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  1. Why does Picard dream of a bloated, geriatric Commander Data? Doesn't he know that Androids don't age? Is Picard going senile?
  2. Well there is a physical fire now. But the menagarie of talking heads, which is choking on its own rhetoric, remains the same.
  3. So did Ratchet really exile himself after getting ripped by the local peanut gallery? That's a shame. You just need to be a heedless egoist online, then everything will roll off you, like water off a raincoat.
  4. What did the fat German say to his wife first thing the morning? "Gluten tag"
  5. You should make a Freeman's Mind seedbox. A cylinder - enveloped by a picture of the logo - hanging from your porch awning. For feeding bluejays.
  7. yep-yep yep-yep-yep yep-yep yeahhhhhh
  8. Breen? You mean that grandfatherly looking fellow from the time-share commercials? Why would they space such an upstanding citizen?
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