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  1. Subtitles are in VTT format to allow for positioning. They can be uploaded like .smi subtitles, i.e. verbatim. If you find any egregious grammar errors, or the subtitles obscuring important on-screen text, please let me know. DeadGameNewsUbisoftJournalismVTT.zip
  2. Well done, excellent job on the .smi formatting.
  3. As requested, here's a compilation of developer responses to Game Dungeon videos as of June 2022. Will be updated if more are brought to my attention.
  4. Follows standard formatting. As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. In following with the series style guide, as Grigori hasn't given his name yet, I labeled him simply as "MONK" to indicate speaker. FreemansMind2Episode17.srt
  5. That's right. 100% fully subtitled, from beginning to end, made from scratch. But that's not all. I've added positioning to the video, because of the many important visual/textual elements at the bottom of the video, so nothing gets obscured. Because they are stylized, they need to be uploaded in a particular, but straightforward manner to work correctly: Upload the .ytt subtitle on the video page Touch nothing. As soon as it's uploaded, press publish. YouTube Studio 100% supports stylized subtitles, but cannot edit them without breaking them. Check the video for confirmation. If the Idiocracy clip at 1:35 is in yellow, it's working as intended. And that's it. These subtitles took some time to complete (YouTube thinking Ross was speaking Vietnamese didn't help), but they're finally ready. And as always, feel free to give any feedback you have on them. If you want more on the how, why and what on subtitle stylization on YouTube, check out my "Alternate subtitle formats?" post on the forums. It's about choosing the correct file format for the job, and not overwriting it once you upload it to YouTube. TheGUIshouldBeBetterSubtitles.zip
  6. @danielsangeo Sure thing. Here's a list of steps for uploading stylized subtitles. Step 1: Make sure the subtitle is in .smi format. If it's in .srt format, it must be converted. (I recommend using Subtitle Edit. Do not use Subtitle Workshop. It doesn't create .smi files correctly) Step 2: Upload the subtitle as is: Edit Video > Subtitles > ADD/EDIT > Upload file > WITH timing Step 3: Hit publish straight away. Do NOT change anything within the subtitle editor. Doing so deletes the colorization. ("This transcript may contain additional formatting that can get lost if overwritten.") Step 4: Check the actual video for confirmation. The editor will not display color. The first colorized line isn't always at the start. And that's all: .smi file, upload, change nothing, publish, check. Again, different file formats have different rules. .smi is a really solid middle ground, but doesn't account for everything. Every subtitle format has pros and cons, so I use them all, each for different circumstances. .smi is great because it's relatively simple, and allows for full color and simple markups (but nothing more) .vtt is lightweight, easily human readable, positional, and offers simple markups (but no color or other customizations) .ytt is YouTube's native subtitle format, so it accounts for everything, from full color, text positioning, font size, font name, background opacity/color, and so much more. Its customization is on par editing text in Premiere (but is not easily human readable, so you'd need to know exactly what you're doing)
  7. Here is an example of a colorized .smi subtitle in action. Each actor has a specific color, while maintaining optimum legibility. With the right knowhow, they're fairly simple to create, and have been supported for a while. The key to utilizing stylized subtitles is to not modify anything within the subtitle editor. Doing so will overwrite all markup data ("This transcript may contain additional formatting that can get lost if overwritten."), so just hit publish once it's on the screen. Also, the editor cannot display colors, so you'll have to check the video itself for confirmation. No colorized .srts allowed. If you've got a colorized .srt, simply convert it to .smi, and you'll be good.
  8. This is a common misconception. You see, YouTube does in fact support color and stylization quite extensively. It's just that it doesn't for .srt format. You'd need to convert it to another format. I recommend .smi. Doing so is quite simple, but I do NOT recommend converting with Subtitle Workshop. I recommend using the free Subtitle Edit, and performing a simple .srt to .smi conversion. After that, when uploading an .smi file, or any other stylized file accepted by YouTube (e.g. .vtt, .ytt, .stl etc.) just be sure not to modify it within YouTube's subtitle editor, as this deletes the stylization. If published as is, then tada, the stylization will remain on YouTube. Alternatively, you may upload the stylized .srt file to a website called Captionfy, and then download it as a .smi to preserve the color for YouTube.
