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    Finished the story campaign of Anthem. Time for the end-game grind.
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    Was a fan of the game but lately I just haven't played it much...
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    Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

    Welp, time for me to get back into Halo
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    Borderlands 2
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    Good list, Ninja!
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    Yeah Advanced Warfare is awesome, glad to hear someone else likes it too. It's my favourite CoD to be honest.
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    Top 10 Games of 2018

    Originally posted at https://alyxxgameroom.blogspot.com/2019/01/alyxx-top-10-games-of-2018.html 2018 was a year where I sadly wasn't able to play all of the hot new titles. For one, I didn't build my new PC until like October and my old PC was too limited for me to greatly cover new titles. I also don't have the ability to play any console exclusives so games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man or God of War won't be on my list I'm afraid. But here's what I did play in 2018 and what I thought about it. It'll be less of a "these are the best games I played in 2018" and more of a "games from 2018 I wanna talk about" kind of list. 10. FALLOUT 76 For the record while I did really enjoy Fallout 76, it definitely hits the bottom of my list for obvious reasons. Fallout 76 is not a $60 game, neither is it a particularly good game. But it does a lot of things right and credit where credit is due, if you're looking for a co-op Fallout 4 experience, this is pretty much spot on. And exploring West Virginia with its absolutely gorgeous hills and landscape is a real treat. I've been enjoying my time in Fallout 76 this year and definitely will continue to do so in 2019. 9. DESTINY 2 While it technically released in 2017, I started playing Destiny 2 this year when Blizzard decided to make it free in their Battle.net launcher, and I definitely enjoy what I've played so far. Having a still really active playerbase and being pretty much something I've wanted for a long time, being a massive multiplayer online FPS, it's not hard to get into Destiny 2. I had my reservations going into it from people who gave it fairly negative reviews, but so far I definitely think it's a great game and I look forward to continuing playing it. I also enjoy how the story bits makes it feel like a single player game at times, just one you can also play with friends. It also might be one of the most gorgeous games I've played recently, having a gorgeous colour palette and industrial look at times that I really enjoy. Kind of like Mass Effect it does feel really Star Wars influenced with its humanoid looking aliens and space opera story, so that may explain why I enjoy it so much, being a huge Star Wars fan. I haven't played the expansions yet but definitely will do so eventually. 8. FORSAKEN REMASTERED A bit of an unexpected but welcome release this year was Forsaken Remastered. I'm admittedly a huge fan of Forsaken and played it a lot in the early 2000's as a free copy of it was bundled with a PC gaming mag my mother subscribed to at the time (though I was the one who probably enjoyed it more). It's a 6DOF shooter ala Descent though with more of a dystopian cyberpunk tone to it. The remastered edition is definitely worth grabbing as it makes the game more playable on modern PC's and adds a lot of new graphics options, making the game more gorgeous than it's ever been. I'll be covering this game in a review pretty soon but so far this is one hell of a remaster to grab if you're into 90's FPS's. 7. WOLFENSTEIN II: THE NEW COLOSSUS B.J. Blazkowicz returns in this awesome direct sequel to 2014's "The New Order", the first time the franchise has ever had a direct sequel mind you, this time taking on a Nazi invasion of the USA. Much like The New Order offered a glimpse into an alternate future, Wolfenstein II takes this concept even further by showing a 60's USA that's become tinted through the occupation of Nazis. It's a dark and at times really disturbing game that also gives a ton of backstory about BJ and why his hatred for Nazis is so strong. While I remain conflicted on whether this is my favourite game in the franchise so far or not, I definitely think it's an amazing game and I've had a blast with it so far. Looking forward to giving it a full (and awfully delayed) review coming 2019. 6. MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA A game I probably should have reviewed in 2017, Mass Effect Andromeda is a game I've decided to take my time with. Not because I think it's bad, far from it, I am enjoying it a lot to be honest. And I want to be able to give it a proper review from someone who has spent considerable time with it rather than the kneejerk reaction most reviewers tended to give the game when it came out. The main reason for the delay though is that my previous PC simply struggled a lot with it. With my current PC being able to handle it at max graphics I am finally ready to tackle it all and a full review will be coming in 2019. I've been playing it on and off in 2018 and so far I am really enjoying it. Hopefully I'll be able to complete it pretty soon. 5. RAD RODGERS Rad Rodgers is one of the latest games from 3D Realms and developer Slipgate Studios (Bombshell, Rise of the Triad), and received numerous updates this year including a port to Nintendo Switch. If you want my complete opinion on the game, make sure to check out my full review of it here. But summarized, it's one of the best platformers I've had the joy of playing recently, helped by its unique off color Rick & Mordy esque humor. 4. DUSK This game. This game right here. So imagine if someone took Redneck Rampage, Blood, Quake, Half-Life and somehow mixed these things together and made some kind of game that plays and looks and sounds like it somehow was taken out of 1997 and then polished up slightly. That's basically what DUSK is. A pastiche of the best 90's FPS's and as much of a love letter to that era as it could potentially be a product of it. DUSK foregoes almost all modern gaming trends including randomly generated levels and health regen in favour of hand crafted levels with old school armor and health systems. Even its movement feels like it belongs in the Quake engine with its bunny hopping, rocket jumping and insanely fast gameplay. Expect a full review coming very soon. So far this game is a hell of a blast. 3. SHADOW WARRIOR 2 Man 2018 was just my big backlog year. Shadow Warrior 2 for some reason is one of those games that just ended up in my backlog after briefly playing it in 2016. So I jumped into it with a friend and we had a fucking blast with it. This might be one of the best co-op shooters I've played lately and it was surprisingly in-depth with the customization of weapons and abilities. It feels like it focuses more on the guns than the previous game where almost too much focus was put on melee combat. Melee combat gets a lot of focus here too don't get me wrong but it does feel like guns now serve a bigger purpose than in the first game. I'll hopefully get around to giving it a full review soon which is long overdue. 2. CLIVE BARKER'S UNDYING So for Halloween this year I decided to revisit a game from my childhood. I'd played a short demo of Undying back in the early 2000's but never actually played the full game. So when I saw it was cheap on GOG.com I decided to get it and give it a go. And man is this game just an awesomely dark and disturbing horror shooter. Like with Hellraiser, Clive Barker's story here really delves into themes of a dysfunctional family ruined by a horrible curse. The backstory behind this family is probably the best part of the game and the thing that holds it all together. Like with alot of games on this list I do plan on writing a review of it eventually but for now I'm still playing through it and having a great time. This game at times feels like a first person Resident Evil and it's done wonderfully. 1. DELTARUNE This game came out of absolutely nowhere this year. After a series of mysterious tweets on Toby Fox' Twitter (seemingly in character as W.D. Gaster from Undertale), he eventually linked to a site containing a "survey program". Later revealed to be the demo for a yet unfinished game named Deltarune (a clever anagram of Undertale), my experience playing through this was one of the most mixed experiences I've ever had. I had no idea what this was going into it since I was one of the earliest people to play it (before everyone knew what it was) and when I played it I wasn't sure what to think. Was it a sequel to Undertale? Was it a prequel? Well apparently, Deltarune is neither and that is what's fascinating about it. Essentially, it is an alternate reality story, set in a universe of Undertale where the war between monsters and humans never occured, which is just incredibly fascinating to see. It's like looking into what Undertale could've been if it had been developed as a more linear game with less focus on player choice. Because in Deltarune, your choices don't matter. It turns a lot of the ideas from Undertale on their head entirely so whatever this game turns out to be when it gets completed, it will be a totally different experience from Undertale. Regardless, I am incredibly hyped for it and I truly hope it gets made. Because it's easily the most memorable gaming experience from 2018 for me. 
