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  1. Don't get me started on that. Here in Italy you can be visited by a doctor and receive medicines, tests and surgeries for free, and still people cry that "Big Medicine" is out to get us. It's like hearing a toddler throwing a tantrum because they don't want to take a bath.
  2. Not really: this was a clumsy attempt at a coup, the "hobo invasion" would have been more like a gigantic sit-in.
  3. Because thay don't, dipshit. Also since you insist, Islam and Hebraism are just as absurd as christianity and watever it is you believe in. Speaking of which You don't get it: I don't think you're a robot, I know, bacuase of what you said, that you're a hypocrite; and I want to spell it out for whomever else might be reading, since they might not want to read the murder on the eyes that are your rants.
  4. Then you are violating the second commandement on purpose. Either you're lying about bing a christian or you're too selfish to be a good one. See you in hell.
  5. The people who "REEE" the hardest about this issue are out of touch, fat, gun-toting, bible-thumping, internet-poisoned boomers like Alex Jones. Your rant has to put you in the top 10 though. And about your assumption that atheists are selfish, why do you, who ostensibly believe that all your action and thoughts should reflect love for your fellow man, show no concern about the decline of earth's enviroement?
  6. If you don't want to ruin your childhood, don't. Let Shenmue rest in the pink mist of nostalgia.
  7. Hmm, difficult decision, but there are six games that really impacted me jostling for that position. Ordered by when I played them, they are: Red Faction Guerrilla. I found it in a Gamestop's bargain bin for 1 euro, and brought home the first and only game to have complete building destructibility. The only conceivable fault of this game are the cringey cutscenes, but they're rare and always under a minute, then it's back to rigging condos to fall on convoys, ramming through buildings to save the hostages within, "stealthily" taking down guards through walls with a sledgehammer, and demolishing skyscrapers with HE missiles. Lonely Star. This little indie caught me by surprise at every turn: I thought it'd be just kinda neat, but I found magical realism, well-realized combat that is both technical and hectic, a story that swerves in the psychedelic and magical while never losing sight of reality and mundane human concerns, and the raddet music a one-man team has ever made. Don't be scared away by the fact that it's technically a Demo: it's a complete short game in it's own right. Supraland. As I've said before, this is a really good puzzle-metroidvania, but the reason it's so cool is that it's so much bigger than it looks: it's an explorer's paradise, and the secrets aren't dinky little secret rooms either. Far Point. My first VR game (specifically for PSVR), and a good medium-length FPS with a well realized story. Long before Half-Life Alyx, this game let me experience the visceral scare of having a headcrab jump at my face. Disco Elysium. I loved the art and it's special system for tying together personality and skills ever since I saw it's webpage, and was delighted to see it would come out that same year. I played it non-stop from release to finale and was awed by every second. The big gutpunch moment really had me cry in shock: the first and last moment a game managed such a feat. Everything about this game feels awesome and miraculous. Umurangi Generation. This game is cool in the most literal sense: the music, the NPCs, the expressive photography you do, even the developer himself (ThorHighHeels) ooze a quirky, cunter-cultural air of cool.
  8. Antisocial people like what you describe are the most likely to insert themselves in a political or scientific discussion to attract attention and feel important. Their antics are ridicuolus and can be used to discredit the side they attached themselves to, so they get memed and distorted to look even worse. You'll find people like these on all sides of any issues, like Alex Jones and other fat sweaty gun-toting bible-thumping boomers reeee-ing over any show of concern for the enviroement or the wellbeing of minorities and the working class.
  9. I'm having trouble picturing how that would work: how is the state supposed to provide services if it doesn't receive resources from it's citizenry?
  10. No that would have been atrocious
  11. I just reached the first ending of The Witness. I wasn't as disappointed as most people seem to be with the game, and I actually liked most of the puzzles, as well as how the island is very good for exploration and has its biomes transition into each other seamlessly despite the limited size - I'm probaly going to revisit it as a lesson in open world design - and I particularly liked how a few meters of mountin trail really do feel like those I can find in my area. I was, however, very disappointed when I learned that the explanation for all the mysterious things I found around the island broke the fourth wall; they painted an intresting picture which I would have liked to fill in.
  12. This episode really showacases how much Ross hates christmas videogames. At this point I'd advise you to do like Mandalore and just do whatever game you like.
  13. I played some Unreal Gold as well, as well as some other retro shooters and new "boomer shooters". I discovered I like the interconnected structure of most levels and the tricks that were used to make them look like real places. I also realized that I hate how the later enemies all tend to be tough, agile, and hit hard as well; pick two, dammit! I feel like I'm having no effect while I get slapped aroud!
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