  9. @danielsangeo With Randrye's permission, I've colorized the subtitles to allow for a more intuitive reading experience: TerrorTraxColorized.zip A demonstration of the color can be seen in action here: https://www.captionfy.io/video/youtube/EkED9XMvSK8?caption=6243b48e4ac3ad44d07858ae (Please note the font difference and missing background are specific to Captionfy, and will not be the case on YouTube)
  10. For anyone who cares over a decade later, I recommend Subtitle Edit. Obviously, Subtitle Workshop nowadays is outdated. Subtitle Edit is free, highly versatile, and offers lots of excellent features. Just about anything you could want in a subtitle editor, it's got. It even allows for stylization (which YouTube supports, by the way) such as color or positioning. I've listed the specific formats on another post.
  11. @danielsangeo I asked about this in one of the Q&A threads, but is there any chance of allowing subtitles with stylization? I'll repeat what was said there: Subtitles on YouTube can utilize advanced features such as color and positioning, though not in .srt format (YouTube only allows plaintext in this format). Are you going to enable more subtitle file types to be submitted to the forums, such as .vtt, .smi and .ytt files? Their correct usage would allow for more intuitive reading experiences. Specifically: .vtt allows for positioning and simple markups .smi has full color and markup support .ytt allows for maximum customization of subtitles, including color, positioning, and everything else with YouTube CC's I can share examples of this in action if so desired.
  12. Thank you for your continued work, it's very much appreciated.
  13. @danielsangeo Yes, right now Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 8 uses the incorrect Russian subtitles, being a repeat of 7's.
  14. Also note, a couple of the subtitles on the forums appear as gibberish when opened. This is an encoding error. They probably use ANSI instead of UTF-8. On Captionfy, these same subtitles are encoded correctly and available for download.
  15. Update: All currently missing subtitles (ones that were finished and posted) can be viewed at this link: https://www.captionfy.io/channel/youtube/UCJ6KZTTnkE-s2XFJJmoTAkw More information can be found on this post here.
  16. The state of community captions has been messy ever since YouTube decided to stop supporting this feature (just 2 weeks after the 20th anniversary of the ADA no less), but one website that's picked up some of the slack is the underused, underrated captionfy.io Similar to YouTube's caption editor, it's great for writing basic captions for YouTube videos, without the need for downloading each video, but it's also got better privacy than Amara's free version (you can create private/anonymous captions), playlists, channel pages, and you can upload or download captions for general viewing and posterity. It may not be perfect, but it's no slouch either. So besides using it as a straightforward caption editor, it's great for having a single place to view, store, and organize captions, because they are intrinsically linked to videos. This extends to Accursed Farms, of which every completed, non-published subtitle is available for viewing here: https://www.captionfy.io/search?s=accursed farms (To make them look more like YouTube's subtitles, choose white as the color and a translucent background)
  17. Well, five years have passed just as he mentioned (nearly), so here you go. Let's take another look and see how accurately the predictions panned out, while adding accessibility in the process. RossDemonetizationSpecial.srt If so desired, I can create a version that changes position so as to not obscure important visual information (non .srt format).
  18. The floating head was much more engaging this time around compared to Cybermorph.
  19. Huh. The environments remind me a little bit of the "Timeline" mods for Half-Life. Especially part 3 with its extreme exoticism.
  20. 10 bucks says that Freeman will have a (relatively) positive disposition towards Mossman. Evidence: Actually praises him for his work in his field. Both share ambiguous moral compass. She knows (or at least sounds like to a lay person) what the hell she's talking about in regards to how the teleportation breakthroughs and theory works.
  21. I just realized: for Ross's videos with written scripts, 90-100% of the work for subtitles is already done—all that's needed is to go to the YouTube subtitle page, hit Auto-Sync, overwrite the auto-generated subtitles with text from the script, hit done (or save draft), and that's it. YouTube will use its speech detection to time them with correct words and punctuation. That significantly reduces the workload completing them. Best case scenario, no further work needed. Worst case, a user might need like 15 minutes to remove unused or superfluous text. And if it is the latter and Ross doesn't want rudimentary subtitles on the video, all he'd need is to download the draft from YouTube after syncing, and share it on the forums to let people finish the work the normal way. tl;dr Have a script? You've already got subtitles: Video Details > Subtitles > ADD/EDIT > Auto-Sync > Paste > Done
  22. Highest recommendation. Best sorts of emergent gameplay. It's a blast. Mixing and matching strategies is great. Mechanics may appear simple on the surface, but that's because there are so damn many of them and they interact in complex ways. Humor and excuse plot not really my thing, but I love the atmosphere and music. Plus, you can play as a knockoff Bob from Messiah. No DRM/GaaS. Sequel with cars and larger worlds in development. This is what GTA should be.
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