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  1. Ommioddio sei arrivato alla stagione 2! Ho scoperto adesso la tua iniziativa, ma non pensavo fosse così duratura. Quali altri italiani ci sono sul forum?
  2. So the expansion is free? I didn't know: I've had the game since when Breaking Dawn didn't exist yet.
  3. @Arseniy Yavorśkyi I'm glad you answerd me. About the inclusion issue, I didn't mean it as an accusation to you, but I have had the displeasure of meeting gamers and hobbyists who do want to exclude new people from their circles, and I knew if there were such people participating in this thread they would have mired it in double-speak, so I felt obligated to address them before getting to the meat of the discussion. Most of what I wrote was about difficulty in general and not you or Ross specifically. Having finished Dark Souls 1 & 2 and being about halfway thorugh Bloodborne, the way I see it, in this kind of game the player doesn't really get good at the whole game at once: at first one learns the basics of how movement, stamina management and stats works, then it's almost exclusively learning the behaviour of each new kind of enemy, the layout of each new zone, and the moveset of each new weapon, but not really learning new things about the game in general. It is rewarding, but your progression is reset every time you meet something new, especially regarding enemies. You and I find it fun, but it's reasonable to dislike having your hard-earned lessons thrown in the bin. I was referring specifically to how certain thrust attacks can be turned into swipes if you're not locked onto an enemy and use the left stick to turn while the thrust happens: I've seen it used in Dark Souls III's competitive pvp, and I've learned to do it with Ludwig's Holy Blade to crowd control. The encessity for tactical thinking isn't removed: there's still timing and range to consider. Also the mechanic I was referring to only works with the Lock-on turned off, so the attack isn't aimed for you. Sekiro would have been better if there was an explicit indication that parrying should be your main defensive mechanic. You didn't refuse to learn: you weren't taught, only given negative feedback.
  4. The dev is creating a main quest, which now has 8 of the 10 individual quests. So far the main quest is made so as to expose your character to each system in the game ( ), each in an unique area. There is also an implicit progression of zones with ever more dangerous enemies (not just in the sense of higher HP and attack, but new mechanics which need to be understood to defeat them) and ever more powerful loot. If you care, there is also lore to discover, made with a blend of human writing and procedural generation: how it works is that there are fixed historical characters, but most of what they do and why is procedurally generated, with only their place in time and most important actions being fixed.
  5. It's not much like it, however: for one you only control one character, and the controls are actually manageable.
  6. Caves of Qud It is a firm Love/Hate for me: I found it very intresting at first and couldn't stop playing, but then I sort of hit a wall in that I didn't feel like like doing anything in the game, but even then I still thought about it costantly while not playing it. I unisnstalle dit and will pick it up again after I cleared my head.
  7. I didn't know, but last-century first person shooters seem to be fertile ground for secrets and easter eggs. Marathon is going in the queue behind System Shock and Quake
  8. Now this is a treasure trove of recommendations! And I happen to already own spelunky and treasure adventure. The first I found frustrating, but the second is still untested.
  9. I knew, but this is about Blasphemous, not Breaking Dawn. In the base game there is no warping between Prie Dieus.
  10. This is a Love/Hate for me: I had a lot of fun, but the amount of bactracking required to get the best equipment is criminal.
  11. Anodyne 1 is very different: don't judge a game unless you know it.
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