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  1. hey all, its been a long time since i've posted on this forum, but i feel like its about time to become active in the AF community. Right now though, im wondering if i could possibly get a name change without creating a new account. I made this account a long time ago when i first stumbled across the masterpiece that is Freeman's Mind. Just wondering if there is a way to change my name TBH.
  2. So. Watching that video, and seeing Ross' hair. I'd have to say that he looks pretty dandy with the long hair. However. I feel like the Gordon Freeman look seems to suit him better.
  3. lol, the good luck wishes were in vain. we broke up at the end of September.
  4. Hey Ross, like most users here. I've been following you for quite a while. I waited while you fought Machinima and what not. I love your Videos, and you're still making me laugh with your videos. but enough ass kissing. This message is really just a big thank you for making me and my friends as well as many others laugh. And If today is really your birthday. Then a BIG Happy Birthday ROSS! but if it isnt your birthday then i'll feel like a real idiot.. regardless. Thank you so much for continuing to put out videos. I know that you've had trouble with health and finances and as much as i wanted to help you financially. I couldnt and still cant because i'm out of work ATM, but i wish i could because when i get depressed or reallly need a laugh i find myself always coming to your site to watch a video or read an update or lurk around the forums. Just.. Thank you Thank you muchly.
  5. I really miss the progress bar and all its glory.
  6. this thread is deader than a dead dead guy
  7. hey its been like a year since i've been on this thread.. i really dont know how long its been. but i'm going to do as dan said, i'm going to go on about the mandalorian attack although i was planning to flash back to it at some point. i havent really had that much time to work on it because i'm busy, very busy with a girlfriend whom i love and plan to marry sometime in the future, and i've been working full time with a plumbing company as an apprentice. unfortunately most of my inspiration to continue writing this story has gone down the drain since my best friend and i have stopped talking.
  8. thank you Ross. I appreciate the answer.
  9. i suppose thats all we need as an answer but i would like some clarity on this subject.
  10. it matters to me why he said no. I'm fairly curious as too why he wouldnt want to at least apply to Roosterteeth. does he not like them?
  11. Why not? i mean they're a good company and i think Ross would make a good addition to their team.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu-xFvLaE68 i cant remember how to get the image.. or whatever its called
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