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  1. Well, it has been five years (just about), so here you go. Let's take another look and see how it accurately the predictions were, while accessibility in the process. RossDemonetizationSpecial.srt If so desired, I can create a version that changes position so as to not obscure important visual information (non .srt format).
  2. The floating head was much more engaging this time around compared to Cybermorph.
  3. Huh. The environments remind me a little bit of the "Timeline" mods for Half-Life. Especially part 3 with its extreme exoticism.
  4. 10 bucks says that Freeman will have a (relatively) positive disposition towards Mossman. Evidence: Actually praises him for his work in his field. Both share ambiguous moral compass. She knows (or at least sounds like to a lay person) what the hell she's talking about in regards to how the teleportation breakthroughs and theory works.
  5. I just realized: for Ross's videos with written scripts, 90-100% of the work for subtitles is already done—all that's needed is to go to the YouTube subtitle page, hit Auto-Sync, overwrite the auto-generated subtitles with text from the script, hit done (or save draft), and that's it. YouTube will use its speech detection to time them with correct words and punctuation. That significantly reduces the workload completing them. Best case scenario, no further work needed. Worst case, a user might need like 15 minutes to remove unused or superfluous text. And if it is the latter and Ross doesn't want rudimentary subtitles on the video, all he'd need is to download the draft from YouTube after syncing, and share it on the forums to let people finish the work the normal way. tl;dr Have a script? You've already got subtitles: Video Details > Subtitles > ADD/EDIT > Auto-Sync > Paste > Done
  6. Highest recommendation. Best sorts of emergent gameplay. It's a blast. Mixing and matching strategies is great. Mechanics may appear simple on the surface, but that's because there are so damn many of them and they interact in complex ways. Humor and excuse plot not really my thing, but I love the atmosphere and music. Plus, you can play as a knockoff Bob from Messiah. No DRM/GaaS. Sequel with cars and larger worlds in development. This is what GTA should be.
  7. More suggestions: Typo: subtitle 7—'been in a bike' vs 'on' In-game dialogue that's already subtitled doesn't need to be subtitled again (e.g. ["Hey look! It's Sonic!!"], ["Shaa!"], etc.) but unsubtitled stuff like ["Take that! Take that! Take that!"] can stay in. Alright, that's it. If I notice anything else, I'll add it to this. Edit: Forget first typo, I'm dumb.
  8. Overall, really well done. Only minor suggestion is to split the 2nd subtitle block into two, one for each sentence. Unless two adjacent sentences are spoken very rapidly, most style guides want one subtitle for a sentence unless it bleeds over to the next one or there are multiple speakers.
  9. If you want a place for people to easily watch and download your captions, you could try Amara or Captionfy.
  10. Alternatively, download them from here: https://www.captionfy.io/video/youtube/Szs7m-hpztk?caption=60858f52fb25c28c20bf5a52
  11. Here's the English subtitles for the latest Dead Game News episode. As for why it's in a zip folder, it's not an srt file, but a WebVTT file, because that format uses italicize markup which YouTube recognizes. The subtitle editor within YouTube won't display the italics, but they'll show up on the published video. Also, don't change them from the subtitle editor, or the italics will vanish entirely. DeadGameNewsApple.zip
  12. Wow, so this blew up. Figured I'd add something that's been handy for me recently. It's a browser program not dissimilar to YouTube's subtitle editor that can add captions to embedded videos, but you can also upload/download your own subtitles as well, making it relatively versatile. Then again, I don't know what others want out of community contributions, but for me, it was a pleasant surprise I figured I'd share: https://www.captionfy.io/home
  13. YouTube is dropping support for anybody to manually submit captions for videos. Full effect will take place by the end of September. Uh... That's pretty much it I guess.
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