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  1. During October I'll usually replay the classic Resident Evil games.
  2. Excluding my own game that I'm making, Borderlands 2.
  3. I'm a huge fan of Redneck Rampage despite most people thinking the game is trash.
  4. Yeah I wasn't talking about Metallica lol
  5. I wonder if this game is trying to be a spiritual remake of Fade To Black where they took the title literally.
  6. I think a major reason for the lack of story discussion is spoilers. People generally don't wanna give too much away cause the story is actually one of the best things about the game (in my honest opinion anyway). There are some great memorable characters in there and some genuinely good writing. That or most people don't care about the story or think the entire game is bad. Because nuanced opinions don't exist on the internet.
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