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  1. Pre-Mac update? The Engine was from the 360 version of the game, so its more like Pre-console. True, but the PC version didn't follow suit until the Mac update.
  2. I appreciate the use of the original, pre-Mac update engine.
  3. Yes, I would still be interested, Otto.
  4. lol the only version of HL2's that's playable is the pre-Mac version
  5. I might get around to it someday. I don't feel like binge watching the last third of the show just yet.
  6. A lot of isolated voice files from the episodes have been released, but what about effects tracks? If those are released, then Freeman's Mind can finally be dubbed into Thai!
  7. I made VHS releases of episodes 1-32 once. A BD could also work. The SD episodes could all be converted into .m2ts files (The resolution for episodes 1-16 might suffer though. I think BD is only compliant to SD resolutions up to PAL), same with the HD ones. I think the entire series could actually fit on just one 25gb disc.
  8. In addition to the isolated Freeman dialogue, will you also be making music and effects only tracks for the episodes? Then we can have dubs!
  9. Been watching since 2010. "People always say time flies when you're having fun. Well what happens is time just flies period and we all end up older."
  10. I counted 22 Vorts (It could be more, though), so plus all the other kills, the total should be 448.
  11. Nice. I thought it was a really well done episode. I'm really liking the much more cynical direction Freeman has been taking as of late.
  12. I transcribed and subtitled an already English web show! Sound familiar?
  13. http://www.mediafire.com/?dqbt71xno6hm3qm I've put together some .srts corresponding to some custom .mkvs of the YouTube uploads (for the most part, .webm for the video, .m4a from the .mp4 for audio). Some are a little rough around the edges, paragraphing and continuing line wise, but they're otherwise quite faithful. I've also done a .srt of a Portuguese fan translation, but the manual transition from hard coded to .srt might've screwed up a lot of things. http://www.mediafire.com/?gsowxivinnidrt2 There's also a "deluxe" .mkv of Episode 1, with the English subs, a 2008 Spanish voice over dub, and a music and effects track, plus an isolated score. www.mediafire.com/?wgd1e8bceeied89
  14. Not sure if Ross keeps the effects tracks for earlier episodes, but a Freeman's Mind dub would be interesting.
  15. .MKVs are a versatile format that can hold multiple audio tracks. I agree with what was said earlier. Keep the non-intrusive version's audio mix in the same .MKV as a separate track, if it comes to that.
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