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  9. This review was originally posted at https://alyxxgameroom.blogspot.com/2018/12/pc-game-review-duke-nuclear-winter.html GAME: Duke - Nuclear Winter RELEASED: 12/30/1997 DEVELOPER: Simply Silly Software PUBLISHER: WizardWorks AVAILABLE ON: PC Duke Nukem 3D had a few expansion packs released for it after its release in 1996. These were "Duke It Out in D.C", a capitol themed campaign through DC, "Duke Caribbean - Life's A Beach" which is more of a summer vacation themed pack. And then there is "Nuclear Winter", the mandatory Christmas themed pack which was the only one to be developed by Simply Silly Software. So while I am sitting here with my mulled wine and Christmas cookies, and having just finished my annual playthrough of this expansion, I figured I'd give my thoughts on it before the year is over. Consider this my Christmas review this year. The story goes that the Feminist Elven Militia (... yes, you read that correctly) has brainwashed Santa and are being supported by the aliens in a plot to take over the world. This brings up a fair amount of questions... Like why is there a Feminist Elven Militia, why are they taking over the world, and how does this stop Christmas from happening? In either case, Duke has to stop the feminazi elves, evil snowmen and aliens, get Santa back to normal and save Christmas. One of the most interesting and surprisingly out of place things in this expansion is a partial recreation of E1M1 from Doom. Your journey begins surprisingly by playing the first two levels from Episode 1 of Duke 3D in reverse with a bit of a Christmas twist. While it does feel a little lazy, the levels still feel different enough to be somewhat fun to play, especially since these are levels that most people have probably played a fair bit. After that you journey towards the north pole through numerous levels that all carry a pretty fitting winter theme, complete with snowy weather and icy water. Your enemies consists of reskinned pigcops and aliens, though some new enemies make their appearance exclusively to this expansion pack. Evil snowmen replace the Assault Commanders, Pigcop tanks and also function as generic troops that throw snowballs at you. The flying ones also use Freezethrower projectiles in place of the rockets from the vanilla Assault Commanders. And of course, the Elven Feminist Militia (EFM for short which sounds like a radio station), which consists of all female elves that either use dual UZI's, shrinkers or shotguns. Elves have a tendency to drop gifts upon dying which Duke can unwrap to pick up extra goodies like health, armor and weapons. The level design is mostly alright in my opinion. It might be because of how much I've played the expansion but I rarely feel lost and aside from the level designers having a bit too much of a fetish for cheap tripbomb traps, I find the levels pretty fun to play. I especially love the level set in Santa's workshop and a Christmas village at the North pole. The levels are full of cool little details like Santa's naughty list, boxes of presents for rich and poor kids, and even a launch facility for Santa's sleigh. I must admit playing this pack always brings a smile to my face the further I get into it. My only complaint if anything would be that it's probably a bit short. The fight with the evil Santa Clause feels like it always comes sooner than I expect, perhaps not helped by the fact the first two levels are just reskinned versions of older levels from Episode 1. Santa's a bit of a dick in this expansion until you beat him. Graphically I think Nuclear Winter holds up fine. It doesn't always impress a lot with the level design, which at times feels like it could easily be made in the Doom engine, but I still love the little "Christmas-fied" details like the reskinned enemies, Christmas trees, unique enemies and even singing carolers in the second level. The cutscenes all use pretty cheap looking CGI which even at the time looked kinda nasty and some of the sprite work is also not up to par with an official Duke Nukem product. But it gets the job done. The game features a rather nice selection of MIDI renditions of classic Christmas music. If you've ever wanted to hear a crappy synth version of Sleigh Ride, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer or Frosty The Snowman then you're in for a treat. Admittedly I have a bit of a soft spot for these renditions and there is something endearing about spilling a ton of Feminist Elf blood while a cheery Christmas tune plays in the background. Santa himself has a pretty crappy voice too which sounds like it was recorded by one of the dev team. Definitely no Jon St. Jon. This ending screen almost perfectly sums up the entire experience. I especially love the cheap Arial text and the "where" typo. All in all, Nuclear Winter doesn't really feel like an official expansion at all. It feels like a fan made mod pack that you'd download for free. But despite its somewhat amateur presentation, I do feel the people who made this game were legitimate fans of Duke Nukem and wanted to do a fitting Christmas themed expansion for the game. And while the jokes don't always land that well and stuff like the "Feminist Elven Militia" and kinda weird Mario parody almost makes me feel like the game was made by angry teenage fanboys who just kinda hate anything that isn't porn and guns, I genuinely have fun with Nuclear Winter every Christmas. Whether I play it on my PS Vita or on PC, I don't feel Christmas is complete without it. I definitely don't recommend spending a lot of money on it, but if you got it with the Megaton Edition while it was still being sold or got it for free through less legal means, I definitely recommend at least giving it a try. Merry Christmas! SCORE: STORY: 5/10 GAMEPLAY: 8/10 GRAPHICS: 7/10 SOUND: 5/10 TOTAL SCORE: 7/10
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    Duke Nukem 3D: Nuclear Winter
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    Far Cry 5
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