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  1. Looks like I goofed; not knowing Quake, I put at 29:09 "Well apparently this isn't enough henchmen for Elexis, so she's strongifying corpses to fill in the gaps." It should read: "Well apparently this isn't enough henchmen for Elexis, so she's Stroggifying corpses to fill in the gaps."
  2. Uh... Legend!!! Ross's Game Dungeon Mage Knight Apocalypse smi.zip
  3. Greetings everyone. I'm finishing up the Mage Knight Apocalypse subtitles and would like your input. At several points, the video subtitles are displayed over the in-game subtitles. At default settings, that means displaying white-on-black text on top of white-on-black text. I find this confusing and hard to read, and I'd like your thoughts on solutions. I'm proposing several in a poll, feel free to suggest more below.
  4. Alright, let's try the two systems in parallel. I've set up a collaborative Captionfy caption for Conquest Earth here: https://www.captionfy.com/editor/youtube/Pc9e6Y5jzPI?caption=63aa7adf5c6e5ee6a7172d5e. I'll admit I'm a little leery of Captionfy because 1) it's open to everyone on Captionfy, and 2) I... just don't want to use their subtitle editor. I've got SubtitleEdit customised to the level of muscle memory and I'm not in a hurry to give it up. If we get good collaborative workflow going it'd be worth it but... it'd be a wrench.
  5. Merry Christmas, everyone. I finally got the subtitles for The Division up, and appropriately, I think it's time to talk about division of labor on subtitling Ross's Game Dungeon. My apologies to everyone for falling so far behind; I finished subbing last year's Christmas episode barely in time for Ross to release this year's Christmas episode. Huge props to Erasmus for picking up some of the slack with the Killing Time subtitles. And that's what I'd like to discuss here. As much as I enjoy making these subtitles it's not fair to people who'd like to work on them, or the viewers that use them, to wait for me to get around to it. So here's what I propose: Right now I'm working on Mage Knight Apocalypse, and expect to have it done in a couple of weeks, call it January 9 (could potentially have it done by New Years but, you know, track record). I suggest anyone who wants to subtitle an episode say so in a post, name the episode they want to do and state a reasonable deadline. Each user can only work on one episode at a time, and if the deadline lapses, someone else can put up their hand and take over. This will allow more people to contribute to the subtitles while avoiding work duplication - and the horrible feeling of working on a set of subs for hours only to trash it because someone else's got posted first - and most importantly, get subtitles done faster. What does everyone think?
  6. That's why knowing the goals of your organisation is actually pretty imporant. Ross's Game Dungeon The Division smi.zip Ross's Game Dungeon The Division.srt
  7. Huh. So there were no vampires. Ross's Game Dungeon Martian Gothic - Unification.srt Ross's Game Dungeon Martian Gothic - Unification smi.zip
  8. Thanks for your patience, everyone. I've included both .srt and .smi, the former for ease of use, the latter for color and improved formatting. Ross's Game Dungeon Gothos.srt Ross's Game Dungeon Gothos smi.zip
  9. This is Gene's world. Ross's Game Dungeon Terror TRAX - Track of the Vampire.srt
  10. Awesome news! No need to apologise, Daniel. Real life takes precedence, and I hope things are going better now. Thanks so much for all your hard work, and for helping us contribute to the channel that's given us so much joy. All the best.
  11. I don't know what timeline we're on either... Great episode. Had a lot of fun doing this one. exactly.mp4 Ross's Game Dungeon The Journeyman Project.srt
  12. I never appreciated how long the word 'doppelganger' is. Ross's Game Dungeon Echo.srt
  13. SiN-sational. Ross's Game Dungeon SiN.srt
  14. Thanks for clarifying. I can only think of one; the subtitle for Deus Ex - Human Revolution at 20:19 reads "Warriors have weeks to go over decisions we have seconds to make." I believe it should read: "Lawyers have weeks to go over decisions we have seconds to make."
  15. Awesome news! Great to see the new subtitles up. Question: by pre-existing subtitles, do you mean the ones already published on videos?
  16. Elephant warlocks, upright reindeer and sentient rabbits, oh my! Ross's Game Dungeon Aida's Strange Christmas.srt
  17. We'll see who's better at picking herbs... Ross's Game Dungeon Daemonica.srt
  18. When you're tired of maintenance tunnels, you're tired of life. Ross's Game Dungeon Hellgate London.srt
  19. Use the axe. ross_game_dungeon_clans.srt
  20. Thanks Erasmus. About point 1: I'm afraid I couldn't find the typo. I checked my original and redownloaded the file above; subtitle 7 already says "in a bike or skateboard accident" in both files. As for re-subtitling dialogue, I was on the fence about it. Since in-game subtitles are always on, re-subbing character dialogue instantly clarifies if Ross is directly reacting to that dialogue, or if the dialogue is incidental and he's talking about something else. That said; you're right that it wasn't necessary to re-subtitle everything. From now on I'll take the same approach as with music or sound effects, and only subtitle what Ross explicitly comments on/reacts to. Still, I've been over this many times and keep finding things I'm not totally happy with, and could probably keep doing so until the heat death of the universe. So for the sake of finishing at some point I'm going to draw a line under this one.
  21. Thanks very much. I've fixed that, and took the chance to amend some spelling mistakes and other weirdness (I somehow managed to misspell San Francisco in the first file)
  22. "Shaa". First upload. Corrections/suggestions welcome. ross_game_dungeon_sonic_heroes.srt ross_game_dungeon_sonic_heroes_final.srt
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