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  1. I've installed PS2 before, died a lot and had no idea what I was doing. This helped a bunch, ran around and got warmed up for MayDay. Game was surprisingly unwilling to work however. Defaulted to low settings (on a beefy machine if I do say so myself) and crashed whenever I touched the options menu, G12 error. Eventually it cooperated though.
  2. Thanks for the list bullseye, lots of good stuff there. I'd also like to add this radio mod. I found the default selection of songs painfully small and repetitive, especially with most of it reused from FO3. If you want to replace any of the songs it adds, you're going to have to convert your desired mop3 into an XWM file and rename it to one of the items on the list the mod adds, you have to replace a song because it takes up all available "slots" apparently, or at least I couldn't make it work with my own oldies tunes without doing that. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/637/?
  3. Eye: Divine Cybermancy back when it was on sale for a dollar. I have the suspicion that this was not meant for solo play from how it has to connect to a server and the levels seem to be a hub with respawning enemies but also an infinite ammo box for me to go back and plunder. Very weird. I had to be told that I was a secret double agent by reading recent history on a public terminal. But my legs are... Ok and I gain brozouf.
  4. Special Edition of Alien 3 from the Anthology Blu-Ray set Much improved over the theatrical cut. I'm really torn on their production design because it's high quality but so brown/grey and bland especially compared to the masterpiece first movie which had a lot of blues and gold details to fill out the air conditioner wall greebling.
  5. I agree with this for the most part, a serviceable game that's so painfully "not bad" but nothing amazing either. Wish you'd commented on the particle canon and lightning gun that can be fun. You did miss out on Nazi iron man and the final level taking place on a zeplin. The second hub level later on is more fun in my opinion. The next game, New Order, is better and BJ is sort of buzzcut/bald in it. It's also not another reboot but a sequel to this one with better versions of returning main characters.
  6. Played since right after Orianna release. On and off since the end of Season 2. Mostly playing console stuff, but I keep it patched. Played a lot of top lane Swain recently. You have to play mobas religiously like the sport they've become to keep up, makes it hard to hop back in.
  7. Not any armor options to my knowledge, just linear upgrades costing a gold investment. Each character has 2 item slots. A lot of classes though.
  8. Anyone else playing this? I am and having a blast while kicking myself for getting my hapless mercenaries killed. For the unaware it's a sidescrolling, turn-based dungeon crawler where the main gimmick is an emphasis on the psychological toll of the job of delving into eldritch tombs and slaying beasts for the promise of loot. A couple trailers: AQLxdHfMPF8 and wjiBB3nBR-w It's currently in Early Access and slated for a PC and PS4 release.
  9. The box smashing room, coming up the elevator to the box of explosives, the soldiers in a box, ambassador pineapple, and the debate with himself whether to try the jagged metal hole or electrified water all stand out for me, but every part of the series has its moments to love.
  10. Nah, some of them are probably us. I'm pretty sure the comments from the blog posts era aren't tied to any current accounts.
  11. I prefer Duke 3d, Doom, Marathon and such but Sam was fun.
  12. Sure you aren't playing the Ivan The Space Biker version?
  13. The desk I'm huddled under is love. The desk is life, until the alien comes in to do some office work. The android full of toothpaste in Alien was creepier than the Xeno for me, Working Joes live up to that. I hope Seegson becomes an accepted part of the Alien canon. It just fits in perfectly to me.
  14. Was hoping for, "Get back here you big orange fuck!" but I guess a river of blood will have to do. Great stuff as always Ross.
  15. Guardians of The Galaxy 9, I'm hooked on a feeling. Seemed like it tried too hard to be funny sometimes and there was a lot of worldbuilding they had to blitz past to cram in the characters and plot but still a great fun movie. Totally did not recognize Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) as Nebula.
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