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  1. "Is it over, father?" "No Son: the raid resets every Wednesday"
  2. My name is Cuban Pete, and I'm the King of the ramba beat
  3. "GUI is inherently slower because it requires rendering" Michael Abrash spent a whole chapter of a book arguing about which stdio function is faster. A decade later, some guy makes a 2.5 BIllion Java based game about dirt blocks. Moral of the story? Never listen to detail oriented people, they don't know what they're talking about. If you want to make money and win at life, be product oriented.
  4. you were in the middle of a colonoscopy
  5. https://bane.fandom.com/wiki/Flight_Plan
  6. I'm not posting in this thread to die, I'm posting here to see if I'm still alive
  7. It's over high ground, I have the anakin
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