a blooper video of in a few days.

This video was also my first attempt at outsourcing the volume balancing to someone else. I wasn’t happy with the results, so I ended up doing it myself, which probably still isn’t great, but is less not great than before. I plan to try again with volume balancing help for future videos until I hopefully find someone better at it than me. Next episode of FM2 is slowly underway!

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