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  1. danielsangeo

    Dead Game News subtitles?

    Thank YOU, ScumCoder. I am willing to proofread the subs to make sure they're up to snuff if you want, but typing them out and syncing them to the video is something I'd rather avoid. I'll still do other videos, such as Freeman's Mind and such, but I think Dead Game News is out for me.
  2. danielsangeo

    Dead Game News subtitles?

    Friends, I need to ask y'all something. Would anyone be upset with me if I decided to stop doing subtitles for just the Dead Game News videos? The most recent one, France vs Valve, is really putting me off subtitling and I don't like that. I'd rather do more fun videos like Freeman's Mind and Civil Protection. If someone else wants to take up the reins for just Dead Game News, that would be fantastic, but as of right now, I don't want to subtitle DGN videos anymore. My apologies, everyone.
  3. danielsangeo


    Subs up! Also, what's after this is: Maybe two episodes away, depending on how Ross does things.
  4. danielsangeo

    Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 11

  5. danielsangeo

    Post Your Game Findings

    While not so much a game as it is exploring a 3D environment, for VR, there's a "game" called "Aircar" which Ross might like to take a look at (supposing he gets some good VR goggles at some point): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1073390/Aircar/
  6. danielsangeo

    Ross's Game Dungeon: TrackMania² Canyon

    Oops. Forgot to link here. Subs up!
  7. danielsangeo

    Ross's Game Dungeon - Trackmania² Canyon

    Not 2, but ². ross_s_game_dungeon_trackmania_2_canyon_en.srt
  8. danielsangeo


    Subs up!
  9. danielsangeo

    Ross's Big Game List

  10. danielsangeo

    Game List - "Random" button not working correctly

    Addendum: Some users are reporting that the GaaS entry on games is showing "Unrated" which is apparently leading to some confusion. I believe "Unknown" would be a better term to use if the status of them as Games as a Service isn't known to Ross.
  11. Some people are reporting that the "Random" button isn't working correctly. It might take them to the same game over and over again. For me, you have to hard-refresh the Game List main pages before the Random button sends you to another game. Dunno if that's a bug or not.
  12. danielsangeo


    Subs up!
  13. danielsangeo

    Ross's Game Dungeon - The Cave World

    [Untertitel von danielsangeo] ross_s_game_dungeon_the_cave_world_saga_en.srt
  14. danielsangeo

    Say Cheese, Ross.

    I thought that image was a GIF at first, and was waiting for Ross to do something. XD
  15. danielsangeo

    Ross's Game Dungeon - Captain Zzap

    Hey there. Thanks for the fixes! I'm going to spend the next day or three getting up to date on this and all the other subtitles as much as possible. The Game Dungeon subtitles will take longer, though, I fear. Just gotta get caught up...

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