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  1. More suggestions: Typo: subtitle 7—'been in a bike' vs 'on' In-game dialogue that's already subtitled doesn't need to be subtitled again (e.g. ["Hey look! It's Sonic!!"], ["Shaa!"], etc.) but unsubtitled stuff like ["Take that! Take that! Take that!"] can stay in. Alright, that's it. If I notice anything else, I'll add it to this. Edit: Forget first typo, I'm dumb.
  2. Overall, really well done. Only minor suggestion is to split the 2nd subtitle block into two, one for each sentence. Unless two adjacent sentences are spoken very rapidly, most style guides want one subtitle for a sentence unless it bleeds over to the next one or there are multiple speakers.
  3. If you want a place for people to easily watch and download your captions, you could try Amara or Captionfy.
  4. Alternatively, download them from here: https://www.captionfy.io/video/youtube/Szs7m-hpztk?caption=60858f52fb25c28c20bf5a52
  5. Here's the English subtitles for the latest Dead Game News episode. As for why it's in a zip folder, it's not an srt file, but a WebVTT file, because that format uses italicize markup which YouTube recognizes. The subtitle editor within YouTube won't display the italics, but they'll show up on the published video. Also, don't change them from the subtitle editor, or the italics will vanish entirely. DeadGameNewsApple.zip
  6. I'd take lower-quality captions for more videos than really polished captions for just a handful of videos any day. The whole point is to make them more accessible. I don't believe in closing them off for sake of quality control. Sure there will always be trolls, but if that meant more videos were accessible to a wider audience, that's worth it in my opinion.
  7. Wow, so this blew up. Figured I'd add something that's been handy for me recently. It's a browser program not dissimilar to YouTube's subtitle editor that can add captions to embedded videos, but you can also upload/download your own subtitles as well, making it relatively versatile. Then again, I don't know what others want out of community contributions, but for me, it was a pleasant surprise I figured I'd share: https://www.captionfy.io/home
  8. YouTube is dropping support for anybody to manually submit captions for videos. Full effect will take place by the end of September. Uh... That's pretty much it I guess.
  9. @AP_Pastor This is the cherry on top: https://imgur.com/a/UR9HM60
  10. I forgot about this a while ago, but I figured I might as well post it here. Back in November 2017, when Ross posted his monthly video chat, the thumbnail was... captivating. It looked like Ross was casting a spell or something, and it was the main topic of interest in the chat. Well lo and behold, I was given an art assignment to do a charcoal sketch of a person from a real photo. So guess who I picked? That's right. Ross W. "Running With Scissors" Scott, during his transmogrification into a warlock. Now the photo quality is a bit crap (in addition to my drawing skills; this was my first sketch of a human), but I won't get the picture back for at least a few weeks, because a buddy of mine offered to frame it for me. So here you go.
  11. I've uploaded the soundtracks to two obscure freeware games on YouTube. These were both made in Game Maker and uploaded to the old YoYo Games website. They are "Assassin Blue" (Game by Greg "Banov" Lobanov, soundtrack by Jason "Prophecy" Covenant) and "Ark 22" (game by David "Srehopg" Smithson, soundtrack by Max "Hurtdeer" Peake). Banov is around on social media, like Twitter, and Hurtdeer has an active Soundcloud. As a final side note, Assassin Blue has a low-quality MIDI soundtrack also. It can't be downloaded, only ripped, but I didn't upload it. If people really want the low-quality version, I could get around to uploading it. Assassin Blue: Ark 22:
  12. @roger_duncan_101 Hi, I'm the guy that made the English subtitles. The line at 6:14 is "Shit!" This is evidenced because not only do Metrocops have the line that says "Shit!" (sound/npc/metrocop/vo/shit.wav), but it's also programmed for them to say that when approached by an incoming vehicle as evidenced by METROPOLICE_DANGER_VEHICLE0 under Sentences.txt
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