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Videochat June 2023

Here’s the June videochat. Game Dungeon coming very soon! Also having some appearances with other people after that. Contains the usual rambling.


June 21: Playing King’s Quest with Phantasmagoria 2 star Paul Morgan Stetler at 7PM UTC


June 24: Art talk with Youtuber Artbook Addiction at 4:10PM UTC.
will be live at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast, posted on YT afterwards


June 28: Another session with Phantasmagoria 2 star Paul Morgan Stetler at 7PM UTC


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I looked up Artbook Addiction, and I have to ask: will the chat be about AI art? Because he seems to be against it from a casual glance at his backlog.

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at 7PM

Is this 7 PM UTC?

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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