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  1. I tried Wizard of Legend. I didn't like it at all. Let's just say that it's a fast-paced twin stick shooter, but your spells have cooldown timers
  2. PASS. The story is trite and the continuous random encounters ground me to dust despite me juggling enemies well .
  3. I liked it well enough, but the way the mechanics have been implemented don't give much hope for a true immersive sim. doubt
  4. This is, in theory, a horror game, but in practice it is about exploring the narrative: you'll spend half an hour playing it, and then several hours thinking about it, then maybe play it again to try something new or check if your theories seem correct. In short, it's Twin Peaks in Half an hour. I liked it. I'd say it's good/great
  5. Pass, I hate Lovecraftian games that treat the original material as just something to reference: they're the story equivalent of an asset flip.
  6. I'd like to add another comment after playing the full version. For some reason I can't quite discern, I played the alpha demo to death, and would have given it a good/great, but then I bought the full version and I lost intrest very quickly. I suppose this means a Hazy rating.
  7. I'd heard this game spoken of so well, but when I actually tried it, I got bored after a while. It's not that the puzzles aren't clever, it's just that they get so sprawling, covering several screens each, that they start to feel like work. The scenery looks good in screenshots but isn't entertainging to watch while you play, the music is good but doesn't stir any mood or emotion, and there is no context to what I'm doing. PASS
  8. I agree with Ross on this one: the isometric perspective makes it sometimes ambigous wether you have a line of sight on your target, which in turn makes the gameplay inherently awkward. Pass
  9. A little, but memes are memes, regardless of where they come from. Am I werid for almost never replaying a game, even if I loved it the first time?
  10. I don't know if I'm ever going to buy it. Even feature-complete, Star Citizen is an online game running on an engine notorious for it's networking problems, and the possibility of buying ships with real money all but guarantees it'll be pay-to-win.
  11. Have you played them? How are they?
  12. The standpoint of "everyone else isn't helping to solve the problem, so it can't be done and therefore we don't have to try" is sensical only if the problem is just an inconvenience. Global warming is that for now, but is eventually going to be apocaliptic if not stopped; so the fact that other countries are not making an effort is a futher reason why we should. On that note, helping the European Union become more industrailly powerful will help in the long run, since it's member countries are already diminishing their emissions. I don't know how much Russia cares about the enviroenment, but if they do even a bit, USA, Russia and EU together could have the power to sideline China and India from the global market until they reign in their pollution.
  13. It's functionally indistinguishable from how you would act if you didn't have sources. Speaking of sources, I have studied computer engineering I know how microchips and other circuits actually work, but even if you had studied biology to a high-school level you'd know that the idea of controlling someone through microchips in their bloodstream is nonsense, because the brain is separated from the circulatory system by a barrier that lets through only oxygen, nutrients, and hormones: any "microchip" would be both too big and too extraneous to pass through. And before you bring up drugs, the reason they work is because they resemble molecules our body actually uses to give feedback to the brain, so they can pass through. If you'd gotten curious and looked up how the brain actually works, you'd know that we barely understand what certain areas are responsible for, because not only is it too complex to model like we would a computer, but also because it changes constantly as it learns and grows. So "hacking" it is not really possible.
  14. Have you looked at their earlier posts? This has been a shit flinging contest from the beginning.
  15. Such an articulated and profound response. I see why it took you so long to compose it.
  16. Don't get me started on that. Here in Italy you can be visited by a doctor and receive medicines, tests and surgeries for free, and still people cry that "Big Medicine" is out to get us. It's like hearing a toddler throwing a tantrum because they don't want to take a bath.
  17. Not really: this was a clumsy attempt at a coup, the "hobo invasion" would have been more like a gigantic sit-in.
  18. Because thay don't, dipshit. Also since you insist, Islam and Hebraism are just as absurd as christianity and watever it is you believe in. Speaking of which You don't get it: I don't think you're a robot, I know, bacuase of what you said, that you're a hypocrite; and I want to spell it out for whomever else might be reading, since they might not want to read the murder on the eyes that are your rants.
  19. Then you are violating the second commandement on purpose. Either you're lying about bing a christian or you're too selfish to be a good one. See you in hell.
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