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  1. I'm having some minor setbacks with recording for the video, I decided to talk about it on the spot. The videos are still getting made!
  2. Here's the July videochat. This went on longer than I meant for it to. I remember discussing EA, Game box covers, corporations, Trackmania, and more games. Game Dungeon follow-up episode will be next in line! This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
  3. Here's the July videochat. This went on longer than I meant for it to. I remember discussing EA, Game box covers, corporations, Trackmania, and more games. Game Dungeon follow-up episode will be next in line!
  4. I tried that one in the store, I liked the shape and how it had a ring finger button, but the thumb buttons are a non-starter for me. I have meaty thumbs and I just can't see myself adjusting to buttons that small, ever. If it had a modular design like the Roccat Nyth, I would probably go for it.
  5. You bring up a lot of points here. The short version is I both agree and disagree with you. I'm going to focus on some parts I think you may not have thought out as thoroughly, so it might seem like I'm being overly negative, but just assume the stuff I'm NOT bringing up I more or less agree with you: I think we actually both agree that mouse TARGETS are awful. One line I left out of the video is that ideally, if you knew what you were doing, you should be able to navigate a GUI blind. You're claiming this isn't possible on the mouse. Under NORMAL circumstances, you're correct. This is why I was so excited about mouse gestures. You CAN use those blind! I would postulate it's not the mouse itself that's the problem, so much as how we've designed the GUI to use it. If "using the mouse" only meant a series of rapid swipes that you could literally do blindfolded, I think we would have far closer parity to the keyboard. I'm probably not changing your mind, but I wanted to try to plant the seed that the way mouse is used now doesn't have to be the end-all. I think simply as a pure peripheral, it has more potential than you've giving it credit for, even though I'm in agreement most of what we have now is awful. See, that might show the difference in philosophy in our approaches. I think we both recognize there's a problem, but I see changing what the web looks like as a lost cause, I look at that as ceded ground; I'm not going to win that battle. So the best I can do is find the most efficient options to adapt to the world we have before us. That world means that if you're having a mouse, SOME tasks will be faster, even though I'm completely with you that even the ones as that are faster may not be as fast as they theoretically COULD be, however if that ONLY works and theory and can't adapt to the real world, then that's something I write off. Sometime like a random website is something I'll never have control over, so I need to find tools on MY end to interact with it faster. A final point I think you're missing: Even in your perfect world where you had full control over the development software, I think there would STILL be functions that would be faster via a mouse. This comes to visual manipulation in particular. I work a lot with multimedia. Say I need to resize an image, but I don't know exactly what the dimensions should be, I need to see it in front of me to know what's just right. Say I need to scan a video and find the exact point, but I don't know where on the timeline it is, I need to scan until I find the exact point. Sure, with a keyboard, I can press arrow keys one at a time, or skip by 10% or 10 frames, etc, but it's going to be a tedious process and depending on how close I am, I'm probably tapping the keys 20 times or more to get the image or video position JUST right. Unless there's something I haven't though of, the keyboard is ill-suited to these types of tasks regardless of how the software is designed. You said it yourself: the mouse is a continuum. It hits every single point in its path and be can used similarly to an analog device, which a lot of multimedia simply has a need for. So for me personally, because I can never escape this AND we live in a mouse oriented world, going full-keyboard just isn't the answer for maximum efficiency, because my workload is too diverse. If it's a more limited situation like what you were describing, yes, keyboard only + a full redesign could be the fastest option. Anyway, I'll talk about this in the followup video.
