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  1. Sad to see FM finish but it had to come to an end eventually. Scott get some rest, hell... take some vacation too we won't mind a small hiatus on your videos you deserve it after all this FM frenzy.
  2. utc zones poland is +1utc so ross has even more time
  3. poland i think it's utc+3. i live at utc+2 and there are still 12 and a half hours left for the deadline. hope ross makes it.
  4. Great episode Ross, my only and biggest question so far is how worse was Freeman's room than this one?
  5. Well, the thing is that the new series Scott started is very nice, so i would like to post a wish list of some oldies but goldies that i would like Ross to review. 1. Skyroads 2. Tubular Worlds 3. Fatal Racing 4. Gods 5. Raptor, Call of the Shadows Although it is up Ross to do any review from this wish list it would be nice for people to post a wish list of old games at this post. Requirement that the game runs at MS-DOS, Win-95, 98 is marginally accepted and the game was developed at the 80's - 90's.
  6. From the game Kerbal Space Program Paradropping a rescue ship on another world Deorbiting a refuel tank just for the heck of it Docking of a spaceplane at a nuclear driven supply tank
  7. does the headcrab that fell off the cliff count? i mean he used a matador tactic to dispose it
  8. At episode 44 Freeman mentions about tin foil hats. Well here is a paper on the efficacy of tin foil hats http://berkeley.intel-research.net/arahimi/helmet/
  9. 1. Shooting down helicopters 2. Killing ninjas 3. Making a list
  10. not killing anyone or something before 5 mins pass
  11. I translated all the episodes from freeman's mind in Greek and i upload them for you to enjoy
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