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  1. Now that I've got a bit of free time I'll take a crack at fixing the rep. Lats time I looked the rep was still stored safe and sound. Which means we'll go back to Alyx having 300+ rep and a measly 6 for me. =P
  2. rep plugin is still offline. Hopefully I'll be able to get it going tonight.
  3. Rep and Titles are backed up. just the code that loads them is being a spoiled brat.
  4. The update was not compatible with some of our custom code, we're working getting those back up and going.
  5. I'm redesigning the video pages. I need a hand with the coding. drop me a PM if interested in helping out with that.
  6. RED VS BLUE RULES. that was the first machinima series i watched.
  7. I'm still pissed the Pizza never got delivered. It's been over 30 minutes.
  8. The question is: Did Ross say that to make us think he's joking so we don't believe him and he really IS in Poland. Or is that EXACTLY what he wants us to think. He could be in Wisconsin for all we know. and who DOES know? I do.....OR DO I???? DUN DUN DUN
  9. yeah bots love to search and eat up cpu and RAM like Freeman loves Doritos.
  10. okay i bet you're running vista or 7 right. If so the speech API with 7 and Vista Hates faceposer. Luckily there is a download that will fix this. However it is a pain in the ass. you will have to copy the file to the directory after faceposer has launched as it overwrites it every time faceposer runs. Here is a Link:http://www.moddb.com/groups/source-developers/downloads/windows-vista7-phoneme-extractor-13 its only needed when you do the extraction. be sure to save your committed extraction to txt file so you can access it later. You will only need to extract once if you do this.
  11. just to clarify, the 2400+ users are all unique registered accounts that were registered wordpress users. the anonymous comments show up as Anonymous or Unknown User
  12. back up now. It wasn't us but the whole damn Data Center
  13. The Kinect is definitely on my radar for mocap, though used in practice you wouldn't just record yourself in Gmod. You would do it right and use the Kinect to mocap directly into Blender or XSI. Then edit the animations and tie them to their model. The Kinect is really just replacing the sexy green spandex suit and the 3 or 4 REALLY expensive cameras. The BIG appealis that it retails at 150 Bux.
  14. yes the Gameinfo.txt is generated when you run the game for the first time.
  15. I will post a magnificent blog update as soon as I know it's up. It will show up under Civil Protection on the forums as well. Sadly that wondrous moment has yet to come.
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