  6. I think the constellation style still has smaller targets than would be optimal for maximum efficiency, but the hex-style movements could have potential, especially if the user could scale the size to what they wanted. It certainly seems to have enough going for it to consider it as another option. To answer your question for what I do know about programs I can't recall the name of, it's like this: -Programs I definitely know what they are -Programs I maybe recognize if I see their names -Programs I can't remember what they are This is why my "Core" folder had significance. I wanted to separate as many common workhorse programs from the pack as I could to minimize what I'm sifting through. I remember programs I use frequently for years, I don't necessarily remember one I only need every 6 months or couple years or so. I think you're looking at this in reverse. I want to see what the best looking GUI Linux has in terms of functionality and appearance. That can be shown via screenshots or videos, installing the OS isn't necessary for me to get a sense of that. If I'm not impressed by either, that makes me feel like I'm in no man's land with Linux and isn't going to make me want to switch. Now those are both highly subjective, but if 98% of what I'm being shown is terminals + flat themes, that's not what's going to win me over. This why I was hoping for more variety of looks. If I'm convinced Linux has a great solution, I'll pursue it then worry about the distro then. In other words, I want my goal laid out for me, THEN figure out how to get there. As for gaming, that's a separate animal from the GUI. Go to this thread if you want to talk about that. I plan to look into Linux gaming more thoroughly in the future, specifically for legacy 3D accelerate games looking the best they can (forced AA, etc.).
  7. I got around to looking at this, best I can tell, there's no way to replicate the functionality of the start menu here (in other words a dropdown menu showing all the programs you have installed dynamically). Am I missing something in the options? It looks more like a customizable shortcut launcher. I did see a dropdown menu option, but I couldn't figure how to get it to display the start menu programs. Compound that with the fact that the Start menu is really composed of at least 2 folders. For example, on my computer, the start menu programs are split among the following folders: C:\Users\GIZMONIC\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs So you would need a dropdown folder that could merge the contents of both those. I'm not sure if either of those are possible.
  8. Isaiah: More text hiding so as not to spam the chat: The bottom line, which may explain many of the perceived contradictions I have is that the GUI is not a one-size-fits all situation. An operation that's efficient for one task may be awful for another. Again, it all comes down to time and effort, wanting to minimize both of those across a variety of situations. Also, this is actually helpful for the followup, I can explain the general logic in the followup video which should help clear up confusion for anyone else who thought I wasn't making sense.
  9. Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on July 5th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. More Game Dungeon and Freeman's Mind (I think) coming! This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
  10. Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on July 5th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. More Game Dungeon and Freeman's Mind (I think) coming!
  11. Yeah I actually tried a plugin like that in the past and the results were fairly hideous and it still let some white through, but it's been a while since I've used it also. I can see the potential for a dark theme if you really can clamp down on all colors above a certain brightness level, ideally it's something I should have tested out more, but I only had so much time. Thanks, I'll try to add these as an option, maybe mention them in the followup video. For me it's not the radial menu I want exactly so much as rapid access. I've actually used some radial menus in games and applications before that I HATE (they'll track the mouse movement in a non-intuitive way, where you have to move the mouse left or right like a dial and up and down don't behave the way you think they would. I imagine ones designed for the OS are more intuitive though. That's great hearing that it's increased your workflow speed, that's what this is all about! (well, that and things looking nice) Right on, though I doubt it's a replacement for the whole shell, but rather the start menu, although that's something I was having trouble finding a replacement for that which could be launched anywhere, so thanks a bunch!
  12. No, it doesn't exist, it's not even close. So it's always a tradeoff of what do I hate not having the most, which shifts in my brain. As for trackballs, those are a tease, because a lot of trackballs have an EXCELLENT shape to the frame, but I'm complete garbage with trackballs. I would want a mouse in a trackball frame.
  13. Okay, I think I found the problem. I thought I made a post explaining it in detail, but it looks like that never happened, so I understand why you think I'm sounding irrational and irritable on this. Let me spell it out clearly then, I think it will clear up the confusion (I'm hiding the text so it doesn't flood the chat): No, damn it. BY ALL MEANS propose GUI solutions, that was the whole point! I plan to use your keymouse link in the followup video as it is! I didn't know about that! Just maybe be careful before making accusations, that's all. Try to focus more on new ideas / software, that sort of thing. Getting into a giant debate is unlikely to solve much, whereras I think more brainstorming would be way more constructive considering the state of the GUI today. I WANT people proposing more ideas, screenshots, etc.
  14. My mouse is starting to die on me and that made me frustrated trying to find a new one. I ended up making a graphic of a mouse I'm pretty sure no one besides me wants, but some of you might find some individual parts of it appealing. I wasted time making this, but it felt cathartic. This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
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