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  1. Elephant warlocks, upright reindeer and sentient rabbits, oh my! Ross's Game Dungeon Aida's Strange Christmas.srt
  2. We'll see who's better at picking herbs... Ross's Game Dungeon Daemonica.srt
  3. When you're tired of maintenance tunnels, you're tired of life. Ross's Game Dungeon Hellgate London.srt
  4. Use the axe. ross_game_dungeon_clans.srt
  5. Thanks Erasmus. About point 1: I'm afraid I couldn't find the typo. I checked my original and redownloaded the file above; subtitle 7 already says "in a bike or skateboard accident" in both files. As for re-subtitling dialogue, I was on the fence about it. Since in-game subtitles are always on, re-subbing character dialogue instantly clarifies if Ross is directly reacting to that dialogue, or if the dialogue is incidental and he's talking about something else. That said; you're right that it wasn't necessary to re-subtitle everything. From now on I'll take the same approach as with music or sound effects, and only subtitle what Ross explicitly comments on/reacts to. Still, I've been over this many times and keep finding things I'm not totally happy with, and could probably keep doing so until the heat death of the universe. So for the sake of finishing at some point I'm going to draw a line under this one.
  6. Thanks very much. I've fixed that, and took the chance to amend some spelling mistakes and other weirdness (I somehow managed to misspell San Francisco in the first file)
  7. "Shaa". First upload. Corrections/suggestions welcome. ross_game_dungeon_sonic_heroes.srt ross_game_dungeon_sonic_heroes_final.srt
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