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  1. Thank you, Ross. April Fool's or not: thank you.
  2. Hello. I've set up a bandcamp account for my music here. I'd really appreciate any support. All tracks have a minimum of 0 in all currencies so no one has to buy it if they don't want it. I'm not here to sell anything, just letting y'all know
  3. This is right up my street DeWolfeJV, I'm not surprised to find out you're a fellow midlander As a region we seem to have a knack for dark and disquieting music. I find the harsher spectrum of ambient that this piece exemplifies is harder to come by in experimental circles, most artists leaning towards gentler and more introspective sound manipulation or else emitting full blown walls of noise - neither of which is a bad thing by any means! It's just good to hear something that sustains a tension between "noise" and "ambience" so effectively. If you haven't already heard of them, I dare say you might enjoy the Swedish band Ulwhednar and the the American musician Daniel Menche. Both excel at composing long dread-inducing songs that hover between the extreme/mediative spectrum. I'm really glad that you like it. Thank you for the recommendations, I shall check them out
  4. Did a little experiment in ambient/noise. Listen here.
  5. I managed from G2 to C6 quite clearly. I surprised myself.
  6. Finally got around to doing a new recording (out of boredom mind) but I'm quite happy with it. Simplicity does go a very long way. Listen here if you would be so kind
  7. I got my first ever tattoo on Monday
  8. corpse paint from a while ago me and my beloved guitar
  9. jUyk1R1gI5M A song from my favourite album of 2015.
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