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  1. Oh boy, looks like THE MOVIE is coming back into focus again.
  2. MMOs getting shut down isn't anything new and not even Ross bothers to cover every single one that has its plug pulled, but "Otherland" was something special. Its review score on Steam was "Mixed", so you wouldn't think much of value was lost, but its atmosphere, world and visual design stood way above the other aspects of the game and I think exploring such a world would be right up Ross's alley. But alas, its servers quietly shut down on the 23rd of September, with just a mere discord post from one of the devs as a confirmation and without a single news article mentioning this. The game was based on the "Otherland" novels by Ted Williams and even though I haven't read them myself, the game followed the source material pretty well from what I've heard. Ironically, the plot is quite meta and is centered around preventing the impending doom of these so-called "virtual worlds" within the game's "real world". I have included a video series covering Otherland from start to finish just months before it shut down forever - this may very well be the most complete documentary/archive we'll ever get of all the hard work that went into this game's world.
  3. I'm starting to think more and more that this is going to be legit - take a look at the end of the video description: "Donations welcome! I'll make more videos either way. http://www.accursedfarms.com/donations/" I checked his previous Game Dungeon videos from months ago and none of them have a direct donation link. Now, tell me all you faithful forum dwellers who have been following Ross for as long as I have - do you think Ross is the type of person who would literally try to capitalise on a cruel joke? I think it's really happening guys!
  4. Oh boy, the grand saga is finally over. Thank you for all the entertainment you've provided these past 7 years. As Isaac Kleiner would say, "Bon voyage, and best of luck in your future endeavors!"
  5. Hey everyone! This ambitious project needs some more exposure in my opinion, and it would be great if the community here pledges some amount to make it as epic as possible!
  6. Happy birthday to the greatest Half-Life comedy show on the web!
  7. I'm pretty sure it's a voice-over, as is all his commentary.
  8. Check out this brand new comment made by the actual "machinima" on Youtube - Commenter 1 :"Machinima why so many replies?" machinima: "Because we spent way too long not responding to people and we looked like faceless corporate jerks for it, and that's not who we are and we don't want to do that anymore. We work our asses off to make these and find folks who make great stuff, so we want to talk with the positive commenters about it." THAT BOLD PART SEEMS VERY FAMILIAR, DON'T YOU THINK GUYS? Btw here's the link for the video where this was posted:
  9. Heh, Ross DID actually say in some old interview he believed he would finish HL 1 before Ep. 3 (HL 3 as it is now considered but whatever) was released, didn't he?
  10. What the hell guys? Never seen a fu**ing comma used instead of a decimal point? If I were Demorid I'd feel humiliated from your pathetic comments...
  11. In other news, Episode 1 of Freeman's Mind has just broken the 4,000,000 mark! Congratulations Ross!
  12. Showing antimatter particles who's boss!
  13. Oh man, the those dam jokes were hilarious, but what really cracked me up was the part with the pipes! Although when I think about, it's ridiculous that Freeman can remember those two corridors from the beginning of the game, but still can't get his head straight about some MUCH, MUCH bigger issues.
  14. Look alive! The episode is 100% complete. We'll probably have to wait till the weekend before we get to see it though.
  15. I've been wondering, does Ross still actually enjoy making the episodes or have they, because of all the pressure from fans, become a tedious chore? You said Freeman's Mind initially was simply an experiment, but one that was far more successful than anticipated. Now, however, you seem to be concentarted on a bigger movie project and I can't help but think you aren't nearly as enthusiastic(if at all)about producing the next FM episode as you were, say 2 years ago.
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