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  1. Groundhog Day... Why are you here?
  2. Communities are built on trust and rapport. There are many type of people in this sphere, not just smart. Some Ross fans who are dumber than a bag of hammers- feel free to include me in that list. By the way, you should take your own advice on orthography and run your sentences through a spellchecker ;) An English one might not be inherent in the browser if you have it set on a different language.
  3. that's the spirit. Unfortunately, the game was rigged from the start
  4. "That's the neat part, you don't" Unless you posses an acumen related debugging, decompiling, or just general security. You could try virus scans, or loading it up in a VM and packet sniffer to see if it's phoning home, but that's just one measure that's not guaranteed to catch anything. Basically it's word of mouth only
  5. i guess that's one thing it won't be taking over any time soon
  6. Groundhog Day... Why are you here?
  7. well, yes... But actually no
  8. Tell me about it. He has Deserts of Kerdios and a whole slew of Homeworld facsimiles but not actual Homeworld
  9. you're not. you're kerdios
  10. Groundhog Day... Why are you here?
  11. ballad_of_wine_ross.mp3
  12. Excellent. I hope everyone understands each other less and fights more. Helps clear the air
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