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  1. I torrented 30gb 4k Blade Runner yesterday, but I didn't check what version it was and ended up with the theatrical edition. So you can say I'm hanging on by a thread
  2. Most of that happened after Roddenberry 'beamed up' half way through the series.
  3. Played the first C&C and the 3s. Homeworld is still a cut above because it's in 3D, and the resource-ship balance is such that spamming or rushing is almost never an option and is generally suicidal. When you loose a ship, you feel the weight. When you loose a capital ship, you feel a part of your soul dying. Also, the campaign has ingenious design that adds on the mechanic. You retain your fleet for the entire duration of the game, so while each mission may pose a different challenge, you're stuck with what you had from the previous mission and need to adapt.
  4. Video dunkerino!!! You know what, just fuck gaming in general. Quake 2 was the only good FPS game ever made. Quake 3 was ok. Let's see... rts: homeworld rpg: kotor tabletop: Heroes of Might and Magic 2 That's it, there is nothing else That's also true.
  5. Half Life games are a boring snooze fest, change my mind
  6. I love FIOS. Eat cake peasants
  7. Ross, what you got to understand is that Roddenberry had a vision of a Humanity that made it. They can make truffles and caviar out of thin air and encounter Gods on the monthly basis, which only warrant a quaint little entry in Picard's journal. Star Fleet, for all it's benevolence, doesn't care about some junkie backwater planet because it's completely above and detached from such basic shit.
  8. welcome, my son. welcome, to The Machine
  9. Man i come here for escapism, but with the lockdown looming, I think the NJ-NY area is going to start looking a lot like city 17
  10. You have slipped up for the last time, friend, now I am the clear victor of the forum game
  11. ride into the Danger Zone
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