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  1. I made a version before realizing Erasmus made one. So, uh, I guess here's mine. freeman_s_mind_2_boat_blooper_en.srt
  2. I think my favorite part of this episode has to be the ending. Reminds me of a line from Futurama: "With my last breath, I curse Kleiner!"
  3. Speaking of the guy in the sewer pipe, subs are up!
  4. We serve the same mystery... freeman_s_mind_2_episode_15_en.srt
  5. Have you watched "The Tunnel"? That's got some humor, but it's mostly played seriously. Even a bit of horror.
  6. Hello, folks. First, the tl;dr: I went near-full hermit in 2020 with regards to Accursed Farms, because of my life fell apart. Because of that, I want to apologize to everyone here. I will be returning in force for 2021. However, I will be cutting back on the videos I'll be subtitling. Now, for the details. The biggest reason for the disappearance was the death of my mother. We had a strained relationship since, well, at least 1995 and we didn't see each other since, well, sheesh, the last time I remember seeing her in person was when we went to see the "X-Files" film together in theaters. That was 1998. Still, her death hit me especially hard since the last thing I told to her, over email, is that I was angry with her for, well quite frankly, she abandoned us as her children. Needless to say, that wrecked me something fierce. Couple that with being cooped up because of the pandemic (and apparently, she died from COVID--I can't get a clear answer, to be honest) and it's been a shit year, among other things. However, as I've said, I've come to terms with what has happened the best I can and I want to make a fresh start for 2021. What does that mean for Accursed Farms? I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've come to the conclusion that I can't continue as I have done in the past with making subtitles for videos. As of this post, I have decided to not do subtitles for Game Dungeon or other similar videos (such as Ross's informational videos--for example, Ross's Big Birthday Video). For that, I apologize. Information-dense videos like those are no longer fun for me to subtitle and take WAY too much time to do. I feel emotionally and physically drained after each one, and not in a good way. This doesn't mean I want Ross to stop making information-dense videos such as Game Dungeon or otherwise. Far from it. I want Ross to make the videos he wants to make! I just can't subtitle them. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop subtitling altogether (though that thought crossed my mind many times--including thoughts of just leaving Accursed Farms altogether, but I can't do that; I'd miss it too much). From this point on, I will only be subtitling what I call "story-driven videos". That is, Freeman's Mind, Civil Protection, or even the one-off silly videos such as Stranger in Need. Those will continue to get the danielsangeo treatment! Thank you all for being such a great community and let's get to it for 2021!
  7. If someone can find a solution which makes it easy to upload captions to the videos, that'd be awesome. I was thinking of something like an open-source proxy. Like you enter in the URL to the YouTube video and it'll play the video with adverts or whatever so the uploader can get the advertising revenue, but will intercept the video and add subtitles to it between YouTube and the viewer. Don't ask me how to make something like that--I have no clue!
  8. I did the thing. https://www.accursedfarms.com/forums/topic/5922-freemans-mind-2-episode-14/
  9. Oh hey. Remember me? freeman_s_mind_2_episode_14_en.srt
  10. Now I want to see G-man flying a Hunter-Chopper. freeman_s_mind_2_episode_13_en.srt
  11. Hello, everyone. Recently, Ross released three Game Dungeon videos nearly an hour long each: Veil of Darkness at around 56 minutes, Phantasmagoria 2 at almost an hour and a half, and Messiah at almost 56 minutes. Taken together, these videos constitute well over 3 hours of material: 193 minutes. As it takes me about 1 hour to do one minute of video, subtitling these videos would take me about 193 hours, or about 8 days of nonstop work. Sadly, as my life has gotten rather busy, in addition to my other projects, I have to announce that I will be no longer subtitling any video longer than 30 minutes long. Harry Buster was 16 minutes and that was fine for me, and Freeman's Mind averages between 8 and 12 minutes long, and that's also fine. However, if a video is more than 30 minutes long, I apologize, but I will not be the one subtitling them in the future. They will eat up too much of my free time. So, in recompense, I will be announcing that if you wish to subtitle them, please go ahead and post them to this forum and I'll proofread them and even edit them to conform with the standards for the subtitles I set up for myself, then submit them to the official videos. And I thank you profusely! tl;dr: My apologies, but I will no longer be doing subtitles for videos longer than 30 minutes.
  12. Buttons! Zooba-dabba-dooba-dabba-dabba-da! freeman_s_mind_2_episode_12_en.srt
  13. I am danielsangeo I'll never get this song out of my head I'll always listen to that song My name is danielsangeo. (Subs up!)
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