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  1. I think I'm developing a drinking problem. It's no longer an occasion to buy alcohol, but a matter of fact.
  2. Obi Wan was the MVP of the now extinct Jedi Order. Let's go down the rap sheet. 1. Single handedly defeated Darth Maul, becoming the first Jedi to kill a Sith in centuries. 2. Single handedly defeated General Gregious, who had previously wiped the floor with a handful Masters and Padawans. 3. Cut down the Chosen One without breaking a sweat 4. Disappeared into the force during combat with his old apprentice. 5. Trained a protege who would go on to score a complete victor over the Sith Now let's look at his contemporaries; 1. Qui-gon: acted haughty and wise and died like a bitch 2 Windu: scored points for nearly overpowering sheev, but got too hot headed and disregarded core jedi teachings ("he's too dangerous to be kept alive!"), ultimately pushing Anakin over the edge. 3. Yoda: acted haughty and wise, gave up fighting the emperor for no reason, dicked around for 20 years on a swamp plant and then died like a bitch. Fuck you Yoda, you don't deserve to go into the force. 4. The rest of the Jedi Council: indolent menagerie of hippies that just lounged around in their stupid ivory tower all day, collectively achieving absolutely nothing substantial.
  3. >Let me just park my hover car on the roof and analyze these phisical photographs on my 320p CRT display.
  4. I just want to inform everyone that on this date (November 20th, 2019), in an alternate universe, Harrison Ford began his fateful quest of tracking down discount Dolf Lundgren and 5 other Nexus 6 Replicants who have tresspassed on our good Earth. Thank you for your attention.
  5. Im_CIA

    Discord Group

    Discord seems like yet another soulless, completely generalized platform. I don't get the appeal
  6. A baby born before the sin again Chocolate Rain...
  7. Chocolate Rain... Some Stay Dry While Others Feel the pain
  8. Fuck games. Linux should just be a tool for industry professionals. The more esoteric, less people I have to compete with to get my next job.
  9. Mr. Crohllee buhm buhm buhm What goes on in your head?
  10. So much division.... At least we can all agree that Vi is much better than emacs
  11. i dreamed a dream of pair of dice
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